She sees the stars above her gliding by, then the trees, then the starlight.

There is a terrible source of pain at the right side of her torso, but any attempt to press her hands on it fails. Her arms feel heavy, her head feels like it’s going to burst, and it doesn’t feel like she would ever be able to move her arms again. She doesn’t know where she is, what to do, how to move.

And still the stars keep shooting by, she thinks, right before she blacks out.

There are vague images. She can’t tell whether they’re real or in her mind.

A castle – does she know it? Has she seen it before?

People on pikes. Vampires? Human? Hard to tell the difference.

A long entrance, stairs. Two golden eyes hovering above her, then darkness.

She’s trapped in a nightmare. Time. Eyes. Her parents – crying out, blood flowing. They scream, but she can’t tell what they’re saying. Another image. A castle. A tall man casting fireballs. Dracula. She should summon the spirits – she doesn’t know how. Fire is coming her way. She tries to run, but her legs won’t move. Where is her turtle spirit? The fire burns her arms, her legs, the right side of her body, all the way up to her head. Can’t think. Make it stop. Wake up, wake up!

Please wake up.

Then there is ice. Her limbs are frozen, painful. Her head feels like it’s going to fall off. Dracula laughs. I told you this world was no place for innocence as yours. All shall die, like your parents did. It’s futile to resist – just give in…
She falls, and falls, and falls, and falls. There is nothing. The air is taken from her body. Can’t breathe. Must breathe. Or you can stop, and this will all be over… Just let go…

A whip hits her on the right side of her torso. Richter. The pain is strangely concentrated. Don’t give up. Fight this, whatever it is. You were stronger than me before, and you have more power than I could ever wield. Just don’t give up. He hits her again. The pain stays. Or did he hit her in her head? It’s hard to tell.

Fight this.

Richter is lost to us.
Alucard. She came to find him and here he is. There was something she needed to tell him… I don’t believe that! No. That’s history. She already told him that, she saved Richter. Or did he save her? Alucard draws his sword. He stabs her on the right side of her torso. You’re hurting me! He pulls her hair, hard. Her entire brain feels numb. Your cooking is terrible. No. These events are unrelated. There was something she should tell him, now… I should just find a coffin. He turns away from her. No, Alucard, please, stay…

He is swallowed by the water. Where did the water come from?

Sleep. Don’t resist it. Let the water pull you down, down, down, further--- The water engulfs her, ice-cold and painful. Her body is through. She can’t move, can’t breathe, can’t think. There is nothing to see but darkness.

Wake up!

She wakes up, alone. A thin layer of sweat is covering her forehead. Her head hurts, a dull pain that makes it difficult for her to think. She panics. The room is unfamiliar and cold. There are no windows, there is only a door. She tries to sit up, and fails. She tries again, and this time her body listens.

In a daze, she tries to take in the room. Several tables are pushed against the wall. They all contain some type of instrument. The chairs in the room are made of metal and when she looks down at her hands she sees that she is sitting on a metal table. On the tables around her there are metal instruments, and books with pictures of human bodies that are cut open. Farther away she can see a number of towels soaked in blood – her blood? A sharp pain is throbbing at her side. She bends over in pain and sobs. When she looks at her hands, they are soaked in blood. Wake up!

It’s not a dream or a nightmare. There is no chance of waking up.

Suddenly she hears a noise. Danger. Despite the terrible pain at her side and the fog in her mind, she stands up and walks towards the door. She grabs one of the metal instruments with a pointy end and grabs it so tight her knuckles turn white.

She enters the hallway. It’s dimly lit. Where should she go? Left or right, make a choice.

She freezes. In the dark, at the end of the hallway, red and green eyes are looking at her. She holds her breath, stumbles into the left of the corridor. She’s going as fast as she can manage, but her legs feel like they’re made of wood and they’re not doing what she wants them to do. Please move!

On the first intersection she turns left, the next right, and then another left. When she looks behind her, the eyes are following her, and catching up. There are teeth – shiny, white teeth, gnashing in the dark. They’re coming to get her – there is no escape. Another right. Keep going. Just keep going.

Something stirs on the path in front of her. The first thing she sees is a pair of golden eyes, then the silhouette of a man, then, in the light of the lamps she can see his face. Fangs. A vampire.

“Stay away from me!” she says. She points the knife at him – it might be silver, but if this is a vampire, it gives her no protection, not in this state.

She can hear the beasts behind her, growling, snarling, catching up. They’re hungry, and they want her. She’s surrounded, there is no way out. Her heart is beating in her throat, echoing behind her ears.

On her right, there is a display of armour, mounted against the wall. A spear. She backs up against the wall, partly for strategic advantage, partly to steady herself, mostly because there is nothing else to do. When she looks at the vampire, she notices he isn’t coming closer. Is he afraid? Is he waiting for her to succumb, for an easy meal? No matter. The monsters that were behind her are still approaching. She turns her back on the vampire and points the spear in the general direction of the monsters. “I said, stay away from me!” She’s trembling, only able to stand because of the sheer amount of adrenaline surging through her body. The monsters come closer, their red and green eyes hypnotizing.

“My lady, please,” she hears. The vampire. Is he trying to talk to her?

“Call off your monsters and I will talk to you, vampire.” She’s really not in a position to bargain. She can see them – smiling, baring their teeth.

“What monsters?”

She blinks. Twice, three times. She clenches the knife in her right hand until it hurts. When she looks into the hallway, the monsters have vanished. She takes a few deep breaths and turns around to face the vampire. He’s still standing where he was when she first saw him.

“Please drop the spear,” he tells her. Her eyes fixed on his, she slowly shakes her head. She knows she can’t take him, not in this state, but perhaps she can still bluff her way past him---

His eyes are gleaming in the lamp light. As she follows his gaze, she can tell that he’s looking at her right hand. Shit. The blood. She drops the knife and uses her now free hand to grab a firm hold of the spear. She points it at the vampire.

“You will let me pass,” she demands.

Mistake. He takes a step closer to her.

“I’m not here to hurt you. You are bleeding, let me help you.”

The pain in her head is no longer a dull pain, and it’s coming in, like a big tsunami wave destroying the coast, crashing down on her. When she looks around, the monsters have returned. She’s surrounded. One of them claws her at the right side of her torso, and she cries out in pain. She drops the spear and clasps both her hands at her side. It’s hot and wet. Blood?

Why is she bleeding?

Why did the lamps stop working?

Her head hurts and she can’t feel her legs. It should scare her, probably, but there is nothing.

The last thing she feels before she passes out are two cold hands on her back, catching her as she falls, falls, falls.

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  • LaivineNinuiel

    I've told you this already, but: I love love how fragmented this is, as if you're really completely inside her head, and she has no idea what's going on, and neither do I! But it really makes me want to read more and find out what's happened.
    The “What monsters?” part just goes hard because you go, wait what?
    Just really really amazing, I hope you enjoyed writing and I hope there'll be more:)

    1 jaar geleden
  • LeaFlammae

    .......I don't know what is going on but I'm interested :'D

    Oh man wacht dit is quizlet ik zou eigenlijk Nederlands moeten praten ook al is dit in het Engels, of niet soms..


    Dit is heel mysterieus en im into it
    (oh no)
    (ik bedoel oh nee)

    Ik weet nooit wat ik in comments moet zeggen behalve HEY COOL TELL ME MORE maar yeah. HEY COOL TELL ME MORE :p

    (ik zou waarschijnlijk meer weten te zeggen als ik verder was met Castlevania but im not rip. Maybe I should get back to this when I'm caught up :'D)

    1 jaar geleden
  • MarijeR

    Very, very rough, needs work but I'm also very, very proud of myself. <3

    1 jaar geleden

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