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danielricciardo: SQUAD 👨‍👧 can't believe how fast you are growing little one 😍

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louisericciardo: my heart. Let's make a new baby 😏😭😍
danielricciardo: deal!🤤
maxverstappen1: didn't need to know that 😶 Just here to say that your daughter is so cute 😍

avyvettel: my beautiful niece 😍😍
vettelofficial: and mine 😍
louisericciardo: we make beautiful children 😍
danielricciardo: that we do indeed ❤

hulkhulkenberg: she's beautiful 😭
the_crochet_girl: beautiful little girl 😍
mintturaikkonen: time for you to have babies 😏
avyvettel: i completely agree with that 🙌

ricciardofans: such a cutie 😭😍
vettelfans: the whole Ricciardo and Vettel families are cuties 😍
danielricciardo: true, especially me 👋
ricciardofans: oh God, Daniel 😂
avyvettel: it's true tough 😅

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