After Charles, he drove over the finish line. This was it. This was his last race, ever! I was emotional about it, throughout the race I already cried a couple of times. And the moment he finished I let my tears go and now they streamed down my face.

"Grazie. Forza Ferrari. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for the amazing years we spend together. Thanks for building an amazing car, thanks for the championship this year. I love you all" I hear Sebastian say over the board radio. And I could hear he was crying.

"Sebastian Vettel, you are amazing. Grazie for all the years" I heard Mattia Binotto say. He also sounded a bit emotional "You want to say something?" I heard someone asking me. I nodded my head "Go" he said "Hey Liebe" I said, and sniffed "Aiv?" "Yeah I'm here. I'm so proud of you, you are amazing. I love you" was everything I said and I started to cry again "Don't cry. Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen" he said, crying "Who's crying now?" I asked laughing while wiping away the tears. "See you soon. Over and out" he said and I smiled.

After he did a couple of donuts with Max, Charles, Nico, Kimi and Daniel he drove Lina into parc fermé. I stood in-between Britta and Antti, still with tears in my eyes. I looked at Britta and her eyes were also watery. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I watched as Sebastian climbed out of his car for the last time.

When his helmet was off I could see the tears in his eyes. I knew how much he was gonna miss this sport. He hugged Charles and then Lewis walked over to him. They spoke a few words and then they both started laughing. Then he walked towards us. He jumped into us and everybody was yelling.

When he stood on the ground again he hugged Antti first. They spoke a few words, but through all the noise I couldn't hear what they were saying. After another hug he went to Britta, who was now crying her eyes out. I smiled at the two of them. They were a top team together. All those years.

He then walked over to me, I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He smiled at me while cupping my head with his hands. A tear escaped from his eye and I swept it away "I love you so much babe" he softly said, so soft I almost didn't hear it. But his eyes said enough. "I love you" I said back and then he finally kissed me and it was filled with love. I grabbed his race suit and pulled him even closer.


"So, what is the plan?" I asked when we returned to our hotel room "We are gonna take a shower, dress up and then it's time to party" Sebastian said and walked over to me "Party with Ferrari?" He shook his head "Not only Ferrari. All team's" my eyes got big, all teams. Every single member of every team "That's going to be a huge party" I said "It is" he said and grabbed my hips to pull me closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked at him.

"I'm so proud of you" I whisper and smile at him "And I'm proud of you" he said and kisses the top of my nose "For what?" "What do you think? How you are doing things with the kids. You are doing amazing, they are growing up to be amazing kids, thanks to you" he said, and tears again formed in my eyes "And thanks to you too. You are the best father they could wish for" "But I was away most of the time, and I'm so happy that I finally get to spend all my time with the three of you" I smile at him.

"Make that the four of us" I say and with a big smile I look at him "The, four... Are you pregnant?" He grabs my hands and looks at me with a big smile "Yes" I say and nod "Another baby. Thank God I'm retired. I don't want to miss anything now" he says and then picks me up to twirl me around "I love you" he says and then puts me down to kiss me again.

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