In the time of magic, elves, dwarves and magical creatures, men were after power and sought a way to wield magic as well. The elves tried to teach man magic but in vain, they could not control the magic. Man became more greedy and sought other ways to gain power and magic. Humanity grew, and, the time of the elves and magical creatures was over.
Cities were built, trees were cut, and the magical animals were hunted. The human kingdom of Kaindran came into being. The capital Reignal was established around the last standing old sacred black oak that was the basis of all magic. Years of war between the humans and the magical beings entered the land. After five hundred years of war, a warrior named Emyr Solanum was the first man to make peace enter the kingdom. Bonds were forged between humans, elves and dwarves. Peace treaties were signed and the hunt for magical creatures was prohibited. When the land finally came to rest Emyr was crowned as the first king of Kaindran, ruler of the enchanted lands and protector of the kingdom. A magnificent palace was built for him by the elves and dwarves in the centre of the capital inside the sacred black oak. Elves enchanted the palace so it would never destroy the tree and the dwarves made a statue to remind the people who brought this peace into the kingdom.
King Emyr died from old age. During his rule, the peace was kept alive and so it was kept by his son and his grandson. Till a man from a faraway kingdom arrived and murdered king Emyr’s grandson and named himself King Hedeon, ruler of Kaindran.
But centuries went by and the tale of king Emyr the first became forgotten. Until King Beor, the first, descendant from king Hedeon came to rule. He had learned that elves had magical powers, and wanted them for himself. Peace treaties were broken when King Beor the first reopened the hunt for magical beings. He had his scholars perform experiments and discovered that the blood of elves made humanity stronger. The hunt for magical beings continued and only got worse when his son and grandson came to power, until one day when a terrible accident happened to King Beor the third and everything fell silent.
Most elves, dwarves and magical creatures fled the kingdom of Kaindran, but a few stayed and went into hiding.

300 years passed, and during this time the elves came to live amongst the people, they adapted and their magical powers were suppressed and lost.

Up to this present day...

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