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I feel like an absolute idiot, assuming this was going to be a date.
In stead of the romantic dinner for two I was hoping for, here I am, chatting to Callum's friends about things I hardly know anything about.
They must be nice people, but I just don't feel like we can relate about much. I've never been to the places they've been to, haven't eaten at the Michelin star restaurants they love and have not met the people they adore.
If I would have known I'd be surrounded by rich, beautiful people, I would've at least tried to blend in. Now, I stick out like a sore thumb.
Did I really read all of the signs wrong? Was that kiss last night just a fluke, fueled by the beers he had consumed?
As I pretend to be listening to Liliana's story about her trip to wherever with whomever, I feel Callum's hand softly squeezing my thigh. He leans closer to me, I can feel his warm breath on my neck as he whispers in my ear. "Bored?"
I shake my head, smiling at him weakly. "Just a little zoned out.."
"They're nice people, really, they're just showing off how amazing they are right now."
All I can do is nod and smile.
He finishes his sentence, "Just for the record, you're the most beautiful and most interesting person at this table right now."
I can feel myself blush, making Callum laugh.
"If you can't say it to everyone at the table, you're not supposed to be whispering it, either," Gabriel teases, "that's what my mother taught me, at least."
I'm blushing even more right now.
"Alright," Callum takes a sip of his wine. "I was telling Emma how she's the most beautiful person at this table right now." He doesn't even blink, just flat out tells the truth.
If I could disappear right now, I would. Usually, I'm very good at being witty, but I currently have nothing to say. Amongst these people, I feel like a charity case.
Gabriel lets out a soft "aww," whilst I hear Lucien trying to hold back a laugh.
I haven't been around him much, but I already know we're not meant to get along.
      Dinner is amazing. I would have never chosen this spot, mostly because of the prices, but I'm considering myself lucky Callum invited me.
Even if this turns out to be a total failure, which it might considering I was sure it was a date, I've at least had great food.
"So, Lucien," I take a bite of the pasta in front of me. "You're into social media? What's that like?"
He looks at me, slightly confused because this is the first time I've adressed him. It might be the wine in my system that makes me not afraid to talk to him, it might just be listening to him make cocky comments all night.
"Well, they're apps - you know, on the internet?" Oh my, look at you, mister I'm so funny and handsome, I can be a total asshole and pretend it's just a joke.
"I'm aware of the existence of the internet, yes," I try my best to keep on smiling and to not think of how I'd like to strangle this man with his own hair. "I was just curious what it is that you do, because I've never heard of you."
I can hear Callum holding back a laugh, and see Gabriel covering his mouth to not show his friend he's obviously enjoying my comment.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out for a smoke."
      "He's genuinely such a knobdobber!" I violently exhale as I try not to yell into my phone.
"Who? Your date?" Kenna seems to be feeling better, and told me to call her halfway through to make sure I wasn't killed.
"No, he's super nice... well, I'm not even sure he's my date. I showed up and he told me some of his friends would join us for dinner. He's still so nice to me though, but who invites friends on a first date?" The ash I flick off of my cigarette almost lands on my shoes. "So turns out I'm boo-boo the fool again. But one of his friends.. such a fucking tit! Absolutely full of himself, thinks he's better than everyone else."
"Oh man, that sucks, Ems..." I hear Kenna sigh. "I'm sorry. You could just come back, just tell them I needed you.."
"I might... I don't know, Ken. Maybe you're right, maybe I should just leave."
"You're leaving?" I turn around when I hear his voice, my heart pounding as I feel caught.
"Eh, Kens, I'll text you, okay? Love you, be good."
Callum looks at me slightly confused, a hint of disappointment on his face.
"I...," I just know I'm blushing. "No, I don't know." I flick the cigarette away. "I don't know, honestly, because I'm not sure what we're doing here."
"What do you mean?" He steps closer to me. "We're having dinner."
"I know, it's just.. I was under the assumption this was going be a date, and I feel like might have assumed wrong, so I feel awkward, especially around your fancy friends."
His tan hand grabs mine. "Emma.." His other hand finds my chin and tilts it up towards him. "That's totally my fault.. I'm forgetful, I invited both of you, and I'm also too empathic so I didn't want to let anyone down."
I feel like I could drown in his eyes right now, no matter how cheesy that sounds.
"But this definitely was supposed to be a date, and if you want to bail right now, you can, but I'll come with you," he smiles as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him. Last night's kiss was nothing compared to this one. It's not fireworks, but it's better than any kiss I've had recently, and it definitely does not last long enough.
"What do you say?" He smiles at me as we distance ourselves from each other, grabbing my hand.
"We should stay...," I grab his hand tighter. "I mean, It's our first date."

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