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It's absurd, wandering the city of Rome with a handsome man by my side, especially it was only yesterday I fantasized about this exact moment.
"What are you thinking about?" Callum asks curiously. His arm is draped around my waist.
"This..." I look at him. He is truly gorgeous - tan, dark-haired and tall. Exactly what I'd always imagined my dream man to look like, and he's intelligent, funny and sweet, too. "How insanely beautiful it is."
"It's crazy, right?" He smiles back at me, flashing those whiter-than-white teeth. Does he have any flaws, or is he just this perfect? "Can't believe how lucky I've gotten, strolling through Rome with a stunning lady on my arm."
"Such a smooth talker.." I tease him, causing him to softly poke me in the arm.
"I'm for real, Emma. I didn't come here to find anything, but it feels like.. well, like we were meant to meet each other." He shakes his head. "I sound so lame right now, but I mean it. It sounds like a romantic movie, meeting each other in a random bar in Italy, finding out we're both from the same place, in the same work field.. And I just find myself wondering; where have you been all my life?"
My knees go weak and if he wasn't holding me, I'd probably collapse on the floor right here right now. It's kinda cheesy, agreed, because we only met yesterday. But we get along so well, talk about everything, and... something just seems right.

We did not spend the night, mostly because Kenna is still in our shared hotel room and Callum had to get up early for a business call, but we spend every waking moment texting.
Kenna is starting to feel better, the colour in her face has come back and she's convinced me to take her into the city today.
We stop for coffee at a cute, overpriced café and make a list of things to do. She treats me to fancy Italian pastries as we sip our cappuchino's - no sugar, because we knew we would probably get stoned to death if we even asked for it.
"So... tell me all about your night." She grins.
"It was.. well, you know how it started, but it ended really well. Callum took me for a walk and we saw some beautiful parts of Rome, then we drank wine at this tiny bar and he dropped me off at our hotel. He's such a romantic it's crazy."
"So... are you seeing him when we go back?"
I nod enthousiastically. I haven't asked for his opinion on the matter, but considering the whole 'meant to meet' talk we had last night, I'd assume he wants to see me back in Scotland, too. "I sure hope so."
"And tell me all about the cunty social media dude, now."
Only thinking about him could ruin my mood, for whatever reason, but I won't let it. "He's just so... full of himself. Fucking wanker."
A tourist family a few tables down, head to toe covered in I Love Rome merchandise, shoots me a dirty look. Must be British.
"All night he and his girlfriend were feeling each other up, and he was just so.. condescending. Like, sorry, dude, we're not all born with a silver spoon shoved so far up our arse-" Another angry look from British Tourist Dad. "All the I'm so posh bullshit, with his annoying French accent. I bet he's never had to work a day in his life, spends his entire day just jacking off to his own pictures."
"Lady!" Oh no, Britsh Tourist Dad has decided to yell at me, still a few tables down, gesturing at his kids.
I lower my voice, "Remind me to flip this man off as soon as we leave."
Kenna shakes her head, laughing. "I forget how bad your temper gets sometimes.."
"I don't have a temper...," I look at her, pretending to be mad, but can't help but laugh.
"Yeah, you do...," she grins and shoots a crumb in my direction. "It's about fucking time you get laid. You, my lady, need a good shag."
I swear British Tourist Dad's head is about to explode as I send him the nicest smile.

"Are you sure I'm invited too?" Kenna checks her dress for the tenth time this past elevator ride up to the top floor.
Apparently, Callum and his friends have rented a penthouse suite and are having people over for drinks. 'People' might mean Lucien and his pals, too, but as long as I get to be around Callum and Kenna, I'm sure I'll be alright.
Kenna is looking gorgeous as always, but to ward off any unwanted male attention, she's flaunting her beautiful engagement ring.
"Yes, Kenna. He told me to bring you, said he was glad you were feeling better and he was excited to meet you."
I softly but firmly hit her in the arm, causing her to shoot me an angry glare as the elevator pings. Top floor.
The doors open into a beautiful hallway with a massive glass window at the end of it, two doors on either side of the hallway. Last door on the right, Callum told me.
I won't tell Kenna, but I'm feeling nervous, too. This is quite a difference from our hotel, or our vacations in general. My parents used to take me camping, I don't think I've ever seen a penthouse suite in real life. They usually seemed very impressive in movies.
The room even has a doorbell, that rings loudly as I press it.
"How do I look?" I hate asking the question, but I do anyways.
Now it's Kenna's turn to hit me. "Gorgeous as always, daft cunt."
As she speaks those last two words, the doors open to reveal Callum. "Excuse me?" He grins, eyeing me up and down. He's dressed casually in some pants and a white blouse, showing off his tan even more. I immediately feel underdressed in my black dress from last year's Zara summer collection.
"I was telling her how beautiful she looks," Kenna grins, "you must be Callum."
"And you must be Kenna. Nice to meet you!" He presses a kiss to her hand. "Come in." The door opens wider and shows us a living room probably bigger than my entire appartment.
I hear Kenna exclaim a loud "holy...!" as Callum quickly presses a kiss to my lips.
"I must say.. I agree with Kenna.." He licks his lips whilst smiling. "You look... amazing."

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