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I must admit, that was.. hot. I've seen my fair share of men trying to look sexy whilst bartending, but this was a fully new experience and has gotten me a little bit hot and bothered.
Callum immediately finds me after he's done, grinning. "And you said he was a jack of all trades... Seems to me you forgot to mention so are you."
He hands me a cocktail, still with the same smile plastered on his face. He seemed to really enjoy it, and the happiness on his face is contagious.
"Just a little something we practiced..," he pretends not to take the compliment as he wraps an arm around my waist. "Did you like it?"
"It was alright," I joke, taking a sip of my drink. "I prefer to just have my drinks poured without them doing flips in the air, but it looked cool."
I look over to Kenna, who's talking to a random blonde girl. She's very easy to get along with, so it's no surprise she's already being a social butterfly.
"Do you want me to introduce you to some people? Or..." There's a naughty look on his face. "Would you like some time alone?"
      I never thought I'd be the 'take me against a wall in your penthouse whilst you're throwing a party for a bunch of people' kind of girl, but after today, it turns out I am.
Kenna and I used to have a five date rule, promising ourselves and each other that we wouldn't sleep with someone before the fifth date. She broke that however, and slept with her fiancé on the first date - look how that turned out.
I feel like I've just done something naughty, but in a fun way. Callum is buttoning up his blouse as I fix my dress, smiling from ear to ear.
"That..." I have to find the words. "I usually do not do that, but..."
He grins back at me, pulling me in for a kiss. "But it was great, and definitely worth a repeat.."

A lot of the guests have left. The only people left are the people that are staying here - Callum, his friends Ian and William, Lucien and his friends, me and Kenna. A few of the men have laid down on the couch, the music has been turned down and there's a new bottle of wine on the coffee table.
Callum is standing in the kitchen, cleaning up some of the cups and leftover drinks. I haven't seen too much of him, the rest of the party, him being the host and all. Every time I'd catch a glimpse of him, though, he'd smile at me or wink cheekily.
He catches me staring at him from the diningtable, which has turned out to be a perfect place to sit whilst Lucien and his buddies are spread out on the couch. "Did you have a good time?"
I nod. "That was fun..."
He comes over to me, leaving the rest of the mess the way it is. "I'm glad you were here..." He presses a kiss to my lips. "How about we head over to those couch potatoes?"
I really don't want to, not feeling more confrontation with mr. Lucien himself, but I'll do it for Callum's sake. I nod my head, fake frowning at him as I do so. He sees this as an invitation to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder, my legs dangling in the air as I laugh loudly. He seems to carry me with ease, missing every single piece of furniture as if they're not even there.
We find a cosy spot on the couch, Kenna on one of the chairs. She's quickly become friends, or at least friendly, with Ian, Callum's friend, so she's having a good time.
"How about...," William, who has been quiet for most of the night, starts, "a game of truth or dare?"
"Are we fourteen?" Ian replies, but is quickly shushed by the rest of the group.
Kenna agrees. "Why not? It could be fun."
"Fine.. But I'll be needing more wine for this...," Ian scoffs, returning with a box full of unopened bottles. I don't know where the alcohol keeps on coming from, but they appear to have a never-ending supply of anything they need.
He pours everyone a glass, hands it to them, and sits back down next to Kenna.
"I'll start, because it was my idea. Can we just pick a random person?"
"Okay. Hhhhmmmmm... Kenna, truth or dare?"
My best friend is obviously surprised she was a first pick, but knowing her, she's not scared of anything. "Truth."
"Is that a real engagement ring, or are you just wearing it so no one will hit on you?" He spits out the question like he's been wondering all night. "Asking for a friend."
She grins. "Totally real. We're set to get married this fall."
"How'd you two..-" "Oh no, you get one question, my friend. It's my turn now."
She pretends to look around the room, wondering who to pick, but when she meets my eye, I know she knows damn well who to ask.
"Who to pick, who to pick..," she does the same look around the room at least two times, sipping her wine, until her eyes land on Lucien. "Truth or dare?"
Lucien sits up a little more straight and smiles. I can't tell if it's even a real smile, just like I can't understand anything about this man. "Since apparently this first round is a boring round, I'll take a truth."
"Do you actually think you're better than most people in this room, or are you just acting like you are?" The look on people's faces is priceless. See, that's the thing about Kenna. She looks all sweet and innocent, but she's not afraid to say whatever is on her mind. She'll never shy away from confrontation, and she also just loves to be shocking sometimes. "What? I'm genuinely curious."

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