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I wake up in Callum's bed, vaguely remembering him escorting me to the room when everyone else was falling asleep on the couch.
All my life, I've been bad at a lot of things, but there's one thing I consider myself lucky for: I do not get hangovers.
Callum slowly awakes, groaning when the light hits his eyes. He must not be so lucky.
He pulls me in closely, his body radiating heat but mostly the smell of alcohol. It almost makes me gag, but his embrace makes that feeling go away.
"Good morning," I smile, watching him as he struggles to fully wake up.
I'm met with his raspy voice repeating my words as he hides his head in my neck. "I'm never drinking again."
"Sure..," As I'm about to give him a snarky, sarcastic reply, he starts kissing my neck, making my words disappear before they even reach my lips.
"This... however," his hands wander. "Is a great way to wake up."
I can't help but giggle like I'm some teenage girl. "Callum.. your friends are next door."
"That didn't stop you last night..," he grins as his lips start to move down south, as well.
"True.. but," I grab his hands before they can do any more fun things, Then, I think of the people currently on the couch. Lucien, and his gorgeous friends. Kenna, probably still fast asleep. The other men, who have probably caused this kind of noise before. "You know what..." I smile as I fold the sheets back. "Let's take a shower."

I enter the living room in a pair of Callum's comfortable shorts and a shirt, my hair wet. Some of our guests are still on the couch, looking like they've drank all of the life out of their bodies, whilst Ian and Kenna are cleaning up some of the mess.
There's soft music playing, and there are some dim lights on.
"Morning!" I smile, opening a few of the curtains. I knew it would make people groan, which is exactly why I did it. Last night's party made me realise even more how different some of the people here are from the people I would usually hang out with. It also showed me Lucien and I definitely do not like each other.
The glare he shoots me just confirms that even more, but I've decided I do not care anymore.
No one says a thing. "Damn.. who died?"
I can see Kenna smile at me. She's probably hungover, too, but she won't show it. See, that's the thing with us normal people, we can't afford to lay around lazy all day because we were drinking the day before.
"Kenna already said you weren't one to get hangovers," Ian sighs, chucking a last beer bottle into a bag. "I was hoping she was lying."
Callum also exits his bedroom, his wet hair slicked back and a blouse mostly unbuttoned covering his torso.
He opens the door onto the balcony, allowing some fresh air to fill the room that currently smells like... well, like a bunch of hungover people have been asleep there for a while.
"You could've at least been a bit more quiet and considerate," William complains, sitting upright on the couch. "You know, people were asleep."
Usually I would blush and get all shy, but knowing I've annoyed the people in this room is currently a good feeling. I hope I've annoyed Lucien just as much as he annoys me.
"We could've," Callum shoots back at him, grinning and turning up the music a little bit more. "But, you know, that would've required actually wanting to."
Kenna laughs. I feel like these two might get along really well, which is another sign of Callum maybe being the man of my dreams.
I know I shouldn't get too ahead of myself, we've only known each other for a few days, and romance always seems better abroad. But imagine if he is..
"To make it up to you guys, though, Emma and I are going to get us all breakfast." He winks at me. "Right, Emma?"
"Roomservice isn't 'getting us breakfast', Callum," Gabriel sighs, covering his face with a pillow. Poor boy must have a rough time right now.
"Who said anything about roomservice? I know this amazing bakery just a few blocks down. In the mean time, you guys can take a shower.."

With a bag full of baked goods we're walking the streets of Rome. He's holding the bag in one hand, the other arm wrapped tightly around me, in the same spot it's been most of the time the past few days.
We stop for coffee close to the hotel, bringing fresh cappuchino's up to the penthouse for everyone. Callum spends money like it's no big deal, but he doesn't brag about it once. Maybe, once I start my job, I'll be able to do this and not worry about it too much, but for right now all I can think about is how last night's party probably cost more than a few months rent.
"So..." We're waiting for the elevator. "You and Lucien really can't stand each other, huh?"
"It's not that.." I start the lie, but then realise it's useless. Everyone can tell. "We're just very different from each other, and I don't think we're meant to get along.. Also yes he annoys me terribly."
I'm afraid Callum will react in a negative way, but he just pulls me into him as he presses a kiss to my temple. "Lucien is a nice guy, but you either love him or hate it, there really isn't an inbetween. Don't worry, it's not like you're going to have to be around him back home."
"I heard he's moving to Edinburgh though," I remember him saying something like that last night.
"Yeah, but he's probably going to be so busy influencing and doing... well, influencer stuff." The elevator opens and we get in. "There's no reason for you to bump in to him, except for maybe every once in a while at a party. That is, if you still want to come to those back home.. If you still want to see me when we get back."
I look at him, smiling, "Are you kidding? Of course I want to see you when we get back.."

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