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After coffee and breakfast we combine our strengths to clean out the penthouse. It's a damn mess with an alarming amount of empty liquor bottles. It would go a lot quicker if everyone had full energy, but no one really does. We jam to some music, but eventually everybody starts taking their leave. We say our goodbyes and take the elevator down.
"I want to spend the rest of the day sleeping." Liliana says with her head resting against my shoulder. Gabriel and Matthew grunt their agreement, Audrey seems to be sleeping standing up. We take a taxi back to our hotel, even though it would be a five minute walk. None of us wants to do that.
"Shower." I announce as we enter the suit. I half expect Liliana to follow me, but she gives me a half-hearted wave and enters the suit across the hall with Audrey.
"I must say I didn't think you'd look that good in a dress, Brie." Mathhew suddenly notes.
Gabriel grins. "I look good in everything. You just don't know it yet."
Even in my hungover state I want to tell Matthew off, knowing what his words are doing to Gabriel. It wouldn't be fair, because Matthew has no idea he's actually doing it, but it hurts to see that glint in Gabriel's eyes.
"Shower." I say again, taking my leave to one of the bathrooms. All of us have our own bathroom, which speaks volumes about the sheer size of this suit. I don't know how much time I spend underneath the hot streams of the rain shower, but it's long enough for Matthew to come knocking at the door.
"Coming!" I tell him, stiffling a yawn.

We spend the rest of the day sleeping off our hangover in a charming little park in the middle of Rome. It being the middle of summer it's rather crowded, but it adds to the charm. Gabriel and Liliana have raided a nearby bistro for us to have a picnic; several pastries, cheeses and other fingerfoods are stalled out, along with some bottles of sparkling water.
"We figured it might be a good idea to lay off the wine for the day." Liliana explains. She's nestled against me, head on my chest. Every one of us dozes of every now and again, and when we are awake we're not very social; just scrolling through our phones or flipping through magazines that Audrey brought.
"That flairtending clip of you is doing well, Luce." Gabriel notes.
"Hm?" I look up from the article I was reading on my phone.
"The live video Mattie shot of you last night. It seems to be going wild on all kinds of platforms."
I manage a lazy grin. "Isn't that fun?"
Gabriel smirks. "Maybe Kenna was right. You are full of yourself."
"So are you." Audrey bounces back. There is no ill intend from either of them and neither are wrong. I am full of myself, often dance the thin line between confidence and arrogance, no doubt crossing it every so often. But if you ask me, that is warranted. I'm not hurting anyone, I'm just having fun.
Audrey stands up to take a picture of the 'aftermath': Liliana asleep on my chest and me focused on my phone, laying down in the soft grass. To repay the favour, I take several shots of her basking in the Italian sun. Most of what I have been posting these days are candid shots that didn't take a whole lot of effort, and I must say I'm enjoying it that way. I'm glad that even though all my friends have a high social media pressence, we're are pretty good in tuning it down for vacations like these.
"Luce," Liliana says lazily, still half asleep.
"Lils," I reply, smiling down on her.
"Will you take me out for dinner? Just the two of us?" She rolls onto her side, snuggling closer to me.
"We can spend the whole day together tomorrow, if you'd like. Just the two of us." I promise her, brushing my fingers through her red waves.
"I would love that."
"Settled, then." I crane my neck in an awkward way to kiss the top of her head and for a moment I bask in the peace as Audrey basks in the sun. I close my eyes, ready to go back to sleep, when suddenly...
"That's them. That's actually them!" A shrill voice with an American accent shouts. "Oh my god!"
I hear Matthew grunt and Audrey sighs heavily. Liliana stirs on my chest, pushing herself up.
"Left." Gabriel says and I follow his gaze: a group of about seven teenage girls is staring at us from a little distance. They're clearly uncertain if they should approach or not, probably worried they're disturbing our holiday.
"Come on over!" Liliana then calls, brushing her hair out of her face. "We love meeting fans!"
It's like a button is pushed. None of us is feeling awfully social, but all of us actually do love meetings fans. They seem a little starstruck, but they warm up quickly enough. We chat with them for a good half hour, with conversations mostly related to the content we post. That's all they know about us and that's fine. Lilliana territorially keeps herself seated against me, no doubt having spotted the lustful eyes of several of the girls.
I lean down and kiss her ear. "You don't have to be jealous, choupinette. I'm not interested." I mutter. She grins.
"I'm not jealous. I just enjoy claiming you as mine."
"Possessive, are we?"
"It's not for nothing that I want to spend the entirety of tomorrow with you and you alone."
"Don't worry." I kiss her neck, noting the jealous looks from our visitors. "We'll have plenty of time together."
"Lucien, will you post more bartening videos?" One of the girls suddenly asks. "That was amazing to watch!"
"Maybe." I answer with a half-smile. "If the occassion arises."
"Which it will." Gabriel chimes in. "Because a party isn't a party if we're not there. And our Lucien enjoys showing off."
"He's right to do so." the girl says, eyeing me. She has a look in her eyes that most of the fans that approach us - or even just me - do. A hungry admiration. To them, I am nothing more than a pretty picture on a screen. And I can't say I mind being just that.

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