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These past few days have flown by fast, too fast, and tonight marks our last night in Rome. Kenna wouldn't be Kenna if she forced me to go out, and in past trips we would have ended up in some shitty bar that blasts last year's music and serves watered down beer. This trip, however, I have a trick up my sleeve, and that trick comes in the form of 6 foot 1, tan, brown haired Callum.
He's promised us entrance to one of the city's best clubs, free of charge, because he knows someone that has a table and told him he's always allowed to bring people.
The first thing I ask him, obviously, is if that 'someone' goes by the name Lucien, and I hear him laugh on the other end of the phone, followed by, "No, Em, Lucien won't be there. Just you, me, Kenna and a bunch of other people."
So we dress up, put more make-up on than we usually would, and have some pre-drinks at our hotel.
I'm not the biggest fan of clubs. They're crowded, the drinks are way overpriced and there's always some asshole trying to grope you, so I make Kenna promise me we can leave whenever we want.
When we arrive, however, I feel like that might be later than I'd expected. Callum greets us, accompanied by both William and Ian, and we are immediately let in by the bouncer. Bouncers always intimidate me, because they're very good at giving you an angry face. They say lawyers are good at intimidating people, but I'm sure bouncers would win that competition.
It's insane to see a V.I.P space from the inside. I've seen them in movies, and I've heard people brag about them, but I never thought I'd actually be part of this crowd.
Callum's friend is apparently some hot shot in Rome, whose father is also some hot shot something, and he's got money like water - Callum's words, not mine. Maximillian greets us friendly, a kiss on each cheek, and tells us to enjoy our night - no questions asked, nothing charged. Two beautiful ladies should have everything their heart desires. There's a lot of women in the group already, so I don't feel quite as objectified as I usually would in a club.
"Callum...," I see Kenna lean in closer to Callum, "so what does your friend do?"
"Can't say.." He just smiles, "But let's just say most of these women could also be seen as his employees."
"Damn! And he's your friend.. how?"
Callum shrugs. "Wouldn't really say my friend, I won a big case for him at one point, and he feels like he owes me ever since."
It really feels like I'm in a movie. The up beat music, the probably criminal guy serving everyone free drinks, all of the hot people in one place..
Speaking of hot people, Callum grabs me by the waist and pulls me closer to him, my back leaning against his torso.
I look at Kenna, apologetically, but she just grins. "Don't worry about me, guys, I've got plenty of people to meet! Do you think they'd be insulted if I asked them what they do for work?"
Callum laughs. "Maybe don't be that direct..." Then he simply winks. "Just ask them for their hourly rate."
      I feel sweaty, but also very happy.
We've been dancing for what feels like hours, and I feel like I've seen more things happen in just the past night than I usually do in an entire year.
I saw some guys do coke off of girl's cleavage, a bouncer stop a fist fight between two obviously rich men, and two girls full on make-out on some other dude's lap.
The drinks have been flowing, and I have no clue what time it is, just that I'm having the night of my life.
Exhausted, Callum and I take a seat on one of the couches, careful not to disturb the newly formed couple feeling each other up. The first time I saw that happen I looked at Callum in shock, but I'm not too bothered by it anymore.
We're in a fancy club in Rome, filled with fancy people. No one cares what you do, as long as you pay and promote their establishment.
I do, however, feel like I'm a little too old to be making out with my summer love amongst other people, and Callum seems to have the same idea, which is good. There's nothing more awkward than one person really into making out, and the other person.. well, not so much.
I excuse myself to go for a smoke, and pull Kenna with me. This club has a smoking area, probably so rich people don't have to make their way through the crowd to the exit.
We smoke a cigarette together whilst Kenna tells me all about the girls she's met. "I really don't think those are their real names, though. Marilyn, Katy and Janice just all sound too... porn-y, you know? But they're so fascinating! They love their job, because they're not even real hookers-hookers. They go on dates with people, or escort business people for dinner and stuff. And yeah, sometimes sex is involved, but it's always cool and consensual."
"Sounds like someone's thinking about a career change," I joke, lighting another cigarette.
Kenna grins. "I mean, I don't think I'd be too good at it. Tom and I slept together on the first date and look where I ended up," she flashes her diamond ring. "Plus, I like my job."
I'm too distracted to really hear what she's saying, though, because through the glass seperating the smoking area from the V.I.P area, I see a familiar face. A familiar face I really hoped I wouldn't see on my last night in this city.
"Fucking wanker...," I sigh. "Guess who showed up.." Kenna turns around and I immediately see her face change.
"Lucien really has to ruin everything, doesn't he?"
"I think that's what he was put on this earth to do, Kens. And look, he's talking to Callum..."

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