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Another heavy, busy couple of days. My case load only seems to get heavier, and I feel myself getting more and more emotionally drained.
My usual work day lasts until six, but I find myself so lost in my case all day that I hardly notice the sun has gone down.
Most of my colleagues have left, pretty much all of the desks are empty, people have left for the week. It's Friday night, almost eight, and I'm still staring at the e-mail this douchebag lawyer just sent me.
This has been my first week at the firm, and honestly I feel like I need a drink or ten. I send my last e-mail and turn off the computer. I tell myself not to check my e-mail until next monday, but I know I'll fail, considering our court date is on tuesday.
Callum must have already left, because the door to his office is locked and all the lights are off. When I call him, his phone goes straight to voicemail.
Great. Absolutely great.
I decide to text him, telling him I'm going home and he should feel free to come over whenever he wants, as I'm hopping into a cab.

Callum texts me to come over to his place instead around eleven, and needy as I am, I do exactly that.
When he opens the front door, I hear water running. "Running you a bath," he smiles, kissing me softly, "I assumed you'd need it."
The appartment smells like pasta and lavender, the first making my stomach grumble.
"Haven't eaten?" I shake my head no, slightly embarassed. I was going to make dinner as soon as I got home, but asshole lawyer replied to my e-mail and before I knew it I was already breaking my deal with myself.
"Silly girl," he takes my coat and leads me into the house, setting me down on a chair. "Let me get you something to eat."
His phone is buzzing all through him heating up pasta, but he does not seem to care.
"You left early today?" I ask while trying not to shove the pasta in my face, in stead taking small bites.
"Yeah, I had a lunch meeting and worked from home after," he smiles, "I thought a little change of atmosphere might help me see this case in a different light.." He sighs.
"Were you working late? I tried calling you at, like, eight, and it went straight to voice mail."
"Oh, eh, yeah," his demeanor changes ever so slightly, but I still pick up on it. "I turned it off to focus on my case, and forgot to turn it back on until way into dinner."
The phone is still buzzing every two to three seconds, frustrating me. How nice would it be if he turned it off now, too, or at least turned off the annoying vibration.
He still doesn't seem to even try to pick it up or look at who's been blowing up his phone.
"You know you can check your phone in front of me, right?" That's a deal we made early into our relationship. We're both busy individuals, and as long as we're not in the middle of something important, it's alright to check our phone every once in a while.
"Yeah, no, it's okay," he smiles, pouring me a glass of wine and sliding it towards me.
"Then at least let me put it on silent so we can have this conversation without bzzzz bzzz," I start reaching my hand towards his phone on the edge of the counter, just to flip the little switch on the side that'll turn off all notifications.
Callum's reflexes are insane, grabbing his phone way before I can, making me jump a little. As I pull my arm back, slightly shocked about what just happened, I knock the wine glass with my elbow, causing it to fall off the kitchen island and shatter.
"Shit..," I curse, jumping to my feet. As I'm looking for something to clean up the mess with, I'm trying to let whatever that just was sink in.
I didn't know Callum was that protective over his phone, and I'm also confused as to why he's just been quietly standing there, not saying a word.
I find a dustpan to clean up the broken glass and throw it all into the garbage, all whilst Callum is still just standing there, not saying a word. I wipe the floor, making sure there's no more stains.
"I...," The first thing I notice as I sit back down is how his phone is nowhere to be seen. "That was.. clumsy of me."
"Yeah," he just smiles. "It was."
      As I'm in the bath tub I can't help but think about Callum's behaviour. He's probably just stressed and tired. Our work can bring out the worst in us.
I can hear Callum's phone buzzing all the way from here, meaning he must be communicating with whoever is on the other end of that conversation again.
It's probably work. I know his case is intense, and it probably won't leave him alone until he finishes it. We're both the same in that way, which makes it easier for me to understand where he's coming from.
When I come out, he's lit some candles and is laying on the couch, a show on the tv. As soon as he sees me coming, he puts his phone down on the coffee table, but not before turning it off. Good, no more work for tonight.
"How was your bath?" His voice sounds soft, sweet.
"It was good, I really needed to relax for a bit..," I lean over and press a kiss to his lips. "Thank you."
"You're welcome," He pulls me on top of him, letting my wet hair drip on his shirt.

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