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It's good to see my friends again. To talk with them and laugh with them, just forget the whole mess that's been dominating my life for the past weeks. We have briefly discussed it, but Gabriel quickly moved the conversation forward. Ever since it wasn't brought up again and I'm grateful for it. Spending time with Gabriel and Matthew reminds me that this is the world I fit in best. Though I find that I'm starting to love my job at the firm, all the lawyers and the perfect image they're trying to uphold are exhausting to be around. I've been around that my whole life and the break is very welcome, even if it's just for a few days. Tomorrow we have an opening of London's biggest music stores to date, which really only is relevant to Matthew and a little to Gabriel, since both of them sing and will regularly post singing videos. It's not relevant to me at all - I play the piano and I think there might be two or three videos of that somewhere, but it's just not what I'm known for. But I was still invited, because over the years the three of us have become kind of a package deal. You can have us solo, or you have all three of us. Only two is very rare and occurs only when one of us isn't able to make it.
I'm excited for the event, for the chance to interact with fans and have fun with my friends. Tonight we are staying in and throwing ourselves a sushi party, so we'll be fresh and fruity tomorrow.
Gabriel is - as usual - hanging upside down on the couch, stuffing his face with casave chips. Matthew is watching him with a disgusted fascination. "So, what are we watching tonight?" Gabriel asks.
"Something terrible." Matthew and I say in unison. It has become a tradition: staying in with sushi and watching the worst movie available to us.
"Oh!" Matthew perks up, grabbing his phone. "I actually have a great suggestion that I think you'll love. Let me find it real quick."
Half an hour later we are munching on the sushi and watching the worst rated horror movie Netflix has to offer. It's so bad that we spend the full two hours dying of laughter. My life in Edinburgh doesn't matter for a moment, I don't even have to think about it. My heart is lighter than it has been in weeks and I fall asleep easily listening to Matthew's snores and Gabriel's clicking on the laptop, because he has to edit a video and doesn't do sleep anyway.

"I am exhausted." I let myself fall down on the couch in the hotel suite. Somehow we got roped into doing a very unplanned meet and greet that lasted far too long. The turn out to the event was mindblowing to begin with, so the lines for the meet-up were also nuts. None of us is very good at turning our fans away, because we know how much we owe them and because we honestly enjoy interacting with them, but Jesus Christ.
"How long was that?" Matthew yanks open the mini-fridge, only to look thoroughly disappointed. "I'm ordering roomservice."
"That was at least five hours." Gabriel pulls off his shirt, tossing it in the corner to change it for a clean one that isn't absolutely drenched with sweat. Halfway through, he changes his mind. "Ugh, saying that out loud convinces me I have to take a shower."
"How do you have the energy to still stand up?" I ask him, brushing the unkempt curls out of my face. "My legs won't work for a week."
"The smell is what motivates me." He continues undressing, despite not being in the bathroom yet. He tosses his jeans at Matthew, who curses in Welsh and kicks them as far away as he can manage. "Order me chicken wings. A lot of them." he demands before disappearing.
"Just because of that I'm just ordering you kale! You want anything, Lucifer?"
"Fried shrimp. And wine."
"Classy." He grins.
"You know me. The classiest bitch you'll ever meet."
"Uhuh, sure." He flops down next to me, phone to his ear. Like small children we start poking each other while he's trying to get our order through. When he finally hangs up, he grabs Gabriel's dirty shirt from the floor and smacks it in my face. I consider pushing his face in one of his dirty shoes, but that means getting up and I'm not up for that.
"I'm only letting it slide because you ordered me shrimp."
"Like you'd ever win from me, Lucifer."

The trip to the office on Monday is almost surreal. I keep forgetting how different my two lives are and with every switch between them, I have to readjust. Luckily I don't look as dissheveled as I feel, though Selene shoots me a knowing grin when I enter.
"Good morning, Lucien." she says cheerfully. "Had a good weekend?"
"Morning, Selene. I've had a wonderful weekend. What about you?"
"You know, sick dog, puke all over the inside of the car... Wonderful, just like yours."
I grin at her and after ditching my stuff I consider asking her to get coffee for me so I can start working. But then I'd have to sit down and I don't want the work life to really start back up yet, so I make way to the kitchen myself. It's early, so it's not very crowded yet, but in the kitchen I run into Sasha and Emma.
"Good morning, ladies." I greet them. They greet me back with charming smiles.
"How was dinner last week, Lucien?" Emma asks. Sasha pales a little, still not used to my unusual request of being called by my first name.
"Dinner?" I repeat, a little confused. "It was... good, I guess? When I'm with Gabriel and Matthew we usually just order take out."
She looks as puzzled as I feel. "I thought you had dinner with Callum on Friday?"
"Dinner with... Miss Middleton, Emmeline... I've been in London all weekend. Callum wasn't there."
Considerate as she is, Sasha silently excuses herself from the conversation and disappears from the kitchen. I continue making my coffee while Emma continues looking confused.
"Are you sure? He said..." She trails off.
I pull out my phone and show her the video of my friends and I at the event, and then a few pictures of us in the hotel room together. "Very certain. I don't know what Callum was up to, but it certainly wasn't dinner with me."

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