“Fine. But if the second one’s ending sucks as much as this one did, I’m suing you.”
“Oh really?” Lucien grins. “On what grounds?”
“I’m not sure yet, but I’ll find a way to make your life miserable.” I walk over to the drawer, looking for the sequel and finding it pretty easily. It’s all nicely organised, but not too perfectly. “I want some ice cream. You want a spoon?”
I wouldn’t be Emma if I didn’t buy myself food to eat my feelings with, in true breakup style.
“You know I can’t say no to that,” Lucien answers while I’m already halfway to the kitchen, not quite running but way faster than walking.
I would never think I’d think this, but I’ve actually been having a good time. I haven’t felt this relaxed or this happy in... well, in a very long time.
There’s no fake niceness, no one pretending to be one thing while they’re something else.
I take the plastic tub of creamy deliciousness out of the freezer and grab two spoons. There’s no reason to be fancy with bowls, we’ll just have to scoop it out of its container until there’s nothing left.
Just like Lucien did, I decide to check my phone real quick.
That turns out to be a pretty bad idea. More messages from Callum, probably because I haven’t replied to a single one of his old ones.
He wants to know where I am, still. When I’m coming home.
It’s insane to me he still thinks I would just return and pretend nothing happened. The only reason to go back to the appartment is to grab my stuff.
His messages get angrier the more I scroll down, something I definitely shouldn’t be doing.
He’s telling me he doesn’t understand why I’m not replying, that he’s sorry, she was just a mistake. He loves me, why can’t I just see that? The final messages are just him telling me that if I’m out there cheating on him, I shouldn’t come back.
Cheating on him. As if there’s even such a thing, considering there is no way we’re still in a relationship. And if I were to be cheating on him, it’d serve him right.
“You coming? If you’re too tired to watch the movie that’s alright too,” I hear Lucien’s voice from the couch.
“Yeah.. yeah...,” I sigh, “I just got... distracted.” My phone in my hand, spoons and ice cream in the other, I walk back to the couch.
I throw a spoon at Lucien, carefully but with quite a lot of force, and put the ice cream on my lap, causing Lucien to protest. “At least put it in the middle.”
“Excuse me,” I look at him, eyebrows raised, “did your boyfriend just cheat on you and leave you technically homeless? No, this is my heart break gelato, I’m just sharing it with you because I’m a good person, somewhere deep down.”
Lucien points his spoon at me, “I might not officially be a lawyer, but I know that would not hold up in court. Also, my girlfriend broke up with me, so I at least earn to have the heartbreak ice cream slightly closer to me.”
I but a scoop of the gelato in my mouth and pat down some of the empty space in between us, putting the ice cream right there. “You make a compelling case, du Castellon. We’ll share the heartbreak gelato, then.”

The movie was definitely better than the prequel, but still terrible and a total waste of time.
I loved it, though. Lucien would make sarcastic comments throughout all of the scenes, and we drank more wine. He’s laughing at serious scenes, and even though he’s already seen his movie, he’s still really into it.
It’s relaxing. He seems to really let his worries go and lives in the moment. I don’t know what’s going on in his head, but I like to tell myself he’s enjoying this as much as I do.
Neither of us checked our phones, we just... hung out. I’ve had to suppress a yawn once or twice, but I feel like I’m wide awake now.
“That was...,” I’m looking for the right word, but Lucien has already found it.
“Entertaining. Not good, but sure a way to keep ourselves entertained.”
I nod, pouring the last bit of wine into our glasses. “Just what I needed. Something mediocre to enjoy.”
“How do you feel?” he asks me, taking the glass from me.
“Alright, I think. I’ve calmed down a little, but I still feel a little... lost. Because I do really appreciate your hospitality, but I can’t stay here forever, and work will start again soon, and it’s just all complicated.”
He nods and takes a sip out of his glass. “There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said, just that it’ll be alright. Has he tried to contact you again?”
I take my phone out of my lap, already showing more new texts, and without reading them, I hand it to Lucien.

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