Emma haunted my dreams last night. I don't often remember my dreams, but her face is hard to forget. It made me run late, though I can't say being woken up by Emma wasn't exactly bothersome. I just like to be in the office before eight. I don't make that today, but alas. Selene, as always, is already there. It has become very rare for her not to be in earlier than I am. She gives me a bright smile.
"Good morning, Selene."
"Morning, Lucien."
"Tell me, do we have time to small talk or is it straight to business?" I sip my coffee, leaning on the thin walls that make her cubicle in front of my office.
"My night was great, I had burrito's for dinner. Your night was fantastic and you had four cheese pizza." She hands me an envelope. "I checked you in for your flight to Tokyo just now. Emailed you all the essentials, but just to cover all your bases here are things like your boarding pass printed out."
"Tokyo?" The moment the word leaves my lips, I remember. "Oh shit, I forgot! That's not today, right?"
Selene's look is almost one of pity, which is extra weird because she can't be more than three years older than me. "Tomorrow. Don't worry, it's an afternoon flight so you should have plenty of time to finish up here and still pack."
"You're a life saver, Selene, I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Not go to Tokyo, apparently." She smirks. "You have a meeting with Sasha at eleven and Mr. Copperman is coming by at two. You don't have any other meetings scheduled today, but you never know what might change."
"Copperman? Are you sure?"
"I called yesterday to confirm. He was rather excited to come in, actually." She shrugs.
"Remind me to buy you lunch." I grin, heading into my office.
"Already settled, 11.30 at George's!" She calls after me, laughing.

The day flies by. Sasha comes in to ask my help with a case and together we get her back on track without too much trouble. I have lunch with Selene, which is a blast, because Selene doesn't treat me like a boss but like a human being. Copperman comes by, which is awkward at first but he tells me that my father is working hard on finding a new settlement offer, and in the meantime he's quit all his working and is spending time with his family, making him happier than ever. In the end he tells me that, in a way, he's grateful for the fact that we fucked up big time, even if he does have to go to prison. I don't really know how to respond to that, other than thanking him for taking the time to come tell me in person.
By the time all of this has gone by, it's nearing three. I haven't had a single email from Emma, nor have I sent one. I had little time to think about her, which is kind of... freeing. Maybe this trip to Tokyo will be good. Maybe I'll be able to get her out of my mind and return to normal. Ten days should do that, right?
I flick through my agenda for the trip; I make use of the trip for both this job and my social media job, if you can call it that. I have some events planned, some brand meet-ups and two meet-and-greets. For this job it's mostly meetings and meeting up with potential clients and partners. All in all I won't have a lot of time for myself, which is only a good thing, because being left alone with my thoughts just means I'll drown in my desires over Emma.
And with that thought, she creeps back into my head. I can't shake her now. I wish last night hadn't been over so fast. Even if she doesn't want anything to do with me, it was great having her so near to me...
Against better judgement, I fire up my email.
            Miss Middleton,
            Maybe last weekend's party has a bigger effect on me than I thought. Apparantly I'm needed in Tokyo for ten days, starting tomorrow.

I don't even know why I send it. It's not really any of her judgement why I don't come to work, or where I am. Selene will send out a generic email telling the staff of my whereabouts and how to reach me and that should be enough for Emma as well. But leaving without telling her... It doesn't sit right. The reply doesn't take long.
            Mr du Castellon
            Have they run out of their own superheroes, if you are so desperately needed?

Almost in a reflex I glance up, trying to find her in her office. I do find her and she's staring right back at me. I give her a grin as I type my reply.
            Miss Middleton,
            I will just be a temporary superhero. No one wants to see me in spandex for longer than necessary.

            Mr du C,
            That is definitely an image I could have done without. I might have to contact HR.

            Miss M,
I do apologise. Do you think one can file an HR complaint about oneself? It's not my favourite image either.

            Mr du C,
            If I didn't know better, I'd say you are trying to get fired.

I'm halfway through typing my reply when my office door opens. I quickly click my email away before checking who's coming in unannounced. It's odd, because either Selene tells me of a meeting beforehand or she tells me on the intercom. I didn't hear her now, though. It's Benjamin Jenkins, one of our criminal defense lawyers. He looks a little nervous to be here. How old is he? He looks twelve, which I suppose fits his name.
"I'm sorry for coming in unannounced, Mr Castellon." He says. "I didn't see Selene, but you didn't seem busy, so I..." He trails of. I raise a brow at him. Okay, so maybe I wasn't busy, but that doesn't mean I want just anyone barging into my office whenever they please.
"Next time please wait for Selene to return. What can I do for you, Mr Jenkins?" I gesture for him to sit and he does. It turns out that he feels that his talents aren't being used to their full potential, even though he's been here for nearly a year now. He rarely gets dealed the high profile cases and suddenly he's decided he's had enough of that. He came in to directly ask for more high profile cases, which I admire. I also suspect it has something to do with the fact that his biggest competition no longer works for this firm. I promise to take him into consideration, but that I must be going now. He thanks me, disappears and leaves me alone in my office. When I go look for her, it seems that she's already gone home, because she's not at her desk.
I quickly type a reply to her last email before I go home to pack for the agonising ten days in Tokyo that I'm not actually prepared for.
            Miss Middleton,
            It seems we missed each other. Don't get too lonely without me - no doubt there'll be pink elephants to keep you company. See you in ten days.

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