I may be drunk, more drunk than I ever thought I’d ever be, I’m sure this is happening.
When he first tells me he wants to kiss me, and has been wanting to do so for weeks, I secretly pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Turns out I’m not.
The wall is scraping my back and I’m freezing cold, but I could not care less about our surroundings - all I care about right now is Lucien.
He’s kissing me and it feels better than I could have ever imagined. He tastes like the disgusting concoction we’ve had to drink, but so do I.
My heart is racing so hard I know he must be able to feel it too.
I can’t go anywhere, Lucien has me pinned against the wall, his body weight over mine, I couldn’t leave if I tried.
There’s nothing I want more than to be here, in this exact spot at this exact moment, for as long as I can, though.
Our kiss is sloppy, both holding on to each other for dear life. I’ve never been the kind of girl to do this whole making out in front of a fancy club, but then again, I also thought I was never the kind of girl to fall in love with her boss.
      Our kiss only stops when we’re both running out of air, after what feels like ages.
We just stand there, looking at each other with grins on our faces, for a while. The cold air has sobered me up slightly, but I’m still definitely off my face.
Neither of us say anything, trying to catch our breath and probably figure out what just happened.
This was impulsive, yes, but according to Lucien he’s been thinking about doing this for a while. Craving to, even.
Have I been wrong all along, then? There I was, telling myself there was no way in hell Lucien would be into me, when in the mean time I could have made my move weeks ago.
“Let’s not...,” I light another cigarette, trying to evaporate the sexual tension currently building up in my body, “tell Kens and Gabriel about this, yet, okay?”
Lucien just nods, following my example and lighting a cigarette. “Agreed.”
I watch him, his lips perfectly curved around a cigarette, sweaty from dancing and drinking, still a smile on his face. I watch him exhale smoke, dropping his down and ashing.
With my free hand I tug on the collar of his shirt, gently, coaxing him towards me.
I kiss him again. It’s not as forceful or lustfilled as our past kiss, but it’s just the way I want it.

Kenna is exhausted, I can immediately tell as soon as we re-enter the club. Gabriel and her are still talking, but she’s got this tell I’d recognise from miles away.
I might be hammered, I’m still responsible, so I take a look around the group, trying not to grin as my eye catches Lucien’s. “I think it’s time to go home...,” I grab Kenna’s arm. “Get some well deserved sleep...”
She’s smiling at me. She’s too drunk and tired to ask questions, she probably hasn’t even noticed how long Lucien and I have been gone. She’d absolutely slap me if she found out what happened, but it wasn’t my fault.
Gabriel, however, is looking at me with some kind of suspicion, but I shake that off. Too drunk to worry.
      We drop Kenna off into the loving arms of her fiancé, but not before she tells us all how much fun she’s had and how we’re all definitely fucking invited to the weddign. I’m glad, because I was pretty sure I’m her maid of honour.
I’m convinced we’re dropping Gabriel off for a second, but then I realise he’s probably sleeping at Lucien’s.
I look at Lucien, trying to figure out if he’s going to invite me in or if he’s going to drop me off next, but he’s just grinning and telling the driver his own address.
Gabriel doesn’t ask any questions, not even when I’m on my way up with them. He just says he’s really tired and is going to take a shower, then go to bed. He wishes us a good night and wanders off.
This is the first time being in Lucien’s appartment that feels... different.
It’s kind of like always coming to a venue as a normal guest, then suddenly being able to take the VIP entrance.
There’s a tension between the two of us immediately, broken when we hear Gabriel’s door close and his shower running.
I step closer to Lucien, kissing him. His arms are around my waist, pulling me as close as he can.
Hands and lips are wandering, but they’re not going anywhere without checking for consent first, both of us just grinning.
We make our way to Lucien’s room, the door slamming on accident whilst we’re too busy making out, causing us to burst out laughing.
“Ssssh!” I shush him, pulling him closer to me and undoing the buttons on his shirt, exposing the bare skin I’ve only seen the last time I slept over.
Then, I already wanted nothing more than to run my hands across his torso, so I take my chance doing exactly that.
His hands are pulling on my dress, without any success really.
“It has a zipper,” I lead his hands around, feeling his fingers find said zipper and pulling it down.
Suddenly, I’m feeling how drunk and I am, and it’s making me slightly self-conscious. I’m holding my dress with one arm, making sure it doesn’t drop down to the floor.
“Wait... wait,” he immediately looks at me with worry in his eyes, as if I’m about to start crying.
I assure him by kissing him softly.
“I really... reaaallly want to do this, but I’m.... too drunk, and so are you, and I really like you, like a lot and for a very long time, so we should... wait.”

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