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Lucien manages to make even a fancy, out of my league restaurant feel safe.
It's all strange, being here with a man I used to think I despised, it almost feels like some kind of romantic comedy.
"Snails?" I've had them once before, and I can't say I enjoyed that very much. The experience wasn't too pleasurable, but I'm willing to try anything again if Lucien wants me to.
I feel a little clumsy, but the texture and the flavour aren't as bad as I remember them to be.
"Like it?" Lucien is eating them casually, like the true Frenchman, and is smiling at me as he watches my every move.
"Hhhmm," I'm still working hard trying to swallow it without flinching, but I'm definitely not as casual as Lucien is. "I've definitely tasted worse things."
"But you don't like it?"
I shrug, swallowing my bite, and smile. "I also don't hate it."
He laughs loudly. "Fair enough. It's not for everyone."
"Well, it's not my fault my parents raised me on harris. Which, yes, is also disgusting if you think about it, but..."
      We're on our last course, which is a dessert from a country I don't remember. The food has been great, don't get me wrong, but the company has been a billion times better. We could literally have eaten out of a garbage bin and I still would have had the best date I've ever had.
He looks gorgeous, and just realising I'm on a date with him keeps on making my heart flutter and my cheeks redden. He looks handsome, as always, but just knowing he's here with me feels like a dream.
"So," he wipes some whipped cream from the corner of his mouth, "tell me if this is too forward, miss Middleton, but... is there any chance of you coming home with me, tonight?"
"That's very forward of you, du Castellon...," I point the fork I have in his direction and smile, "who do you think I am? Some kind of office skank that will just come home with you after one date?"
"I would never think of you as anything even close to that, miss Middleton..." he's grinning, "I wouldn't dare. You're more like... the office babe that I've been chasing for ages and that finally gave in to my charms.. Can you blame me for really wanting to take you home?"
I can feel I'm blusing and I softly kick him under the table.
"Maybe if you're lucky I'll let you..."

He's putting his arm around me as we leave the restaurant. I saw the bill, and where I'm usually one to offer going halfsies on first dates, I'm glad Lucien is a gentleman and paid for it in full, including a good tip.
"We're in public," I smile, moving his arm away from me.
"So?" he tries to put his arm back, but I just shake my head. "All of the people we work with are still getting drunk at the office, no one will know we're here and I just really...," he manages to slide his arm back, slightly lower than my waist, almost letting his hand land on my butt.
"Castellon," I say, under my breath, elbowing him in the ribcage, "stop it, or I'll let Mark drive me straight home... No kissing in the back of your car, either."
He immediately pulls his hand back, raising them up. "I apologise, miss. Mea culpa.."
      The car shows up in front of us, and Lucien holds the door open so I can get in, softly tapping my behind as I do so. Even now, with not a single drop of alcohol in his system, it's obvious he's having a hard time controlling himself.
That's good, because so am I, but I will always be the more responsible one, so I wait until the door is closed to grab the collar of his shirt and kiss him.
Mark waits to start driving until we're done making out like two teenagers and have fastened our seatbelts.
"Stop it," I can't stop laughing like I'm fifteen again as he's putting his hand on my leg. Even through the tights I'm wearing, I can almost feel it burning on my skin.
Mark tries his best to not make any eye contact with either of us trough his rearview mirror, but I catch him smiling every once in a while when Lucien is either cracking some dumb joke or trying to put his hands on me.
The taxi ride shouldn't have been any longer, because I'm having a hard time controlling myself, and the walk up to his appartment seems faster if we both run.
I feel tipsy, like I've drank bottles and bottles of wine, even though I haven't had a sip. This must be what Beyoncé meant when she said drunk in love.
I'm glad we reach his door, running my hands up and down his back. He seems slow opening the door, too slow, and I throw my bag down before pulling on his shirt, shoving the blazer off of his shoulders as we kiss.
"No zipper?" he breathes as he's tugging on my dress, smiling into the kiss, only breaking contact to breathe.
"No zipper." It should just slide off, I've definitely put some thought into my outfit today.
My fingers work the buttons to his blouse and I grin when his skin is exposed.
"What?" Lucien asks me, a smile plastered on his face.
"Just taking this all in... I've waited quite a while, let me appreciate this."
"Well, that's not quite fair, is it, Emma?" he shakes the blouse off of his shoulders, now fully shirtless. "Here I am, at least half undressed, and you're still wearing your dress.."
"Your wish is my command," in previous relationships, this would be the moment I'd get really insecure and would prefer to only undress in dim light. Now, however, I pull the fabric down slowly, smiling and hardly breaking eye contact. I'm wearing my cutest underwear, one of the christmas gifts I bought myself.

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