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As cliche as it might sound, the world seems to stop spinning when the dress falls to the floor. My breath hitches in my throat as I take it all in, but I don't think there's enough time in the world to ever fully grasp the beauty before me.
"You're staring, Mr du Castellon." She purrs, a sparkle to her eyes. I can't contain my grin.
"You did this to be stared at." I kick off my shoes, trailing a finger over her arm. She shivers. "And I will stare every bit as much as I like."
"I do wish you would spend your time differently."
"Is that so? Tell me more, then." I smirk, leaning in to kiss her neck. Her body melts against me and I catch it to hold it there. I don't ever want it to be anywhere else. I kiss a trail to just below her ear, where I leave a hickey. Emma's soft moan sets me ablaze. "Is this more to your liking?" I whisper in her ear before I gently bite the mark I just left. I'm not entirely sure if she actually says something, but the moan I get from her is confirmation enough. Our lips find each other again and I don't think I'll ever be able to get enough of it.
"Come on," Emma breathes, grabbing my wrist to pull me to the bedroom but neither of us can keep our hands to ourselves long enough to get there in a straight line. She pushes me against the wall, hands tugging at my belt. I grin against her lips, reaching to help. When the buckle comes loose we stumble to the other side of the hall, where I trap her between my body and the wall, hands on either sides of her head. Her scent is driving me nuts, but I can't get enough of it. I feel her hands on my chest and my stomach, touching every inch of skin they can reach.
"Fuck, Emma..." I don't know how much longer I can contain myself. Lucky for me, Emma has the same idea: she throws one leg around my hip, pulling my flush against her before also hooking her other leg around me. With one arm around her back and the other tightly clutching her thigh I head straight for the bedroom, where I toss her on the bed.
She shrieks, laughing, and immediately sits up to finally undo me from my trousers. Her eyes find mine and I swear my heart stops for a full two seconds. Another shiver down my spine, but then I push her hands away. There's a flicker of something in her eyes, but I don't have the space in my head to think about it; I push against her shoulder and she lets herself fall back down as I crawl over her, going in for another kiss.
"Ladies first." I whisper. I kiss down her body, hands trailing along. When I struggle with the bra clasp, Emma laughs and does it for me, which I greatly appreciate. Lower and lower I go, enjoying every bit of her. The sound I get from her when I kiss the inside of her thighs makes all of this waiting absolutely worth it, the sounds she makes later on are enough to have me beg for more until the end of time.

The pillows are scattered throughout the room, the sheets have come loose. The only reason the duvet isn't on the ground is because I picked it up to cover us with, if only half. Most of Emma's body is still exposed for me to enjoy, which is exactly what I'm doing - my finger travels up and down her arm, over her shoulders and her breasts, circling her stomach before coming back up. Her fingers are playing with my curls, something I usually hate but right now can't get enough of. Every now and then one of us will steal a kiss. All the cliches are turning out to be true. I want to freeze this moment and live in it forever, which is the biggest cliche of them all.
"Can you believe six months ago I was ready to rip your head off of your shoulders?" Her fingers are exploring my face now. I close my eyes, relishing the touch. "I'm glad I turned out to have it all wrong..."
I smile lazily. "I wasn't much better... I was ready to quit at the firm the second I found out you'd be working there." I open my eyes, taking her wrist in my hand to kiss each of her fingers. It's disgustingly affectionate, but she doesn't seem to mind. Instead she smiles, which grows into her grin when I take her fingertip between my teeth. She pulls it back and goes back to tracing circles around my face. "I'm really glad I stuck it out."
"Stuck it out?" She laughs. "That makes it seem like you hated me until a week ago."
"Maybe I did." I grin and push her over, rolling on top of her with my face just centimeters from hers. "Maybe I still hate you. Maybe this was all a ruse just to get to sleep with me."
Her fingers snake around my neck, knotting together at the back. I shudder. "And why would you do that?"
"Because... because of how beautiful you are." I kiss her just below her ear and then along her jawline. "How compassionate and kind... Because you look so stunning when you're doing your job." I keep trailing her kisses, enjoying her hands over my back.
"That doesn't sound like you hate me at all, I must say." She says with a grin.
"After what you just did to me it's very hard to hate you." I kiss her lips, which shuts up both of us for a little while. Then, when I pull back, I make sure I can see her face. With my thumb I follow the shape of her cheekbone, taking in every little bit of her face so that I might never forget it. "I could never go back to hating you. And that has nothing to do with tonight, but all the more with the things you've done to me over the past few weeks. I didn't think we could be friend, Em, much less this..." She smiles, her fingers back at the nape of my neck where they play with my hair. It makes me shiver, raising goosebumps all over my body. "But I'm really, really glad that both of us gave the other a second chance."

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