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After staying awake as long as we can, just laying in each other's arms and spending every last waking moment kissing and cuddling, we fall asleep.
I don't think I've felt this happy in forever, and I have nothing but happy dreams.
      The world is covered in snow when I open the curtains, the next morning. It almost feels like a fairytale, and I excitedly jump back onto the bed where Lucien is still sleeping.
Even if we have snow pretty much every year, it still makes me as happy as a child.
Lucien growns, rubbing his eyes while he wakes up. It seems to take him a second to realise what's going on, but then he smiles a big smile. "Good morning, Emma."
"Good morning," I bend down to kiss him, trying to cover my naked body with the blankets, something Lucien won't allow.
"This is the kind of thing I like waking up to," he smiles, keeping my hands from hiding exposed parts of skin, "let me just enjoy this."
I give up quickly, falling down besides him. My skin is covered in goose bumps from the cold air in the appartment, and they only get bigger when Lucien starts stroking a finger across my shoulder, collarbone and down to my ribs.
"Hhhhhm," I let out some kind of mixture between a moan and a sigh. It can't be heard, though, because my stomach starts grumbling louder.
"Someone seems to be hungry," Lucien laughs, softly poking my stomach. "Breakfast?"
"Later...," I grab his hand again after he's pulled it back, putting it in the exact spot it was before.
"It's not quite clear to me what you want from me," my eyes are pretty much closed, but I just know he's grinning, "could you be a little more specific, maybe?"
I sit up a little, leaning on my elbows. "I want you to do the exact same thing you did last night, so then I can do that thing you liked."
He's actually grinning as he sits up to kiss me. "See, that's what I needed to hear."

We've gotten out of bed finally, and are both in the kitchen. I'm wearing my underwear and one of Lucien's shirts, flipping pancakes while Lucien is making us coffee.
It feels like the life I've always wanted to have, and I still can't really fathom I'm actually living it right now.
"Sugar?" Lucien's pouring milk into a coffee cup as the machine is creating the most amazing fresh espresso.
"One cube, please," I tell him, looking over my shoulder to see him. He's just wearing underwear, the rest of his body fully exposed.
We've turned the heater on, so it's nice and cosy in the appartment, and there's more reason not to cover up.
He puts the cup of coffee in front of me, wrapping both arms around my waist, pressing a kiss in my neck.
Breakfast time was never my favourite time of day, some might say it's my least favourite, but just because of this moment it could become something I enjoy.
      We're eating our pancakes in silence, just looking at each other every once in a while, and we both smile.
There's a radio station playing in the background, Frank Ocean's voice sounds softly throughout the room.
The room smells like pancakes and coffee, which is always a good sign.
It's christmas, I just realise. I don't have to be at Kenna's until five, so we have plenty of time to be together, depending on when Gabriel and Matthew show up.
"What are you thinking about?" Lucien asks me, scraping his fork across his nearly empty plate.
"How it's christmas, and how I'm very happy," I answer honestly, "not just because it's christmas, also because I'm here with you... mostly because of you, honestly."
He smiles at me. "Would you say I'm your favourite christmas present?"
"Hmmmm," I pretend to be thinking, "not too sure."
He pretends to be hurt. "Auch."
"I'd say my favourite christmas present is this bad boy," I pull down the collar of my shirt a little bit, exposing the hickey I spotted this morning, left there by Lucien last night. Usually, that would worry me. I'd be afraid people would notice, and start asking questions. And maybe I am, because people will ask questions at the office, but I don't care. I'll lie, if that means I can be with Lucien.
He grins, looking proud, as if he's just done something amazing. "I mean, yes, that's pretty awesome..." I see his expression change from just proud to slightly mischevous, "I could see if I'm generous enough to give you another one, if you'd like."
"Oh, really?" We both know where this going to go, and neither of us is going to stop it. He gets up, closing the distance between us, and picks me up as if I weigh nothing.
      My back hits the bed, the third time in about twelve hours and Lucien is ready to hover over me as I pull his arm, causing him to fall on the bed as well, right next to me.
He looks at me questioning, but I'm just grinning. "I'm the boss now, du Castellon," I take the shirt off over my head, enjoying the look on his face as he takes in his view. It's very nice, the way Lucien treats me. As if I'm the first naked woman he's ever seen, or at least the most beautiful one.
I lean down to kiss him as his hands explore every piece of skin they can find.
His hands find my butt, pulling me as close to him as they can.
The sheets are on the floor once again, the heater on to warm the room even though it's not necessary, we're already burning up just from being together.
I'm lost in Lucien, in our kiss and his hands on my body. He's apparently also fully distracted from normal life, because neither of us seem to realise the front door opening, a happy and excited Gabriel entering the house and making his way to the bedroom.

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