Nice and soft bed, her body wrapped in warm blankets. Sleep, must sleep.

How it was possible, she did not know. A sharp, pointed object had entered her throat and got trapped. Couldn´t breathe. It had to get out! While gagging, she had bend over. Putting her hand in her throat as far as possible and tried to grab the suffocating object. Thick saliva dripped down her lips and turned dark blue. Then the object came loose, slipping out through her mouth and ended up clattering to the ground. Panting with relief, with a throbbing, wheezing breath, she sat on the edge of her bed. Her heartbeat seemed to push against her throat from the inside, vibrations softened her whole body. In the minutes that followed, she tried to recover from her panic and wondered what the hell hadhappened. Her gaze drifted to the floor. Something vague was visible on the floor, but the darkness of the night does not reveal what the object was. Eventually, her curiosity overcame her fear. She reached out and picked up the deadly danger object from a pool of saliva. Her hands started to tremble when she looked closer at the object and her eyes grew wide in disbelief.

It was her pen.

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