It feels as if we're making up for lost time. Weeks of tension is pouring out. I'm entirely consumed by the woman below me and I pray it never ends. My lips are brushing over the valley of her breasts when I hear a click. I barely even register at first, too focused on Emma, until I also hear a voice that is, obviously, not Emma.
"Rise and shine, my gorgeous little Lu-" My name gets cut short, because the sentence isn't long enough for either Emma or me to find sheets to cover and that means Gabriel is staring at us scrambling for a good few seconds, before we finally manage to cover ourselves.
Of course, my friend isn't gracious enough to close that door in that time or give us a minute to recover. No, instead he's leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest and a shit-eating grin on his face. Emma's cheeks are bright red and I'm pretty sure mine are too, but mostly I'm ready to strangle this man. He realises that, too, and his grin gets even wider.
"Hey man, you said one o'clock to shop for groceries. It's not my fault you forgot the time."
"Just get the fuck out, will you?" I glare at him. With his hands held up in innocence, he turns and closes the door. I turn to Emma, offering her an apologetic smile. She looks mostly horrified.
"I assure you, I will kill him and I will film it as proof." I lean in to kiss her, which I'm happy to find she reciprocated. "I'm so sorry. I did forget about the time."
She leans her forehead against mine. "Well... I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, with him belonging to the furniture and whatnot. Might as well just get it over with."
I chuckle, taking her hands in mine. "Now let's agree to wait a while before Kenna catches us, hm?"
I'm happy to hear her laugh and then she kisses me. "Oh, absolutely."
The only reason I don't keep the kiss going, is the knowledge of Gabriel in the house. Reluctantly, I pull away. "I'm going for a shower. Feel free to use one of the guest bathrooms if you want one too."
"What, don't want me to join you?" She teases, making me laugh.
"I would love nothing more, but now is not the time. Brie will never let me hear the end of it." I kiss her cheek, then finally force myself to get up or I might never. "If you're in the living room before me and Brie is being an ass, don't hesitate to hurt him. God knows he deserves it."

To my surprise, Emma and Gabriel are happily chatting away when I return. Brie shoots me a knowing look, but keeps his mouth shut. Emma offers me a bright smile that makes my heart skip a beat.
"Hey man, we should go soon or the shops will be closing." Gabriel says, standing up. "I checked your cabinets and as usual you barely have anything useful."
"I haven't really had time to stock up on baking supplies since I came here!" I protest. "What with making sixty-odd hour weeks and all."
He lifts his hands. "I'm not judging, just saying. And shops close early on Christmas. It'll be hard baking cake without decent supplies."
Emma is watching us with a smile, but then gets up and says something I could really do without: "I should also go. I have to swing by my own apartment to change, because this doesn't really feel... Christmas-appropriate."
I bite back a comment on how what's underneath is far less appropriate. "I'll let you out."
By a stroke of luck, the elevator is all the way downstairs so we have a while to say our goodbyes. Emma kisses me, gentle and tender, and it stops far too soon.
"Tell Kenna hi from me." I say. "And have fun! Tomorrow, too, at your parents' place."
"I will." She smiles. "You, too. Please don't burn down the kitchen."
I look towards my kitchen with a grin, where Gabriel can be heard rummaging around in my cabinets again. "I'm not promising anything, but I'll send you regular updates."
Emma laughs, then stands on her toes to kiss my cheek. The door of the elevator reflects the image and immediately it becomes one of my favourite things to exist. "I'll call you tomorrow morning, yeah?"
"Pour l'amour de Dieu, Lucien! We have to go! She's not going off to war!" Gabriel yells through the apartment, making both of us laugh. As if it was meant to be, the elevator dings to announce its arrival. I kiss her once more, quickly, in the hope it'll last me until the next time I see her.

Walking back into the kitchen, Brie is looking at me with that same stupid grin as when he busted us. "I take it it was a good date, then."
Plucking a grape from the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, I toss it at his head. "Remind me to bust in on you and your partner the next time you have one."
He only laughs, because of course he does. "I didn't mean anything with it! I'm happy for you! And for Emma, too. Judging by the way you two look at each other it's quite obvious you're over the moon you finally get to act on this."
I don't know why, but I don't really want to talk about it. Maybe because it's Christmas and that's not my favourite time of year. Maybe because I know deep inside that this.. relationship is going to cause an abundance of trouble regarding work, my social life and my family. That doesn't mean I want it to stop, or that I'm going to put an end to it. I grab my jacket, tossing Brie my keys because I know he still doesn't trust me to drive. "Come on, before the shops close."

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