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Childhood Star Lives Reality

Chapter 7: The Media

'Are you sure? I mean, posting this on the internet will have repercussions. Once it's out, it's out. We will not be able to take any of this back' I said to Nathan. He just smiled at me, just smiled. 'It's not like we didn't think about this before. I decided to ask you to marry me, knowing full well what I was getting myself into. This' he took my hand and wiggled my ring a bit. 'This is a sign of eternity to me. Well.. It might not be eternity, but I do plan to be with you for my life. So, in truth, it doesn't really matter whether we post it or not. They will eventually find out. We both know this' he said. I stared back at him. His face is so beautiful and just for one second I wondered what I did to deserve this guy. Five years ago this man entered my life when I fell out of a closet. Sounds like the weirdest way to start an actual relationship, right? However, it turned out to be the best accident in my life.

‘Well, we would wait for a little while. Enjoy our engagement a bit longer. Like you said, they will find out eventually, but we don’t need to broadcast it. We can always wait until people start asking questions, just like they did with our relationship’ I said tentatively. I really wanted to enjoy this moment for a little while. Just for the two of us, for our family and friends. After the whole Amanda/Mary-thing, we didn’t really feel the need to broadcast everything about our life. We did go to gala’s, award ceremonies and other things together, but we weren’t as open about our life on social media. We figured that we would be better of keeping our life, to ourselves. We did post the occasional baking failures, dance parties and pictures, but only after reconsidering all of it thrice.

He smiled that gorgeous smile and nodded. ‘I think I like that idea very much’ he said and planted a soft kiss on my forehead. He caressed my cheek with his right hand, whilst holding my hand with his left. ‘I am so proud of you for saying that’ he told me. ‘Thank you and I am very glad that you actually agree with me’ I sighed. ‘Everything that involves us in a private way, I’m okay with’ he said and wiggled his eyebrows. ‘Okay, really not what I was going with this… But fine. I’ll go with it. I do enjoy us being other, privately, as well. Turns out, five years still isn’t enough to get enough’ I smiled seductively. I saw his eyes darkening. ‘Oh, I know exactly what you mean’ he said and slid his left hand slowly up my thigh and under my wavy skirt. ‘You know… We still have time before the concert’ he said, while his hand kept going up and up. ‘Well, if we do have time.. How about we jump into the shower. I can show you how grateful I am for this amazing ring, the dinner and the pictures’ I said seductively. ‘I think I can agree to that plan’ he said, as he nuzzled my neck and kissed me right by the juncture of my collarbone and shoulder. I let out a little moan. ‘Hmm, like that, do you?’ he said as his hand finally found it’s destination and slid a finger under the fabric of my underwear. I only nodded and waited for him to go further, but instead he stood up and walked toward the bathroom. Chucking his clothes of piece by piece. I groaned and stood up to walk after him. He was going to regret teasing me like that.

- Three hours later –

Nathan had left for the venue about an hour and a half ago. They still had to do a soundcheck and everything. When I got there, the hall was already full of fans and press, waiting for The Wanted to finally start performing. I didn’t really feel comfortable with watching the support act ever since that first night I met Nathan. But I did love watching him, and other artists, on stage. It almost felt like some form of magic, seeing my boyfr- wait. No. He is my fiancée now. Watching my fiancée perform, with or without the band. The lights went off and on and the band started playing. I saw them walk up the stage. Nathan turned to me, on the first balcony, and winked. I wave-kissed him and started encouraging him. His smile grew bigger and turned toward the audience. Me, the proud girlfr-, no. Fiancée, started recording a bit for the socials and posted it. I enjoyed the concert very much, danced most of the time throughout it. When the concert was about to end, the band started: Glad You Came. I was about to start clapping and screaming, if it wasn’t for the picture that came up behind the guys on the screen. The lights went off and right there on that screen stood: congratulations Nathan and Shea. In big, bold, white, letters. The picture showed the actual moment Nathan had proposed to me. I knew it couldn’t have been Nathan, or the other guys. They weren’t there when it happened. But Nathan did ask one of them to film and photograph this moment, but neither of them would ever do this… Right? They knew our relationship with the media, the fans, everything. They would never do this, Nathan would never do this… So… Why was our picture up there, after we specifically told everyone NOT to broadcast this until we decided what to do with the information ourselves… Well, that was that. The secret was out. Welcome to fucking media hell.

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