Foto bij 084 - Emma

Returning back to the office for the first time since the Christmas party, I feel like a different person.
I'm still madly in love, but not only has this love now been reciprocated, I also got the total honour of spending several amazing moments with Lucien.
Lucien, who's now mister Du Castellon again, my boss and someone I can't just walk up to and kiss.
We took seperate rides to work this morning, even though we woke up in the same bed.
Over my break, old furniture has been taken out of my office and new furniture has been put back in, and a new file is already on my brand new desk.
It distracts me from my mind for a while, but this office has an even better view of the hallway connecting the main area to Lucien's office, and if I peek my head over my computer, I can almost see him sitting there.
Focus, Emma. It's bad enough you're having a secret affair with your boss, you can't let it take over your every waking thought.
I spend hours researching and typing, trying not to catch a glimpse of Lucien doing whatever he's doing, and I turn out to succeed quite well. It's taking every ounce of professionality in my body, but I succeed.
Every once in a while I'll spot the hickey on my collarbone, popping out from its hiding place underneath the fabric of my white blouse in the reflection of my computer screen, and smile.
As I'm typing up another request for my case, the special notification sound I've set for Lucien's emails sounds.
I would play hard to get, I really would, but I just don't want to.
            Miss Middleton,
            Do you have urgent plans this afternoon, or could you meet me in my office around six? Need to discuss a case.
            Du Castellon

Discuss a case, my ass. I realise that he can't just type out how badly he wants to see me, knowing Selene will read everything and maybe his dad even has a secret way of looking into his e-mails, so I e-mail him back professionally, pretending not to want to rip his clothes off.
            Mr. du Castellon,
            No urgent plans. Will meet you in your office for case discussing.

As I send the e-mail, I can't help but look through my window and into his office. He's grinning, but staring at his screen and obviously not trying to look my way.
I see his fingers typing and not much later, another e-mail pops up.
            Miss Middleton,
            Great. I have some case files that need printing, they're in the machine in 5. Could you pick them up?
            Du Castellon

This could really be him getting me to pick up some printed files, but I'm really hoping it's actually him trying to get me alone for a bit. In his office we'll be alone, yes, but even with curtains closed we won't really be in private. People could still see shadows, a phone could ring, Selene could knock.
            Du Castellon,
            Consider it done.

I make my way over to the tiny little room that holds several printers, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. I feel like it's written on my forehead, like everyone can see I'm trying to hide something, like everyone knows I'm about to do something naughty.
There's actually files in the printer, but to my satisfaction I'm just about to pick them up as I hear the door quickly open, then close.
As I turn around, warm printer paper in my hands, I meet Lucien's eyes.
"I thought I was the one to pick up the printed case files, mister du Castellon," I grin as I put the paper back where I found it, just in time to feel his hands on my body, his lips meeting mine.
We could be caught at any moment, this could cost me my reputation and maybe even my job. But I don't care, because all I care about right now is Lucien kissing me.
It might smell like printer ink and paper in here, the light might be flickering UV, it's just me in Lucien's arms right now.
I feel his hands on my back, softly sliding down to my behind and staying there as I feel him smile into our kiss.
We're both very well aware of the risks, the danger, so our kiss doesn't last as long as either of us would want it to.
"Just here to pick up some files," he smiles, gently placing a strand of hair behind my ear. "But it's good I'm bumping into you right now, because I had something I wanted to ask you."
"Is that so?" I'm pulling on the hem of my skirt to make sure it's on right, there's no obvious creasing in the fabric.
"So about that case," he's moving around the room now, probably to make sure he won't go back to kissing me again, "I can imagine you'd be hungry after a long day of work. It's already," he takes a peek at his watch, "past four anyways. So I thought maybe we could discuss over dinner. Unless you have something... or someone to go home to."
"No one waiting for me at my appartment," I grab the case files again, prepared for someone to walk in at any time, "would we have dinner in your office, or...?"
We're both obviously listening to surrounding sounds, checking if no one's walking past, as he replies, "We'll talk about that when you're in my office. Let's say six?"
I don't want to wait to get to your office, you asshole, I just want you to take me home right this second, rip my clothes off and then yours. I don't want to sneak around, because even though I understand why we're doing it, I want to show you off.
I just nod, though. "Sounds like a plan. I'll start reading up on this case, then. Make myself useful."

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