It wasn’t like he had never seen or heard her in pain before.
Audace had witnessed his wife fight Orcs, Witches, snakes; hell, even himself sometimes. He had watched as she gritted her teeth together in pain, desperately trying to push all sense away to assure him she’s okay, don’t worry.

However, this time was different.

As he was seated on a small bench outside the chambers they shared in the west wing of the castle, he couldn’t help but let out a small whimper at the sound of desperate cries inside the room.

She was in labor.

He was sitting here, sulking by himself.

She was having his child.

He was supposed to be right next to her, offering her a helping hand and comforting her when she most needed it, but no; as soon as Spica had noticed her water had broken and the pain became too intense to bare, she had yelled at him to get out, don’t stay here a minute longer!

Somewhere, Audace knew why she had told him to leave – she was convinced she had an image to hold up, to stay strong in front of him, to never show her weaknesses again.

That was a terrible rule to live by, Audace was convinced. Even he, the General of the Silver Rose, a stern ruler, knew that expressing emotions was a part of life, a part of being human.

And who cared at this point? He had seen her cry, scream, in pain, everything, before. He had seen her weaknesses just as often as her strengths. He had seen her go limp in his arms, had seen her give herself to him on their wedding night.

At this point in their lives, he had seen everything.

So why would she send him away?

Footsteps came closer, and Audace heard a small chuckle next to him. The General looked up, right into the bright, blue eyes of his brother in law. Regulus’ face was decorated with a smile; he was carrying his three-month-old son, Sirius, in his arms. The little boy was looking around, drooling slightly as he cuddled up against his father’s chest.

‘Congrats, brother!’ Regulus exclaimed, sitting down next to his General, ruffling his already-messy hair with a laugh. ‘You’re gonna be a dad in a few hours!’

‘Yes, I know, Regulus,’ Audace muttered, sending the blonde Elf a soft, concerned smile. ‘Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot.’

Regulus’ grin dropped, and he leaned against the wall with a soft, ‘oh’. He shifted Sirius in his arms so he could lay more comfortable, biting his lip. ‘Listen, dude,’ he said, addressing his brother in law even though he didn’t look up from his child. ‘Spica is strong, you know that even better than I do. There is no way she can slip away, I’m sure of it.’

‘My dad said the same thing about my mother,’ Audace muttered, running a hand through his moss-green hair. Regulus groaned. ‘Ombroso, bro, you’ve got to calm down! She’s Spica, nothing’s gonna hap-’

‘Am I not allowed to be concerned about my wife?!’ Audace suddenly snapped, clenching his hands into fists, throwing Regulus a glare. The blond man nodded slowly, ignoring the tired look on his brother’s face, before laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.

‘You should be in there,’ Regulus muttered softly, ‘why the fuck are you here?’

‘She… she didn’t want me there.’ Audace flinched when he heard a loud scream of pain coming from inside the room, printing his nails into his palms. ‘She made me leave as soon as her water broke-’

‘My sister is an idiot!’ Regulus exclaimed loudly, startling Sirius. The little boy started fussing, and while trying to calm down his son, Regulus threw Audace a glance. ‘Go in there, man! She needs you, even if she doesn’t realise it!’

Audace let out a chuckle. ‘Nah, she’ll send me away as soon as she as much as sees me. You know her, she’s stubborn.’

‘And you’re just as stubborn! Man, why is everyone in my family a dumbass?! Sorry, Sirius,’ the blond quickly added, booping Sirius nose to make the baby laugh. Audace smiled softly at their interactions, a sense of longing throbbing in his chest.

Well, yeah, he was about to have such a bond with someone as well, very soon as well.

‘You’re probably right, Reg,’ Audace muttered, getting up with a small groan, stretching his back. ‘I’ll go in-’

A high-pitched cry startled them both, and the General’s eyes widened.

That wasn’t Spica.

That wasn’t his loving wife.

Audace exchanged a worried, but excited glance with Regulus, who grinned. ‘You missed it, brother.’

‘Shut up,’ Audace laughed, his smile reaching his eyes as the door of the room opened – revealing a very tired, but grinning Robinia.

The woman gave Audace and Regulus cheeky looks, before exclaiming the words Audace had been waiting for all these months.

‘It’s a girl.’

With that, the young General raced into the room, his heart racing and his mind overflowing with thoughts he couldn’t quite arrange – he was just that happy.

The moment Spica held her daughter for the very first time, was probably one of the happiest moments in her life.

Sure, she had had a lot of happy moments; the end of the war, her first kiss with Audace, her wedding day, and the moment she realised she was with child were only a few of them.

The baby, her skin a little red from the delivery, her eyes still closed, the small dot of moss-green hair on top of her head sticky from being inside her womb for a so long, was absolutely perfect – even though she was crying on top of her lungs, slamming her little arms around at the first contact with the cold air.

Spica let out a small laugh, not holding back the tears she had been savouring for this moment as she cradled her daughter close to her chest, not minding the mess it made on her clothes.

Oh, well. She was already a mess from delivery.

She vaguely heard Robinia say something, noticing the tone of excitement in her voice, but not focusing enough to realise what the words were. She heard the door open, footsteps, heard a familiar voice call out her name.

Eventually, she teared her eyes from her new-born child, looking up at the carrier of the voice.

Audace smiled at her, and Spica couldn’t help but giggle at the tears brimming in his eyes.

‘What, you’re crying?’ she teased him, even though she had tears of her own rolling over her cheeks. ‘You shouldn’t be, you’re the General of the Silver Rose, after all!’

‘Oh, please, Spica,’ Audace laughed through his tears, sitting down on the bed next to her, his eyes never leaving the bundle of joy in her arms. ‘Don’t go joking now…’

Spica grinned. ‘And again, you’re wrong. This is the perfect moment to joke. Our daughter seems to enjoy it.’

She may have been right; the baby’s crying had stopped, and she was now squirming slightly in her mother’s hold.

Spica smiled, before sending her husband a loving glance. ‘She looks just like you.’

Audace – she wasn’t surprised – was at loss for words. He let out a soft laugh, wiping the tears from his eyes. ‘I suppose,’ he muttered, ‘I do believe she has your nose, though…’

‘Eh, maybe.’ Spica shrugged, letting out a soft giggle. ‘Everything else is your fault.’

‘My fault? Excuse me, love, what fault is on her?’ Audace shook his head, his smile even visible in his eyes as he laughed. ‘She’s perfect!’

‘As long as she doesn’t have your perfectionism and your stubbornness and your idiot side, we’re good – oh, who am I kidding?!’ Spica looked down at her baby, her child, and felt a wave of warmth and love crash over her. Nearly drowning in the feelings, she let out a soft, ‘she’s perfect,’, before leaning in to kiss her baby girl’s forehead.

The child fussed lightly, before snuggling back into her mother’s hold. Spica smiled, leaning back into the pillows behind her, sending Audace a cheeky smile. ‘So… I actually have the best idea for a name.’

‘Surprise me.’

Spica grinned at her husband, sighing softly. ‘Acacia. Acacia Mizram Blackwood. It’s fitting, she looks just like you and you look just like your mother, according to your father, so-’

Audace had already silenced her with a kiss before she could finish her sentence. One of his hands came up to cradle her cheek, the other supported his little girl’s back. Spica felt the butterflies flutter in her stomach, her cheeks heating up as he finally let go.

‘Thank you,’ he muttered, resting his forehead against hers.

Spica just smiled. ‘No problem. So, Acacia it is?’


No other words were needed.


I absolutely love writing the tenderness of a new family - even if it becomes broken later on in their lives.

Oh, and sorry for not posting a lot - my wifi was terrible and it wouldn't let me do anything.
But it's back - which means I'm back!

Well, tell me what you think of this one-shot in the comments!:D

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