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Gabriel spots them before Matthew or I do. He stops mid-sentence, eyes focused on something behind us. By then it's too late to do anything about it, because our visitors are making their way straight to us. It's not easy to spot him once I turn around and I clench my jaw. The absolute last person on the fucking planet I want to run into on a night as fun as this one.
Callum stops right in front of me, flanked by two men our age that I vaguely recognise but I can't place. One has red hair, the other a dark brown. It doesn't matter, because my attention is fully on Callum. I'm just glad that Emma picked this time to go out for a smoke.
"Is it true?" He spits. He's drunk, the stink of alcohol whafting off of him.
I roll my eyes, in absolutely no mood to deal with this all. "Just fuck right of, Callum. I'm not interested."
I throw a quick glance around, but there are no bouncers in sight. Of course not, because a club like this isn't as deadset on preventing fights. And Callum looks like he's come for just that. He takes a step closer, face centimeters from mine.
"I asked you a question." He hisses. "Answer it."
"Or what?" I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't endulge him, just turn around and walk away. Get a bouncer to get him kicked out for stirring up trouble. But I don't want to. I've dealt with enough shit in these past few days. I really don't want to give into Callum.
"I will destroy you, du C." He painfully prods my chest with his finger as he continues. "I will fucki-"
He's interrupted when someone shoves him backwards - Gabriel, who's coming up at my right side. "You heard the man, Pritchard. Just get out of here."
From the corner of my eye, I see Emma and Kenna return to our little group. Unlucky for us, Callum spots them to. "Oh, there she is! I should've known you were a slut from the beginning!" He spits, this time directing it at Emma. I go to lash out, but my arm is caught by one of Callum's friends. He tosses me backwards, making me stumble, but Matthew catches me. Callum barely seems to notice, closing in on Emma. "Tell me, how's it feel? Sleeping with your boss? Fucked your way up to a promotion yet?"
Before Emma - or any of us - can respond, Callum gets grabbed by the shoulder and pulled back. Behind him is a giant of a man, dressed in a sharp suit and with an ear piece.
"That's enough." He booms with a heavy American accent. "Out!" He shoves Callum towards the entrance, his bodyguards following suit. I'm about to make sure Emma is okay when the bouncer turns back to us. "All of you!"
We have little choice but to follow the bouncer, who tosses us out on the street without remorse. But tension has run too high to just walk away from, for both Callum and his friends, and us. Kenna looks furious, Emma has an array of emotions painted on her face. Gabriel and Matthew look just as pissed of as I am. The moment the bouncer disappears from view, Callum grabs me by the collar of my shirt and yanks me closer. "I knew you would pull a stunt like this. You had it out for her from the start! Over my shoulder he's looking at Emma. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The way you threw yourself at me in that bar, like a fucking whore?" His laugh is ice cold. "I should've asked for your price."
With that comment, the first punch is thrown. It's not Callum, or one of his friends, not even me.
It's Matthew, hitting Callum square in the jaw; he stumbles backwards with a cry, letting go of my shirt. In a split second, hell breaks loose: both Callum friends spring into action, one focussing on Matthew and one coming for me, while Callum is still doubled over trying to recover. Behind me I hear shrieks coming from the girls as the redhead barrels into me, knocking the wind out of me. I somehow manage to keep my footing, but a second later I feel a painful blow against my shoulder.
"Oh, like hell you are!" A blur of blonde sprints past me and I realise it must be Kenna, jumping on Callum's back to keep him from assisting his friend attacking Matthew. He needs all the help he can get, too, because out of all of us Matthew is by far the best fighter. I want to check on Emma and Gabriel, but Red is coming for me again and I dodge his punch by a hair. I use my momentum to ram my shoulder into his stomach, causing him to topple over. Just my luck that he grabs my leg and tears me down with him. It's a tangle of limbs and punches, some of which hit their mark and others don't.
"What the fuck are y'all still doing here?!" roars the bouncer. He's looming over us, yanking me of Red and then also pulling apart Matthew and the other dude. Kenna, sensible as she is, has already taken a few steps away from Callum, though her expression makes it clear she's debating to get back in there. I wipe a hand across my lip, which comes back bloody. Matthew looks like he's been through hell, but his opponent looks worse. "Get the fuck out or I'm calling the police on you!" The bouncer continues. "And don't bother ever coming back!"

I recoil when Emma presses the wet cloth against my split lip, but she roughly grabs me by the back of the head and holds me still, shooting me a warning glare. My lip is the biggest battle wound; I'm mostly covered in bruises and some shallow cuts here and there - and while I haven't seen myself, I'm pretty sure I have a black eye.
Matthew is laying on the couch, an icepack pressed against his swollen jaw while Gabriel assesses his rib cage, covered in nasty looking bruises. Kenna got away with a bloody nose and a few scratches, though the bruising from her nose is already running below her eye.
"That," Emma says sharply, removing the cloth to put antiseptic on it. "was the stupidest thing any of you have ever done."
"They had it coming." Matthew grumbles, letting out a pain-filled groan as Gabriel presses somewhere. Emma grabs me by my hair again to make sure I don't dodge the cloth and the antiseptic stings to bad tears fill up my eyes.
"Fighting never solves anything." Gabriel says. "All you've done is piss him off." Blinking the tears away I can see he's looking down on Matthew with a surprisingly tender look in his eyes. I'm reminded of the time he had a crush on the Welsh boy and I can't help but wonder it might never have passed.
"Good." Matthew grits his teeth as Gabriel prods a different place. "Let him come for more."
Nobody has a reply to that, so we stay quiet. Emma carefully pulls the cloth away, studying the damage. "This might need stitches." She says, frowning.
"I'm pretty sure Mattie here has at least two broken ribs and a concussion." Brie wipes some of the blood from Matthews face with a cloth and then wipes his bloody hands on his jeans. "So you could tag along to the hospitals if you don't trust it."
"I don't need -" I begin, but Emma cuts me off with a icy glare.
"You don't get a say in that."

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