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There's a part of me that regrets having Emma go down on me. It was every kind of wonderful and exciting as I'd wished it to be, but afterwards two things are wrong: I am even hornier than before, ready to drag Emma into the bedroom and skip the trip to her parents all together, which she's not letting me do, and as I came, I bit my lip so hard that the wound there reopened. I didn't even feel it, considering I was very focused on what was happening between my legs, and I was going to use that as an argument that I wouldn't be feeling any pain during sex, until I noticed the blood dripping down my chin onto my shirt.
"See!" She says as she tabs the split with a cloth. "I was right all along! Imagine what would happen if I'd let you ravage me, like you keep bragging you do."
"Some people are into that kind of stuff." I answer, though it sounds muffled with the cloth against my lip.
Emma gives me a look. "And I'm not kink-shaming! I'm just not one of them."
After the bleeding stops I go in for a kiss, but she leans far away from me. "Like hell you are. I'm just not going to touch you at all now, not until you've healed entirely."
"Emma..." I whine. "You don't know what you're doing to me..."
"I am protecting you!" She waves the bloody rag at me with a laugh. "Now let's get back to your closet because I'll be damned if I let you go there with blood on your clothes."
I follow her meekly. I have a suspicion parts of the family won't mind so much, but I don't say that out loud.
"You have too many nice things." Emma announces after a while, laughing.
"And this is a bad thing, why?"
"Because I want to protect you from my siblings asking how expensive all your things are. Which they will do, if you look rich enough." She pokes her head out of my walk-in closet while I sit on the bed waiting for her. "They're kids. They don't do filters."
"Okay, not to brag but pretty much everything in there is expensive." I say with a chuckle, getting up to help. "Even the shirt I just ruined."

Eventually we settled on a cosy looking sweater, which I actually prefer over the shirt I wore before. As we get into my car, Emma shoots me a look as if she's debating if I'm allowed to. I beckon her to step in.
"I've been driving to work all week, I'll be fine. Besides, if you don't, I'm going to tell everybody that you made me come so hard it made me bleed."
She lets out an exasparated groan and gets in next to me. "You know, in court that would be called blackmail."
With a smirk I lean over for a quick kiss on her cheek, and she's too late to dodge it. "Lucky we're not in court, then. Will you put in the address?"
A little while later we're on the road. It's not far, but it's long enough to get my nerves going again. Emma's comment on how she was basically trying to dress me 'less rich' stuck with me. Matthew may have thought I'm overreacting, but doesn't this prove that I'm not? I mean, Emma said it was to protect me from her siblings, but... that could be a quick and easy lie to hide the fact that she doesn't believe I'll fit in either. I tighten my fingers around the steering wheel, my jaw clenching as I try my hardest to ban these thoughts from my mind. Matthew was right. I am overreacting. Just because my family is so shallow to judge people by their income, doesn't mean Emma's is.
To distract myself, I bring up the plans I made with Brie and Matthew. "Hey, how are you on the weekend of the eightteenth? I have a few appointments in London so I'll be staying for a few days. I'd love for you to come along."
"That's the weekend after your birthday, right?" She inquires, and I nod. "Do I have to come to the appointments with you?"
With a chuckle, I shake my head. "No, you don't. Except maybe one, if you want to, because there's a new musical premiering." That is actually not a lie - it's the reason we planned it on this specific weekend. Might as well combine it. I smile at Emma. "There's going to be tons of press, though, so don't worry if you don't want to. I would just love to be able to spend some time with you in London between everything."
"I'll think about that premiere..." She says with a hesitant smile. "And I'll have to check if I'm free, I'm not entirely sure. But if so... I'd love to come along."
I want to ask her if she's ever been and if so, what her favourite past times there are, but she points to a street and a parking spot. "We're here!"
Emma is smiling bright, clearly excited to be home for the day, but my nerves are really in full swing. I do my best to push them down, because I really don't need anyone to think I can't keep myself together. When I park on the driveway, I notice three excited faces at the front window and the two figures in the doorway. For a full second, I consider just backing right out of the driveway and racing off, but before I can put that plan into action I have put the hand brake on and turned off the car. Emma touches my hand on the stick shift.
"Are you ready?"
She must know that I'm not, but I nod anyway and push my feelings even further down. They don't have a place in this day. "Ready as I'll ever be."

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