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Afterparties; you genuinely hated them. They were an excuse to get drunk and make many mistakes. Namjoon was very excited when he announced he could bring you as his date to an award show, but that you had to stay for the afterparty. He told you those kind of parties were a great opportunity to meet new people and discuss collaborations. You happily agreed to the idea of going as his date, but now that you where standing on the side of the dance floor watching your drunk boyfriend, you regretted it. Your hands were crossed in front of your chest and your eyes met Jin. He quickly walked over to you and put his hand on your shoulder. “Why don’t you just take him home? I can see you’re not enjoying yourself. I don’t even know why he asked you to come with us, these parties aren’t for everybody.” He said and you nodded with sad look on your face. Your eyes scanned through the crowd and you saw Yoongi sitting in a chair somewhere all alone. “Yoongi isn’t enjoying himself either,” you said and looked back at Jin. He just chuckled at your words and shook his head. “Yoongi would rather sleep all year than be here. He’s used to it, though.” Jin looked at you, but now with a worried look on his face. “Let me help,” and with those words he walked over to Yoongi in his chair. You saw him whispering something in his ear and the boy quickly got on his feet. Both of them walked over to Namjoon who was trying to flirt with a pillar. They dragged him over to you and you were greeted by Yoongi who had a slight smile on his lips. “We’ll put him in the car and both of you will go home. Somebody else have to take the leadership and make sure the maknae-line and Hoseok aren’t doing anything stupid.” He said while rolling with his eyes. You appreciated the gesture and soon after you and Namjoon were on your way back home.
“A little help here, Namjoon?” You asked when you tried to get him upstairs to put him to bed. “What are we doing?” He asked while tripping over the stairs, making you chuckle a little. “We are going to bed!” You yelled in forced excitement. He got up on his feet again and tried his best to get up the stairs. When you finally reached your shared bedroom, you pushed him on your bed and let out a sigh. It was like taking care of a kid. You heard a slight snore coming from his direction what meant he had fallen fast asleep. You saw that as an opportunity to take a quick shower. 
You were in the shower for a couple of minutes, when you heard the bathroom door open. You could see a figure taking his clothes off through the fogged up glass and soon after that, Namjoon revealed himself. “You’re awake.” You whispered as you felt the goosebumps appear on your skin because of the sudden cold. “How can I let you take a shower all by yourself when you looked absolutely stunning tonight?” He asked and snaked his arms around your waist. You felt his erection and you would lie if you told somebody it didn’t turn you on. Due to his busy schedule, the two of you saw each other just a couple of times in the week and those weren’t enough to satisfy any needs. “You’re drunk,” you murmured as soon as you felt his hands go down your waist and end up in the core of your womanhood. “I’m sober enough to know what we both want,” he whispered in your ear, earning a moan from you. He chuckled and started to pleasure you with his fingers. Soon the shower was filled with heavy breathing and occasionally a moan from you. You felt your high coming and your fingers dug into Namjoon his skin, alerting him you were close. He removed his fingers while making an unapproved noise with his tongue. “You didn’t think I would let you cum that easily, right?” He grinned and stepped outside of the cabin for a second. Within those seconds you felt like you were about to pass out and without thinking, you placed your hands on the wall. 
Another chuckle was heard when Namjoon entered the cabin again and soon you felt his hands roaming over your body. “Are you ready, love?” He asked and without waiting for you to answer, he made sure you were in the right position and entered you from behind. It was funny how your moans were slightly in sync, but you couldn’t focus on something else other than the great feeling you were feeling. It had been a long time and of course you had your toys to help you with your needs, but nothing could compare to the real deal. For a second time that night you felt your high coming and you threw your head in your neck. “Namjoon-ah, I’m close,” you warned him and it took you three more thrust until you came with a loud moan. “Give me a second, baby,” Namjoon sighed and started to thrust a little faster, desperately to release. Not long after you, you heard another moan in your ear which meant he reached his high as well. He turned you around and took you in his arms. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed that feeling.” He said and kissed your forehead.

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