Met een bijrol voor Evan Buckley en ikzelf.(blush)

Lieke Tennant was so excited for the upcoming event from the 118 firestation. Bobby Nash decided to come up with a big family meeting. But instead of just having one big dinner, Evan Buckley insisted of making it a party with a DJ.
At first nobody really knew if it was a good idea to involve alcohol and a big party, but after some insisting they realised the younger part of the crew deserved a bit of fun.
Lieke really wanted to invite Abby Clark as her plus one, but for some reason she was too scared to ask her.

She and Abby had been friends for a long time, but Lieke never told her about her crush on the woman. The only people who knew about her crush were her best friend Gabriëla Wood and Eddie Diaz.
Gabriëla and Lieke met eachother through the firestation. They finished the academy around the same time and were both chosen to go to the 118.
The moment they stepped into the station, they became friends with the younger boys of the team. Evan Buckley, the tough boy.. who was secretly a big softy. And Eddie Diaz, who.. well, was also a tough boy, but a big softy.
They had a few nights out with just the four of them. And those nights were the wildest nights Lieke and Gabriëla ever had.
Gabriëla admitted shortly after that she developed a crush on the younger boy.
Lieke couldn't remember how many times she hinted Buck about it, but he never understood what she was trying to say. She thought that this event would be the perfect time to get them together.
And for her, it was the perfect time to tell Abby about her feelings.

“Why are you so scared to ask her, Lieke. She doesn't have to know it's because you like her.” Gabriëla said, as she changed herself into some more comfortable clothes.
“Because only partners are invited..” she said slowly, Gabriëla knew that too.
“As if Bobby would care if you invited her as a friend or not..” she answered.
Lieke shrugged and grabbed her bag.
“Okay, you know what. Let's try it out on me.” Gabriëla smirked.
“What do you mean?” Lieke ask nervously. Sometimes Gabriëla could come up with the weirdest things.
“Ask me on that date. Just like you would ask Abby. Let's practice it.”
Lieke rolled her eyes, but as always, she didn't say no. Maybe it could help.
She grabbed her arms, being nervous enough already and sighed.
“Abby, we have this event coming up at the station and I'd love it if you would come with me.”
she said in a soft tone.
“Buck told me that was only for partners though?” Gabriëla said, with a little smile.
“Yes, but Bobby wouldn't mind. He knows you too.” Lieke said.
“Alright, then I'd love to go to the party with you.” Gabriëla laughed.
Lieke started laughing and shook her head.
“This is really dumb, you know.” she said, as she swung her backpack on her back and walked to the door.
“But you know what to say now, don't you?” Gabriëla said with a smart ass voice.
Lieke wanted to slap her, but let it go. After all she only wanted to help her friend and Lieke realised she just had to go with it. Tomorrow she was going to ask Abby no matter what happened.

But between then and tomorrow, a lot happened. Abby overheard the conversation Gabriëla and Lieke had and was now assuming Lieke was going to the party with Gabriëla.
She went to the station to talk to Buck, who after a short relationship became her best friend, but overheard the two girls talking and was shocked by what she heard. She wanted to ask Lieke if she could go with her and if she was okay with it. But Abby guessed Lieke had another person on her mind.
She went to Buck to tell him about what just happened. He hugged for a while before he realised the woman he wanted to ask also had a date then and decided to ask Abby. So atleast she could be there too.
“People are gonna think we're dating again.” Abby said softly.
“And I will tell them we are not. Do you want to be there or not?” Buck asked her.
She nodded slowly and sighed.
“Do you really think this is a good idea?”
“I don't care. I want to give you your change to tell Lieke how you feel.”
“Alright, okay. It's a date then.” she said with a weak smile.

The day of the party came and Lieke and Gabriëla decided to just go together. When Lieke heard Abby was already going with Buck, she didn't even wanna go anymore. She assumed they were dating again and that kind of broke her heart. She always thought she had no chance with the woman, but competing with Buck wasn't even possible.
Gabriëla convinced her to go anyway. That they would have a great time together and show them how amazing they were. Gabriëla was hurting too, since she hoped to get together with Buck.
They decided to just don't care about the whole situation and maybe Lieke could flirt with Eddie a little, just to make Abby jealous.
Eddie and Lieke had the most relaxing friendship ever and whenever they hung out, they joked of being together. He knew about her crush and would have loved to help her. But he and Abby weren't the best of friends and so he just watched from the sideline.
Whenever they were out and someone was hitting on her, Eddie made sure to grab her by the waist and tell the man kindly that she was already taken. She always gave him a little kiss on the cheek to thank him. He was the sweetest guy she knew.

“Are we gonna go for a dress tonight?” Gabriëla asked, as she looked at Liekes closet.
Gabriëla was already dressed up, wearing a stunning red dress. but Lieke couldn't decide what to wear.
“What about the red one you have?” Gabriëla asked.
“You are already wearing red..”
Gabriëla turned around and raised an eyebrow.
“Do we wanna steal the show with me or not?” she grinned.
Lieke sighed and nodded.
“Alright then, let's try it out.” she murmured.

Five minutes and a lot of cursing later, Lieke turned around. Gabriëla was laying on her bed and nodded immediately.
“Yes, baby. Abby is gonna be so sad when she sees you.”
“Buck is gonna hate himself too for sure.” Lieke winked at her best friend.

Hand in hand the two best friends walked into the station two hours later. And as expected, heads turned. Lieke immediately saw Abby. She looked gorgeous as always, but the way her eyes went big after she saw Lieke, made her smile atleast a little.
“She likes it.” Gabriëla whispered in her ear. Her cheeks immediately went red.
“Shut up, Gabs.” she said softly.
She let go of Gabriëla her hand and made her way to Eddie, who was definitely checking her out.
“Don't check me out like that.” she laughed as she kissed him on the cheek.
“Well, what can I say? You're look beautiful tonight.” he said, while looking at her from top to bottom.
“You don't look so bad yourself.” Lieke laughed and hugged him.
“Why did you ask Gabriëla to come with you tonight, though?” he asked, as they walked over to the food table. He was straight to the point this time. It surprised Lieke.
“Because Abby already asked Buck..” she said sadly.
“No, she did not.”
Lieke immediately stopped walking and looked at him.
“From what I know you asked Gabs and Abby overheard you two and that's why Buck asked her to come with him. So she atleast could be here too.”
“You are joking, right?”
“I am definitely not joking.” Eddie said, as looked at her as if she was crazy.
“Gab!” Lieke yelled. She looked around to find her best friend and saw her talking to Chimney.
“Gab, can you come over here for a second.” she yelled to her.
Gabriëla, who didn't understand what was going on, made her way to Lieke and Eddie.
“I think the worst thing ever happened.” Lieke stated.
“What do you mean?” Gabriëla asked and looked at Eddie.
“Abby overheard us. That's why Buck asked her to come.They're not back together..”
Gabriëla's eyes went big for a second. She just realised what happened too. Does that mean she didn't imagine the look Buck gave her when she came walking in.
“What the heck is going on here?” Eddie said, he couldn't even laugh in that moment.
“Well,” Gabriëla started. “I told Lieke to practice asking Abby out on me. That's what Abby heard. That's why she thought I was going with Lieke.”
For a second Eddies mind went blank, then he started laughing hysterically.
“Maybe..” he tried to say without laughing. “You should go tell Abby, Lieke.”
Lieke looked at Gabriëla, who started nodding.
“Promise me you go talk to Buck then?” she said.
Which again, made Eddie go crazy.
“Are you serious? Are you really serious?” he said.
Gabriëla turned completely red.

“Can I tell you something?” Eddie asked Gabriëla, as they watched Lieke walk away.
“Tell me, Ed.” she said. For some reason she loved calling him Ed. Just to fuck with him.
“Buck can't stop talking about you.” he smirked. “I think.. you should go talk to him too.”
He couldn't stop himself from laughing.
“You two are so dumb, you know that right?” he laughed.
Gabriëla just looked at him. She didn't even know what to say and stared at Buck, who was sitting alone on the couch, bouncing his head to the music.
“This is the most unbelievable thing I have ever been a part of, Eddie.” she sighed.
“Just go talk to him, Gab. I believe he wanted to ask you.. but because of the planning he did with Bobby, it took him some time. And then he was too late. Or atleast he thought he was too late.”
“Don't be so nervous. He really likes you. And besides that, don't back out now. You're always so confident. Show him what you got.”
“After all this is over, I'm gonna go out with you to get a beer or two. They're on me, alright.” she laughed, before she hugged him.
“Go get him, tiger.” he smiled and pushed her softly towards Buck.

Lieke went down the stairs. The firetrucks were outside tonight to make the ground floor all empty so they had space to dance. A lot of couples were already dancing to a slow song. She saw Chimney and Maddie and Bobby and Athena. Two of the cutest couples she knew. If she could ever have that with Abby, she would be over the moon.
She saw Abby somewhere in the back. She was looking around, not even looking a little bit happy.
When she saw Lieke, she smiled a little.
“Hey.” she said, the moment Lieke could actually hear her.
“Hey.” Lieke said softly and hugged her.
“You look stunning.” Abby said, checking her out. Her eyes were burning on Liekes body. She felt so naked in that moment.
“Not more stunning than you.”
Abby smiled.
“I didn't even want to come tonight, you know. I don't even work here.” she explained, as she looked at the crowd. “Buck convinced me to come..”
“I honestly thought you guys were dating again.” Lieke said, as she looked at Abby.
“No, god no. I would very much like to date this woman I know, but I guess she doesn't like me. She asked this other woman to come here with her.”
Lieke bit her lip and looked at Abbys curious eyes.
“I never asked Gabriëla, you know. Not really.”
Abby looked up at her.
“I kind of.. practised with her. Because I was too nervous to ask.. you.” Lieke said, trying not to shake too much. She grabbed her own hands and hold herself still. It was now or never.
“I thought..” Abby started.
“Yeah, Eddie told me everything.” Lieke said and smiled weakly.
“Oh god..” she sighed, before she grabbed Liekes hands.
“Come here please and for the love of god, stop shaking. I love you so much.” she smiled, before she pulled Lieke against herself and kissed her. Lieke cupped Abbys face in her hands and closed her eyes. She waited so long for this.
She heard someone yelling, which was either Eddie or Chimney, but she couldn't tell. It made her laugh a little though, so she stopped the kiss and stared at her beautiful blue eyes.
“People are staring at us.” she laughed.
“I don't care.” Lieke smiled, before she kissed Abby again. She on the other hand backed off slowly and tried to make Lieke turn around.
“But.. Eddie is intensely staring at us.”
Lieke turned around to look at him. He was standing on the second floor and stuck out his tongue.
“Stop staring.” she yelled. She shook her head but made a caring gesture to him. After all he was the one who made her finally tell Abby.
She heard Abbys beautiful laugh in her ear. She was holding onto her hand and she felt her thumb slowly stroking it.
She turned around and took Abby in her arms.
“You cannot imagine how happy I am right now.” she said happily.
“Probably not more happy than I am, babe.” Abby smiled.
“I hope Buck is okay though.”
“Oh honey, I'm sure he is fine.” Lieke laughed, knowing what was happening right now on the second floor.
“If you say so.” she answered. “Shall we go dance then?”
“Uh, yeah ofcourse. Although I'm not the best dancer.” Lieke said shyly.
“I don't care, as long as I can hold you in my arms.” Abby said and kissed her shortly, before pulling her onto the dancefloor.

On the second floor of the station, Gabriëla sat down next to Buck. He looked up from his beer and looked almost bewildered when he saw it was her.
“Hey.” he said softly. He always turned soft when he saw Gabriëla. He put down his beer on the table and turned his body so he could face her.
“Hey Buck.” she said. She licked her dry lips. She was way too nervous, eventhough she was normally so confident about herself.
“I just talked to Eddie and I.. uh,”
Buck immediately turned around to look at Eddie. His face was full of panic.
“What did he tell you?” he asked quickly.
Gabriëla grabbed his hands and squeezed them.
“Can you please calm down, it's not making this any better.” she giggled.
He stared at her for a few seconds, but calmed down anyway.
“I guess what Eddie told me is that you like me.. a little. And well, I like you too a little.” she said, although she wanted to slap herself after she said that.
“Did he tell you that?”
“Yes. After I told him about what happened. Abby thought Lieke asked me to the party, but that wasn't the case at all. And I was going to ask you.”
Buck raised his eyebrows.
“I was going to ask you.” he smiled.
“So..” Gabriëla giggled. “When I walked in tonight..”
“When you walked in tonight, I was totally staring at you, because look how freaking gorgeous you are.”
“Okay good. Because I kinda liked it.” Gabriëla laughed. Buck started laughing and then grabbed her chin in between his thumb and indexfinger.
“Can I kiss you?” he asked, sliding his eyes from her lips to her eyes and back again.
“Please.” she laughed, before she felt his soft lips carressing hers. She hoped Lieke was having as much fun as she was having right now. All her butterflies flew through her body. All her feelings finally showed themselves. She finally told him how she felt. It finally felt good.

Lieke felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned around she saw Gabriëla next to her.
“Everything okay?” she asked, letting go of Abby. Abby kissed her quickly on the cheek, before she went over to the side of the dancefloor to give them some privacy.
“Better than okay.” Gabriëla smiled, being in seventh heaven. “You?”
“I'm... really good right now.” she smiled, as she looked at Abby.
“Yeah, I'm glad we still came.” Gabriëla said.
“I can not believe how dumb we are though.” Lieke laughed.
Before she could say something else, Buck grabbed Gabriëla and pulled her away from Lieke. She quickly looked at Lieke to make sure that they would talk later. Lieke didn't want to know what was going on with those two or where they were going. But she saw the loving look in Bucks eyes and that made her happy for her best friend.
“Hey, we can ditch this party and just go to my place.” Abby said in her ear. Lieke felt her arms wrapped her waist.
“That's bold of you.” Lieke giggled.
“I just want some time alone. I can finally have some time alone, you see.”
Lieke turned around in her arms.
“Alright. Your home it is.” Lieke laughed against her lips.
“I love you, Abby.” she whispered then.
“Don't be so shy about it, love.” Abby said softly. “I love you too.”

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  • Kjelaney

    “I love you, Abby.” she whispered then.
    “Don't be so shy about it, love.” Abby said softly. “I love you too.”


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  • Kjelaney

    “Hey, we can ditch this party and just go to my place.” Abby said in her ear. Lieke felt her arms wrapped her waist.
    “That's bold of you.” Lieke giggled.
    “I just want some time alone. I can finally have some time alone, you see.”


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  • Kjelaney

    Lieke didn't want to know what was going on with those two or where they were going.

    PRObably about to have sex tbh

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