Het is een erg kort stukje, weet ik.:)Veel korter dan dat ik gewoonlijk zou hebben, maar ik wilde toch iets schrijven vandaag, ondanks de drukte die ik had. Ik hoop dat je er alsnog van zal genieten!

Duncan looked bored at his math teacher while listening to the explanation. His math teacher was nice and all, but he just already understood it. Not that he could even concentrate besides that. He kept thinking about Livia’s message. The fact that her mother had probably seen the Killer Painter was already terrifying to think of. But what she told him besides that.
‘Okay, class! I hope you all understand it! If you have any questions, just ask. When there are many people who don’t fully understand it yet, I’ll explain it again to everyone, but of course, you can still choose to continue homework when that’s the case.’ The math teacher walked towards Duncan and looked at him. ‘I saw you were a little bored, am I right?’ Duncan sighed and nodded.
‘Yeh, I’m pretty good in math.’ The teacher nodded.
‘If you want, you can always make the harder questions.’ Duncan nodded and the teacher went to his desk again. Duncan sighed and began doing his homework. After school was over, Nathan, Nova and Duncan stayed in the garden.
‘Do you think Livia is right?’ Nathan mumbled, a little sceptical. ‘Maybe her mother really just thought it was just her mind playing tricks on her.’
‘I don't think so, Nate.’ Nova reacted. ‘My mother and Livia’s mother have known each other for quite some years. She has always been telling me that her mother was always too concerned to not go to the police when it was concerning.’
After the description of her mother that Livia had texted Duncan, she told him she had some theories about why she didn’t go to the police first. What she said was concerning.
“I think my mother knows him.”.

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