A week had passed by and more people had died. In their town and the bigger city and villages nearby, were found four people dead. This was the record from kills that he had made in one week, if you include Nathan’s mother. Nathan, Duncan and she had talked about that last Friday.
‘What kind of record do you want to break, if you could break anything?’ Nathan suddenly asked then. ‘It doesn’t have to be like a real record, if you get me. But I think I’d do something like being awake the longest.’
‘I wouldn’t advise that, Nate.’ Nova had answered. ‘That’s seriously dangerous, even if you take like medicines for it. It can have serious consequences, such as psychosis. If you ever decided to try and break it, don’t just do it and think about it longer, okay?’
‘I used to live in the best neighbourhood.’ Duncan had responded. ‘We were really close with each other! You know that moment that your neighbour begins singing so incredibly loudly that you can hear it through your walls? Well, our walls weren’t that good, so we only had to sing and we could hear each other. This mostly ended up in an acapella. I only had to sing “Let It Go” at the toilet, and then my sister would continue and the neighbours would continue, et cetera.’
‘Sound unlikely.’ Nathan had said.
‘I know, it felt like I was in a Disney Movie where everyone began singing without any logical reason.’
‘It sounds like a dream.’
‘You will never wake up! This is no Disney Dream!’ Nova had sung, from the Final Chapter by Adam Hoek. ‘Forever after you! Are hunted by a machine!’
But she was right. This is no Disney Dream. And then another sentence in that song. “How about you close your eyes? Will you dream sweet or will you lose your life? I know you think you won’t cry.” When she was younger, she sometimes had the feeling she wanted to forever sleep. For her, “Will you dream sweet or will you lose your life?” were the same. She had thought about suicide when she was like thirteen, but the only reason she didn’t was because she couldn’t leave her family. And “I know you think you won’t cry.” was what her bullies used to tell her. That mostly caused her actually crying. And she had wanted to close her eyes so much. But now, she didn’t know what to feel. She knew her bullies were dead, just like most of the people who did someone else wrong. Nova didn’t always care about what people thought of her, but when she got beat up physically, it mentally broke her a little more. If they hadn’t done that, she might have felt sorry for them. But she didn’t. She was glad they had got what they deserved.
‘Hey, Nova! Are you daydreaming again?’ The voice of her little brother got her out of her thoughts and she looked at him while he was playing with his plushie like a little kid. He might be ten, but he acted more like a toddler. The therapist had told them that Miles might have had PTSD, what makes him act differently than his classmates now. Because her mother couldn’t be a mother for them and Nova was busy with making money, they had never noticed it before. Nova didn’t really have that big problems with him acting like a little kid, as long as he didn’t feel down and depressed like she would. Of course, she worried about the other consequences and about how the children would react on it. She knew how cruel people could be and she didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.
Always before she’d go to school, she would play with him. He didn’t have any toys, only the ones that Nova could make from the things they had to make at school or things like the packages from their food. They weren’t that poor, but Nova tried to save all the money, so she made the things her brother wanted herself. Gwen had made some wooden toys too; she was really handy after all. And she truly loved to use her hands! Miles’ favourite toy, though, was the plushie Nova had given him for his sixth birthday. A yellow bunny. It was a little based on himself. Miles had light messy, light blond hair and dark brown eyes. So did the bunny. Nova was really thankful he didn’t ask for much when he was younger. Somehow, he knew they couldn’t afford everything he wanted, but Nova still tried to make him happy. When he asked her if he could get something, she always tried to make it herself.
While Miles played with a bunny, he called Sunny, she always was the plushie her father had once given her when she was six. A beautiful, grey wolf. Wolves had always been her “spirit animal”. When someone would throw her to the wolves for some reason, she’d say “Throw me to the wolves whatever you want, I belong to them anyway.”. She’d still end up attacked and maybe eaten, but she didn’t really think someone would use that way to kill someone, right? She had called her wolf, Thunder. Now the names were based on the furs and it was kind of like Yin and Yang.
‘I’m sorry, Miles. I just have to remember to go to school.’ Nova told him. ‘Time goes fast when you have fun, doesn’t it?’
‘I think so.’
‘You think so? So, you don’t have fun?’ she was teasing him a bit, just like they usually did. Though she had depression, she tried to be as cheerful as possible when she was near her family. Her mother was aware of her mental issue, of course, but she didn’t want to make her worry too much about it.
‘Hey kids!’ the voice of their mother echoed in the hall and she walked towards them to give them a big hug. Her mother had much more similarities with her son than that she had with her daughter. Nova looked more like her father, while Miles was more like his mother. Her mom too had long, messy, light blond hair and dark brown eyes. She was pretty lean and had always bags under her eyes. Mom gave them a kiss on their forehead and stood up.
‘I love you two so much.’ she said. ‘I know this is random, but I am so proud of you. And Nova, if you want, you don’t need to work much anymore. I got a new job.’ Nova jumped up and hugged her mom even tighter and longer.
‘Wait, really!? What’s your job now?’
‘I’m a police officer.’ she answered. ‘I mean, I already have enough experience after I’ve been that before Miles was born, so I think I can handle this all!’

‘I’m so proud of you!’ Nova shouted. ‘But please, be careful, okay? I don’t want to lose you two.’ Her mother smiled faintly and they both hugged once more. She hadn’t seen her mother taking drugs for a while, so she was glad she probably wasn’t addicted anymore. But she was still concerned. What if her mother would die too?

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  • AmeranthaGaia

    I can't imagine what it would be like to have a serial killer in my city. Given the social instability covid-19 has caused, I can't even imagine the immense chaos some serial killer would create.

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    • MissEL

      I'm glad you can't. I don't know how it is to have a serial killer in the town, but I don't think I want to. I'm already paranoiaxD

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