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By the end of the movie, Emma has streaks of mascara running down her cheeks. I'm pretty sure she tried real hard not to cry, but to no avail. Luckily Gabriel, who of course had seen this movie, warned me this might happen, so I had make-up wipes at the ready.
"So what did you think?" She asks, the credits still rolling. Her head is still in my lap and I'm playing with her hair.
"It's a good movie." I admit with a smile. "I can see why you love it so much."
"But do you love it?"
"I... Hold up - is there a right answer here?"
She rolls so she's on her back, looking at me with innocent eyes. "Of course there isn't."
I chuckle, shaking my head. "Let's just say it hasn't had quite the effect on shaping me like it seems to have done on you, but I enjoyed it. I would watch it again, sometime."
Her eyes narrow for a second, but then she sits up, grabbing the arm rest to keep herself up and then kissing me. "I'll take it."
"Hmm, lucky me." I snake an arm around her waist, keeping the kiss going for a little while.
"What's your biggest fear?" She asks suddenly, properly sitting up now so she can stretch out. I watch her, the half-light from the screen throwing shadows of the exposed skin of her slender limbs.
"Ironically, open water. The ocean, mostly."
With her arms still up in the air, she offers me a questioning look. "Why is that ironic?" Then, before I can answer, she jolts her hands a little further up and something in her body makes a popping sound, causing me to flinch. She grins. "Sorry."
"Sure you are. It's ironic, because we have one last stop to make for the night."
"Another?" Her hands drop back in her laugh, and I smile.
"Gabriel is waiting outside."

Gabriel drops us at the harbour, where he congratulates Emma one last time and then drives off with a knowing smirk. The weather is gentle today so it's still pretty crowded, but I skip right by all the restaurants and head towards the docks, thoroughly enjoying how Emma's expression becomes a little more confused with each step.
"Where are we going?" She asks, no longer able to contain her curiosity.
"We're going to enjoy one of my favourite childhood activities."
"You know, you being cryptic gets really annoying at times."
I smirk, shrugging. "It's a family gift."
"Mhm. Why does your childhood acitivty involve the harbour?"
"It doesn't, really." I check a little card with our dock numer to make sure we're still going the right way; the harbour is annoyingly big and I haven't checked beforehand where we'd have to go. "But I had two problems. One: I didn't want us to just go back to either of ours' apartment and spend the night there, but also didn't want to book a hotel room because it's awfully unpersonal. Second: this city has an awful lot of light pollution. This way, I solve both of those problems."
"Light pollution?" She asks, still confused, but I see her eyes light up when it dawns on her. "Stargazing?"
"Awfully cheesy, isn't it?" I wink at her. "I tried finding a place nearby to camp, because I figured you might like that, but it's impossible to do that without a long drive. But my father enjoys the occassional fishing trip, so he's got the family yacht docked right there," I point out the white boat at the end of the dock we're currently on. "So I figured I'd borrow it for a night."

By the time we're ready to depart, the sky is already turning all kinds of orange. Emma is with me on the bridge; I have one arm wrapped loosely around her waist and the other on the steering wheel. From up here, we've got a beautiful view of the sun sinking down.
"I've got a very stereotypical question for you." Emma says, her head resting against my shoulder.
"My favourite. Shoot."
"Do you sail?"
My laugh is quickly caught in the wind, and I nod. "I do, actually. Like many of the things I do it's been a while, but Matthew and I used to take a sailing trip during the summer. He's a lot better at it than I am, though. I should ask if he wants to do one again this year."
"But you're afraid of the ocean?"
"Swimming in it, mostly. So I just don't do that, unless I'm drunk."
There's more questions after that, coming from both of us. When the sun touches the waterline, we both fall silent and enjoy the spectacle in front of us. Afterwards we both stay quiet, simply enjoying each other's company. I'm still worried that maybe I've gone overboard, but in a selfish way I really don't care. I've been enjoying every moment of this night, and this just finishes it off. Finally, when we no longer see land on either sides of us, I stop the motor and let the anchor down.
"I'll be with you in a second." I tell Emma, who's already changed into something a little warmer. I kiss her forehead, then disappear into the cabin, where I put on a sweater that really drives the whole 'rich boy on a boat' image home, and I grab the bag that holds Emma's presents. When I return to her, she's arranged all the pillows and blankets to make a comfortable little spot on the foredeck. She's already staring up at the sky, where no stars are visible yet. When I come down next to her, she sits up.
"Thank you." She says softly, smiling. "For everything. For all of this. It's... I don't even have the words to describe how amazing it all is. Everytime I think I've got you all figured out, you do something like this."
I smile at her, taking her hand to kiss the back of it. "I'm really glad you like it, love. And I promise, this was the last surprise of the night. All there's left is your presents." I place the bag between us. "I love you, Emma. I love you so much I barely know how to put it into words. If I was anywhere as eloquent as the writers of your love letters, I'd write you one every day. I'd never stop telling you how much you mean to me. But I'm not, so I'm left trying to prove it to you in different ways, and I hope I manage to do that. Because you deserve everything, and even more than that."

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