Brie's whole... situation with Matthew won't be solved in one night of talking about it, but at least to me it feels like a weight has lifted off of him after he gets to just speak his mind for a bit.
So, after about an hour of going over it, we drop the topic and he pulls out his laptop.
Recording the video feels like so long ago, and there's definitely certain moments in there I don't remember whatsoever.
"God," I exclaim, watching Emma on the screen make a total fool of herself talking about sexual positions. "I look terrible."
"No you don't," both boys tell me, pretty much at the same time.
"You look cute. A little drunk, but definitely cute," Lucien tells me, squeezing my hand sweetly.
There's some more moments that make me laugh awkwardly, but all in all, the video is a nice way of showing our relationship online. We're not acting too much like a clingy couple, but there's enough quick glances or sweet comments that show we're in love.
      We go through the entire video one more time, Gabriel really needing to make sure there's nothing in there we don't want public. He's still kind of paranoid about that ever since he outed us as a couple, and it's kind of sweet.
"So who's going to offer me something to drink?" he then sighs, kicking his feet up.
"Luce is, aren't you, love?" I smile sweetly, resulting in Lucien shooting the both of us a look of discontent.
"Fine. I don't know when I became a butler in my own house, but... fine." He drags his feet to the kitchen, making sure to make as much noise as he can whilst doing so.
"So, Emsie," Gabriel puts his head on my shoulder, looking up at me with a wide smile. "Any plans for you and Luce's anniversary?"
"Halfway through august," he tells me as if I should know what he's talking about. "A year since you guys first met and fell head over heels in hate for one another."
I roll my eyes, softly giving him a shove with my flat hand. "That's not something we're celebrating."
"Why not? Look where that moment brought you," he rubs the spot on his shoulder I just touched as if I've hurt him terribly.
"Our anniversary is in january," I simply tell him, "I don't really like looking back at the time we hated each other, if you don't mind."
"But you guys were so cute when you wanted to kill one another!" he teases, twirling a strand of my hair around his finger playfully. "When you were still with Douche Prittchard."
"Again," I tell him, playing along a little less this time. "Not something I want to be reminded of."
"I get it, he's an ass, but... I mean, we all kind of saw that coming, didn't we? He has the whole vibe," he stretches his legs and wiggles his feet, probably preventing them from falling asleep. "That one night outside of the club was wild."
"Brie," I try my hardest to be as patient as I can, but after the day I've had at work, it's harder than I'd want it to. "Really, really don't want to talk about Callum right now."
He seems to catch my drift, nodding. "Got it. Sorry... wasn't aware it was still a sensitive subject." I know he means well, he really does, and he probably really wasn't aware of the deep wounds he left. Of how I'm still afraid of people raising their voice with me, of sudden movements, the thought of Lucien sleeping with someone else always somewhere far in the back of my mind. I like to keep those thoughts there, and I hide the way I flinch when someone makes a move that looks like they're about to strike, but it will be like that for a while, I think.
Gabriel doesn't know about any of that. He knows we broke up, and Callum didn't handle it too well. That's probably it, and it's for the best.
Or well, it should be, if it weren't for the fact he's bringing it up. Luckily, he cut the whole Callum thing out of the video, because I still remember that moment vividly and I remember his words cutting into me like knives.
"I mean," my mind decides to blurt out, a tone of laughter to my voice that is both terribly misplaced but also just in time. "He was an abusive piece of shit who cheated on me and left me homeless, so you could call it somewhat of a sensitive subject, yes."
The silence is deafening, Brie glaring at me at first to see if this is some kind of messed up joke, then letting a wave of... guilt, maybe, wash over his face.
"I didn't...."
"Two glasses of wine for the prince and princess, butler has come to serve you," Lucien chirps, coming out of the kitchen. There's those re-usable ice cubes dancing around in both glasses, almost filled to the brim.
He hands them to us, smiling widely, pressing a kiss to my lips as he hands me mine.
"Thank you, baby," I smile, sipping the ice cold liquid.
"You two calling each other love and baby is the cutest and also the grossest thing I've heard," I'm glad Brie can crack a joke again, because I was afraid I was going to have to apologise for springing my drama on him.
"You think that's gross?" Lucien laughs, snaking his arm around my waist and pulling me closer to him. "Watch this..."
As he kisses me, his lips tasting vaguely like the cigarette he's no doubt smoked just now, Brie makes fake vomiting noises and I feel Lucien using his free arm to raise his middle finger at his friend, flipping him off.
"The absolute fucking worst, the two of you..."

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