The rest of the evening, Emma's words ring in my head. When we move in together. Not if, but when. Like it's a given. Not necessarily right now, but a given nonetheless. And I want it to be a given, too.
There's just the problem of her vision of us moving in together probably takes place in Edinburgh, and mine in Paris.
Neither of us mentions it again, but it looms between us, unspoken and heavy.

"Are you sure we have everything?"
"Quite." I smile, leaning against the doorframe as I watch Emma doing a last sweep through the apartment, her checklist in hand. "Because we had everything by the second time we ran through that list. I'm certain is everything is still checked now that we're on the fifth time."
"I just don't want to leave unprepared." She says, looking up at me with a little pout.
I chuckle, beckoning for her to come over and when she does, I wrap my arms around her. "Mon cœur, we are about to go on a lovely vacation to Barcelona. There is no way you can prepare for everything, so you will by definition leave unprepared. The plane is not delayed so far, and we have a lovely penthouse apartment waiting for us in that gorgeous sun that is drowning in sunlight. We ditch our luggage and then go out for paella with a view over the beach, enjoying the soft summer air and each other's company. That's all the preparation we need."
"I want to say my brain doesn't work like that." She mutters, resting her head against my chest. "But you paint a pretty picture."
"Hmm, I do, don't I? Don't worry so much, love. Anything you have forgotten, we'll buy again. We have the essentials: our passports, our tickets and each other. I think we're going to be just fine."
She smiles at me, a few faint freckles on her nose from the sun we've gotten here in the last few weeks, and stands on her tiptoes to press a kiss to my lips. "Did I really check my list five times?"
"I stopped counting after the second time, but I wouldn't be surprised."
I laugh as she hits my chest, and I steal another kiss. "Our taxi is coming up any second. Are you ready to go?"
"Yes." She says, nodding. "I am. You're right. We've got all the essentials."

As we wait for boarding, we're testing each other on basic Spanish sentences. It's been years since I've taken any sort of Spanish class, because they were mandatory at my high school, but with Emma quizzing me it comes back to me relatively easy. I'm in no way fluent, but I get by. We've been practicing for a while now, and honestly Emma is picking it up pretty quickly.
"Was high school the only Spanish you took?" Emma says while closing the book with a snap. "Your accent seems so natural."
"My mother was Spanish." I say with a smile. "Well, of Spanish decent. Her parents moved to France when she was eleven. She was pretty fluent in Spanish, and would often complain in Spanish. She never taught us, because there was no need to, but I guess I picked up on the pronouncuation back then."
She's sideways on her seat now, laying down with her head in my lap. The plane got delayed anyway, but I'm not stressing about it. It's not like that's going to get the plane here any faster. But it's nearing midnight, because an already late flight is even later now, and we're both tired. "Is there anything you can't do?"
I chuckle, shrugging. "Talking English without an accent? Talking literally any other language but those three? And I barely even speak Spanish."
"You could speak French and you'd still get everything you'd wanted."
"I am really not that charming."
She laughs, pushing my face to the side with the flat of her hand. "Shut up, you. You're the kind of person that could sell snow to someone in Alaska."
"You think too highly of me, Miss Middleton." I shake my head, joining in her laughter. "There's plenty of things you do better than I do."
"Such as?"
"Such as emphasizing with people. Focussing on what's important. Taking care of plants. Getting people to like you."
She wrinkles her nose. "You have a crazy amount of people following you. I'd say you get plenty of people to like you."
"But they only know me online. Even offline, I have a persona because I have to meet certain standards. I have to try to get people to like me. For you... it comes natural. People look at you, see you smile and they're sold to you. You keep saying how charming I am, but you? You could charm the queen into giving you the country without even trying. All you'd have to do is smile at her."
There is no reply. She's just laying there with her head in my lap, smiling up at me, and then she sits up and with her hand against my cheek, kisses me.

"I kind of don't want to admit it, but flying First Class truly beats economy."
"Why would you not want to admit that?" I ask. We're sort of snuggled up together, as far as the chairs, entirely tipped back, allow that. The lights around us are dimmed, and I can't imagine we'll be awake for very long. We've already been warned that we have the winds against us, so the flight will probably take longer than usual. I'm ready to nap for that entire four hours we're in this damn plane.
"Because it will give you leverage for other times we have to buy plane tickets. And I don't want that."
I chuckle, squeezing her hand beneath the blankets. "We could just keep up our current arrangement. Especially as you'll continue to climb up at the firm and your salary will raise with you. There's gonna be a time where you'll be just as rich as I am."
She snorts, kicking my leg. "I'd have to work myself to death for that. I don't plan on doing that. I don't need that kind of money, you know that." Her head comes to rest on my shoulder, her eyes fluttering close. "I've got you. That's more enough."
"Because I can pay for everything?"
She smiles, shaking her head. "I'd have you even without your money, Lucien. I just want you."

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