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Hannah opened the door to her daughter’s room and Nova startled a little. Hannah sat down next to her and looked at her worried. ‘What’s wrong, Nova? And don’t tell me everything is okay, it’s obvious that something is bothering you.’ Nova avoided her eyes and sighed.
‘It’s just, it’s nothing important, mom. I’ve just been thinking of the past lately.’ That made a little sense, although there definitely was something else. Nova always knew exactly what was wrong when Hannah acted differently, but unfortunately, she didn’t have the same talent as her daughter. This would be a logical reason, though, but she didn’t really understand why those thoughts were so sudden for her. Something must have reminded her of it, especially since she seems so upset about it. Hannah smiled faintly and nodded.
‘I miss those good old times too.’ she mumbled. ‘I don’t understand why your father had to die. I got on the drugs, you had to make the money here and Miles doesn’t even know him.’ She sighed again and shook her head. ‘But we can’t do much about it, can we? I’m at least really, really proud of you two.’ She gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead and Nova nodded with a smile.
‘Thanks mom. I love you.’ she hugged her mother and began crying softly. ‘I just, I just miss dad. B-But why did he even leave? You two still loved each other, right?’ They did. They totally did. But Hannah wasn’t sure about it either. He told her it was something with his family, even though she still had no idea what he meant. She did know that he had a bad relationship with his parents and his younger brother; she barely knew them because they seemed to hate her. She had never really complained about it, though, because she didn’t like them either and so did he. Many memories came across her eyes and she giggled a few times.
‘I can still remember that your dad and you always face painted each other. You always wanted to be a cat and you tried to make him a bunny. You two always looked so ridiculous, but it was so adorable.’ Nova chuckled.
‘Did it really look that ridiculous?’ she mumbled with a smile and Hannah laughed.
‘It didn’t look that bad, I got to admit. But it always made me laugh.’ Nova giggled again and smiled.
‘Thanks mom.’

With his pencil in his hand and his notebook in front of him, Nathan was writing and drawing a bit for his machine. He should try his invention this week! He doubted that it would work, but it may work. He sighed and grabbed his notebook when he saw his friend coming across him, but Nova didn’t seem to pay any attention to him. He stood up and walked to her, immediately worried.
‘N-Nova? What’s wrong?’ Nova startled when she heard his voice and shook her head.
‘Nothing is wrong.’ she mumbled. ‘But I think we really need to go to class now, or we might be too late.’ She already turned around to run away, but he grabbed her wrist and he didn’t know what happened, but Nova didn’t seem to have the ability to move her hand anymore.
‘I don’t give a fuck about class!’ he shouted. ‘Just tell me what the hell is wrong, because it’s obvious that there is something wrong.’ That was when he realized it. He had lost control about his telekinesis, because he couldn’t control his emotions anymore. Nathan had had more difficulties with controlling his emotions lately, but at that moment he wasn’t thinking of it. Nathan expected her to freak out or something, but instead, she looked at him with burning eyes. He supressed the multiple shivers that wanted to go down his spine, but felt how goose bumps went over his arms.
‘You better let me go, Nathan.’ she said without showing any expression on her face. ‘We both know you shouldn’t mess with me.’ Nova’s cold attitude was unbelievably sudden and Nathan knew something had happened that day before. He didn’t know why he suspected it, but something must have happened in the woods. Nathan felt threatened, but he wasn’t thinking of letting her go until she had told him her problem.
‘Nova. What happened yesterday? What happened yesterday that terrified you so much?’
‘Did Duncan and you fight?’ Her eyes stopped burning and now they were more dead inside. Besides the wounds, she couldn’t know of the argument they had after she left the treehouse to look for the children! The reason for their argument, was because they knew each other’s secret. Duncan’s crimes and Nathan’s power and drink problems. They both said they were going to tell them, but after a little fight, they decided just not to, what they could have done before, but Nathan lost control then too. The fight also made Nathan discover Duncan’s power, what he first thought was teleportation, but turned out to be stopping time.
‘No, we didn’t.’ he lied. He was lying and she knew it.
‘Wait, why the hell did you fight, you stupid idiots!’ she whispered. ‘And don’t lie to me, I already know that Duncan was a thief and a grave robber.’
‘Did he, tell you anything?’
‘No, no he didn’t. There’s a long story behind it, but I wanted to ask him about it today. I bet he has a reason for it, so I ain’t going to blame him, because he seems to feel guilty. But I bet that there is more, is there?’
‘Nova, just trust me, alright? If there is anything wrong, I will tell you.’
‘No, you won’t.’ she mumbled. ‘Listen, I really trust you, but I know that you have problems, especially after your mother’s.’
‘I don’t care about my mother.’ he interrupted. ‘There is nothing wrong, okay?!’
Nova wanted to respond, but the ringing school bell stopped her. Shit, too late again.

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  • AmeranthaGaia

    Did Nathans father come back, eventually? Someone must be taking care of him. I can’t imagine that there aren’t any child protection services making sure of that, after his mothers death.

    1 jaar geleden
    • MissEL

      Yes, he did. I forgot mentioning that 😅

      1 jaar geleden
    • AmeranthaGaia

      Oh, OK.

      1 jaar geleden

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