De opsomming van horrorfilms van de jaren 80 was iets wat ik er heel graag in wilde stoppen. Ten eerste omdat de jaren 80 gewoon raar waren en ten tweede: ik ben een horrorfan. Ik heb nog nooit echt de films gekeken maar ik weet toch wel degelijk een beetje wat er gebeurd lol

School was over and it was time to go home. Nathan would probably be all home alone, now his father had to work, so he had decided he wanted to ask Nova to come over. He wanted to try out his time machine with her. It might work, but he was everything but sure.
‘Hey, Nova.’ he approached her and she turned around with curious eyes.
‘I wondered if you wanted to come over to my house. You see, I’ve invented a time machine, or at least tried, and hoped you wanted to check out if it works or not.’
‘Wait, wait, wait a second. You have made a time machine? A sixteen-year-old has made a time machine?! How did you even do that?!’
‘Using trash and stuff in my home.’ he looked at the ground and then looked back at her. ‘But you’ll come?’
‘Yeh, it probably will distract me from literally everything else.’

Nathan and Nova stood in front of Nathan’s closet, which had the doors open to show his clothing and behind that electronics. Nova was looking at it closely, not knowing what to think of it apparently.
‘How are we going to travel through time?’ she asked confused. ‘I mean, we won’t take the whole closet with us, will we?’
‘No, don’t worry about that. The closet is more like a control panel. On here I type in how many years forward or backwards I want to travel and where I want to go. But also, where we will arrive after that and how late.’ He grabbed the two controls for the people who would travel, in this case Nathan and Nova. It resembled a normal pencil, but the eraser at the end was the button to send them back to the present. He handed the time pencil over and she looked at it for a moment.
‘Where are we going to?’
‘What about we go thirty years back? And then that we arrive near the treehouse?’
Nova giggled. ‘That was when my parents were just as old as us. Sounds awesome, but are you sure it’s safe?’
‘Don’t worry about that, I’m sure it is.’ No, he was not. ‘But what are we going to say when someone approaches us and asks us why we aren’t at school or that they have never seen us before?’
‘Let’s just say that we visit our grandma. That’s just easy. But you should put on some other clothing. The movie Saw didn’t exist back then.’ Nathan looked down at his shirt to see Billy, the puppet from the Saw movies. He sighed and looked at her. She just wore her purple hoodie with black sweatpants and black sneakers. There wasn’t any mark logo or something like that. She smiled faintly. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll leave if you want.’ She turned around, but Nathan didn’t really see a problem. He put out his shirt and grabbed a casual, grey hoodie.
‘You can turn around again.’ She did and thought out loud.
‘We have to remember that we are going to the end 80s. So, we shouldn’t call anything from now. Or I don’t know, sing anything from now.’
‘You know any songs from the 80s then?’ he chuckled.
‘Uh, duh! Hallelujah? And what about Michael Jackson? Thriller? Smooth Criminal? Oh yeh! And Never Gonna Give You Up?’
‘Why do you know so much about the 80s?’
Nova shrugged and giggled. ‘I don’t know. The 80s are weird. I mean, ever thought about the movies they made back then? Friday the 13th, The Shining, Halloween – which was technically made in 1978, but the sequels came out in the 80s –, The Thing, The Slumber Party Massacre, Jaws – which isn’t from the 80s either, but same story as with Halloween -, I believe that there was also something with Psycho, but I barely know anything about that, Gremlins, Nightmare on ELM Street, Silent Night Deadly Night, Re-Animator, sequels from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Child’s Play, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Sleepaway Camp and so many more.’
‘The fact that you just literally have a list of that in your head is incredible. I didn’t know you were into that kinda stuff. Especially not since it’s all horror.’
‘I like horror characters. I have never seen the movies, but I kinda know what happens in them.’
‘We cannot begin talking about Chucky, though. What about we only talk about the things that happened before 1984? We cannot risk anything. We shouldn’t “try” to predict anything, okay? So, I’m sorry to say this, but no Killer Alien Clowns, no Hell Guys and no Re-Animator.’
Nova sighed annoyed and nodded. ‘By the way: it isn’t Hell Guy. It’s Pinhead. But whatever, what about we’ll just go now? Why would we talk about the 80s instead of going to it?’
‘Yeh.’ Nathan whispered. ‘Let’s go.’
They both pressed the button on the pencil and closed their eyes. When Nathan opened them again, he laid on a dirty ground with trees surrounding him. He held the pencil and looked next to him, where Nova stood up tired.
‘Well, if we didn’t time travel, we teleported.’ she mumbled and reached out her hand so he could grab it. She helped him up and they looked around. Then they saw the treehouse.
‘Well, it looked like it worked.’ Nathan said, looking up to the treehouse above them. ‘It looks better, doesn’t it?’

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  • AmeranthaGaia

    How the hell is he smart enough to invent a time machine, but not smart enough to finish high school by the age of 11 and be in college, like some teenage Einstein?
    And why do so many people have superpowers? Like mind reading (or was it telekinesis) and stopping time and stuff? If it's so common, apparently, why is it still a secret to anyone but each other? What kind of world is that?

    1 jaar geleden
    • MissEL

      These both questions will be answered. The first one pretty soon, but I was already planning on answering the second one, but later (probably in the second story)

      1 jaar geleden
    • AmeranthaGaia

      Alright. I'm looking forward to it!

      1 jaar geleden

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