Kort stukje weer, maar ik hoop toch dat je geniet en eventueel wat leuke theorieën kan bedenken;)

The treehouse looked slightly different. A little newer and a little better.
‘We are going to walk through the forest here, right?’ he asked. ‘I mean, now there isn’t a murderer yet?’
‘What?’ she startled up confused, what made Nathan a little concerned about her.
‘Uh, are you okay?’ She laid her hand on her forehead and nodded.
‘Yeh, yeh. I’m just tired, y’know. But sure, I mean, I think so.’
‘Okay, but from now on I will call you differently. Just in case. What about, uhhhh, Lauren?’
She shrugged. ‘If you want, how shall I call you? Scott?’
‘Okay, if you want. Come on, we’re going to see what exactly changed.’ They giggled and put their pencils away, before leaving the forest.
‘How long are we going to stay here?’ Nova asked curious. ‘Not all day, right?’
‘Neh,’ Nathan answered. ‘An hour? Two? Whatever it is, just not longer than three.’
‘We should have taken Duncan with us.’ Nova mumbled with a little chuckle. ‘I mean, he can stop time, right?’
‘Yeh, so can I now kinda.’
‘Okay, I think you have a point right there.’ They started walking through the town and Nathan certainly saw a few differences. It was, better. Less old. More alive.
‘I kinda like it here.’ he said. ‘I mean, I don’t know why, but it feels less, y’know, “dangerous”.’
‘I see what you mean.’ she mumbled, but screamed a little when a football came right at her. Three boys from their age, well, probably not their real age, came running at them. Nova caught the ball and the boys stopped.
‘I’m sorry.’ one of them said. ‘I kicked the ball a little too hard.’ He had short, brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was a little fat, but still looked in form. He had a white skin and bags under his eyes, but it didn’t really seem like he was tired.
‘Are you okay?’ This boy had messy, chestnut brown hair and his concerned eyes were grass green. He was fit and had a white skin, just like the other one, who had brown eyes and black, messy hair, but he was the only one with glasses.
‘Yeh, I’m fine, I’m fine.’ Nova answered. ‘It was just a ball.’
‘You screamed.’ Nathan giggled. ‘I mean, I though you liked horror, but still you scream from a ball?’
‘I scream from the normal things, not when it is in a movie or something.’ she answered annoyed, rolling her eyes.
‘You like horror?’ the boy with the green eyes asked. ‘What’s your favourite movie?’
‘The Shining, for sure. I don’t know why, it’s just a good movie.’
‘I can’t say it isn’t, but I like A Nightmare On ELM Street more.’
‘Freddy sucks.’ Nova mumbles and the boy laughed.
‘Andrew, but most people call me Andy. Nice to meet you.’
‘Nice to meet you too, Lauren. But most people call me, Lauren.’ She looked for a second over to Nathan with the eyes that said “Nobody calls me Lauren”.
‘Scott.’ Nathan responded. ‘I’m not into horror.’
‘Coen.’ the boy that kicked the ball said. He didn’t seem really happy to see them, though, but Nathan didn’t really care.
‘I’m Larry.’ the boy with the glasses said. ‘I have never seen you around here.’
‘We’re not here for long.’ Nathan responded. ‘We’re just visiting our grandmother today.’
‘That explains it.’ Larry said. ‘But anyways, I think we need to go. Have a nice day!’
They all left again and Nova and Nathan watched them running away again. They looked at each other and sighed relieved.
‘It doesn’t look like we have caused any trouble.’ she whispered and he nodded. ‘It’s strange to realize that you already know what’s going to happen. I mean, the movies, the songs, but also the incident in Chernobyl.’
Nathan only shrugged before looking around again, when his eyes fell on an odd store. It looked like things with voodoo and stuff. Nova looked at it too before locking eyes with him again. ‘You wanna check that out?’
They both walked towards the strange shop and opened the door. It was full of voodoo stuff and there was a lady in red smiling at them.
‘Nova and Nathan, I already expected you to come.’

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    Who could that be? I really haven't got a clue. Ari, maybe?

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