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Hannah sighed annoyed and looked at Duncan. ‘What about you go back? I think it isn’t a good idea for you to hang out here.’ Duncan looked at the ground and Hannah raised her eyebrow.
‘Duncan? What is wrong?’ Miles shook a bit and looked at his mother a little nervous. Hannah looked strictly at her son and he closed his eyes.
‘Nova and Nathan are in here somewhere too.’ he mumbled and Hannah froze right away.
‘Oh god.’ Without saying anything, she turned around and started running. Her whole mind was a mess at that moment and she was panicking. If anything happened to her daughter, Hannah would never forgive herself. She’d live in one and all agony. She wanted to scream the names of the children, but she knew it was everything but a good idea. Where even would they be!? The place wasn’t that big as far as she knew, but still. Hannah felt like she had lost control over her body while she kept running. She just went where her feet would bring her. The biggest room she had ever seen there.
Nova felt empty inside. She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. But she couldn’t. Even if she wasn’t walking through a scary tunnel with in front of her a serial killer, that turned out to be her father, and a wolf behind her making sure she won’t run away, she wouldn’t cry or scream. They always say that you cry when you’ve been strong for too long, but this isn’t the case for her anymore. She was just broken. Unfixable. It was like all her feeling had just left her body. Sometimes she’d cut herself, without any expression on her face. The beautiful feeling of physical pain is what she wants to feel then.
I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.
Nova startled a bit when she felt Nathan’s hand laying on her shoulder while he looked at her concerned. ‘Nova, are you okay?’ Ever since they had begun walking, it had felt like ages, even though there hadn’t been a minute passed. The Killer Painter hadn’t said a word either, but Nova didn’t want to listen to him anyways.
‘Why shouldn’t I be?’ Nova answered, faking a smile.
‘Because your fingers are bleeding.’ Nathan whispered and Nova looked down at them. Biting her nails was a bad habit, but when she was really stressed or didn’t watch out, she would go a little too far and begin bleeding. She mostly was aware of it as soon as it began hurting and she’d stop, but now, she wanted to feel pain to fill the emptiness within.
‘I’m okay, Nate. Don’t worry about it.’ They were following a murderer and probably going to die, yet this was his biggest issue!? This was what he was worried about?! ‘I’m not going to die.’
‘Just stop biting, okay?’ he said with a kind smile and Nova tried to stop, although it wasn’t easy. Nova looked up and saw how they had arrived in a huge room that was unsettling her. The ceiling wasn’t much higher than the ceiling in the tunnels, unfortunately. But on the walls hung some even creepier stuff. There were body parts, marionettes and dolls. She had always had problems with puppets and dolls and didn’t really understand why people liked them. Even when she was younger, she was terrified of those. The tiny robots weren’t that good either, but they were pretty impressive. What caught her attention, was a baseball bat behind the glass. She didn’t know why it was there because it seemed a little bit irrational, but if she could find a way to break the glass, maybe she could beat the shit out of that murderous motherfucker! A way to lose all her anger and frustration.
‘Don’t think so.’ The Killer Painter said, looking at Nova with threatening eyes. ‘Do you really think that will work?’ She hated the fact that he could read minds. She knew that she had to be impulsive.
The Killer Painter just wanted to say something else, but echoing footsteps in the tunnels interrupted him. Around the corner appeared Nova’s mother. Nova felt how she suddenly was filled with only fear. The Killer Painter looked at her mom, still showing absolutely no emotion.
‘Mom!’ the voice of a little boy could be heard too and Nova felt how everything was falling apart.
Miles. No.
Yes. Miles appeared next to his mother and freezing as soon as he saw the man who was his father.
‘Well, well, well.’ he said. ‘The family is together again.’

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  • AmeranthaGaia

    That dude is seriously f*cked up. I need to know why he became this way and why the hell he’s willing to do this to his family.

    1 jaar geleden

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