Sorry als sommige dingen in dit hoofdstuk niet kunnen of gewoon niet logisch zijn lol. Let hierin maar even niet op de dingen die onmogelijk of onwaarschijnlijk zouden zijnxD

‘Come on, Duncan! What are we waiting for?!’ Ari was ready to go and face the psychopathic murderer, but Duncan stopped her.
‘No! It’s not safe! I’ve already called the police, they’re on their way.’ he whispered
‘Wait, what?! When?’
‘I was just too fast for you, alright?’
Ari sighed and nodded. ‘We should at least stay close and not interact.’
‘I agree.’

As fast as possible, Hannah grabbed her gun to hold it in front of her. If Andrew would try to kill them, she’d shoot him immediately. She felt how Miles hugged her, his whole body shaking and his big, fearful eyes focused on his father.
‘Mom? Who is this?’ he stuttered and he sounded like he was about to cry. Nova’s eyes were filled with fear too and so did Nathan’s, although he was trying to look brave and confident.
‘Please.’ Hannah could hear her daughter beg. ‘Don’t hurt them. Why would you hurt them?’ Her voice was brittle and wobbly and she looked terrified at Andrew, before glancing at her mother for a moment, like she wanted to warn her. Like she wanted to say “Run. Go. Please.”. But Hannah already knew she wasn’t going to flee. She would do anything to save the two most valuable things in her life. Even if it meant killing her ex-husband.
‘Why would you hurt her, Andrew?’ she asked emotionless. ‘She’s your daughter.’
‘I know she is.’ he answered. ‘But I’m a monster after all, ain’t I? At least, that’s what you said, remember?’ Hannah kept quiet. She definitely did, but refused to talk about it. She had never wanted to scream. It was impulsive! She didn’t even realize it was him back then. ‘Isn’t that what monsters do, Hannah? Killing literally anyone they come across? Or torturing them? Whether it’s physical or mentally?’ Hannah closed her eyes for a second, trying to keep it all together, even though it was really hard.
‘I won’t hesitate, Andrew.’ she whispered. ‘I will kill you, if I have to.’
‘That’s cute. We both know you can’t.’ She had had enough. Without thinking twice, she shot. She heard the bang echoing and opened her eyes. She hadn’t even tried to focus and look at her target, what made her shoot him in the shoulder. He bled a little, but he didn’t seem to care about it anyways. ‘I told you.’ he said. ‘You can’t.’ The wolf Hannah had only noticed, but tried to ignore, suddenly attacked them, with glowing eyes. Miles had already let go of her and tried to shoot it too, but missed unfortunately. The animal attacked her young son and bit in his arm and after that in his stomach, what seemed to be a very odd way for an animal to attack someone.
‘Spring.’ Andrew said with a low voice. ‘That’s enough.’ The wolf looked at him before walking away from his victim. Andrew sighed again and shook his head. ‘Dammit, Lewis. Where the hell are you?’ he whispered, but Hannah barely heard him. Miles was unconscious lying on the ground and out of shock, Hannah let the gun fall. She ran to him and checked if he was still breathing, what was still the case. She was so thankful he hadn’t died yet! ‘I don’t think I should kill him yet.’ Andrew eventually said. ‘But that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t feel pain.’ Hannah looked at him with tears in her eyes and could hear Nova whimper silently. Nathan tried to comfort her, but it clearly didn’t help. Hannah stood up and saw him walking even closer. She couldn’t grab her gun, since it had fallen out of her hand and Andrew had made sure she wouldn’t have the ability to come close to it. He looked at her and this time his eyes actually weren’t empty. Though, Hannah wasn’t sure what she saw. Was it sadness? Or perhaps insecurity? Or, guilt? For a second, he looked at his hands and the spider paws coming out of his wrists. Hannah could already guess what he was going to do.
‘Andrew. No. Please.’ No more words wanted to come out of her mouth. She simply couldn’t say anything else. Andrew looked back at her and sighed.
‘I’m sorry, Hannah. Let the bloodbath begin.’ She saw one of his spider paws coming right at her and eventually felt it going through her. She closed her eyes and heard the scream of her daughter fade. The pain was unbearable, but it was disappearing slowly too. She couldn’t see anymore. She couldn’t move anymore. She couldn’t breathe anymore. And it was completely silent.

Nova’s eyes were wide open. She saw how the Killer Painter got his paw out of her mother’s lifeless body. She fell on the ground while blood began flowing down her chest. Out of a sudden, her body was frozen. She was just looking at her mom, dead on the floor. Her ears began ringing and it was like there were voices in her head, whispering something she didn’t quite understand. She tried to remain calm. She tried to make sure she wouldn’t lose her control. She already knew it wouldn’t work though. She had just witnessed the murder of her mother. The murder of the person who had looked after her all that time. Her mother just got rid of her drugs addiction!
Out of pure anger, she screamed. She had lost all control. It was like someone else had taken over her body! Both the Killer Painter and Nathan looked at her shocked, to witness how she punched the glass that was before the baseball bat with all her power. The shards went through the skin of her knuckles and the blood began falling on the ground. But she didn’t care about it. She grabbed the baseball bat and began hitting the person who had just killed her mother. The person who had let a wild wolf attack her little brother. The person who left her and her family just to be a serial killer! He didn’t even try to stop her. He just let it happen. She continued beating him, until she finally was in control again. She held the bat above her head and looked down at her father. He had so many wounds. His eyes were closed and even though he was injured really badly, Nova wasn’t sure if he was dead or not.
Whatever. She let the bat fall and saw how her little brother was waking up slowly. She apparently hadn’t noticed how Nathan had already run to Miles, making sure he was all okay. Miles stood up, with the help of her friend, because he was weak and tired obviously. ‘Is mom dead?’ he asked Nova and she walked towards her corpse. She sat down and Miles sat down next to her, hugging his older sister.
‘She’s in a better place now.’ Nova responded. ‘But are you all okay?’
Miles shrugged. ‘It hurts.’
‘Yes, yes it does.’

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  • AmeranthaGaia

    Nova wasn’t sure if he was dead or not.


    I still don’t really understand why Andrew is doing this. A normal father doesn’t usually attempt to kill his own children because their mother called him a monster. It doesn’t add up...

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