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Nerves have been racing throughout my system ever since we set foot in France, filled with memories of the last time I was here, and also terribly nervous about the party to come. It's a different kind of nervous than the last time Lucien threw a party, mostly because I won't be his to show off anymore.
Beth seemed dead set on her dressing as Frenchy from Grease and me as Sandy, which I went with because she seemed very excited and I took it as her way of matching and thinking back to when we watched Grease together that night, as a real sisterly moment.
I realise that might not be it, though I'm not sure how she did it, when I see Lucien.
I've been looking for him ever since I arrived here, blown away by the amount of detail and attention in the entire party, but only now I seem to have found him - or he's found me, depending on how you look at it.
"You'd think that you'd finally know how to stand on your own two feet," I tease, finding him on the floor after Eschieve so kindly presented the situation to me. I know this is her doing, and I honestly can't be mad at it. "You know, being another year older and all."
I'm very well aware that with him on the ground, this is a lot like the final Grease scene, and our outfits even match with the whole situation. Definitely not a coincidence, seeing how Beth and Eschieve seem to have found one another in the crowd.
In stead of breaking out in song and dance, he lets me help him up and I watch him dust some grass off of his clothes.
"What can I say," he smirks, immediately making my heart skip several beats. "I know how to make an entrance."
It feels a little strange, knowing our younger sisters are watching us from afar, but I still hug him. He smells the exact same as I remember him, and his touch lights me pretty much on fire.
"I'm glad you came," he tells me, his voice doing weird things to my insides.
"Are you kidding me?" I smile, looking him up and down now. He has really nailed the Danny look, his hair a little longer but besides that... His tan arms exposed now that he's taken the leather jacket off for a bit, the hair greased up, the black shirt just tight enough to show the outlines of his body. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Besides, Beth would have had my head if I denied her a Lucien du Castellon party."
I'm very well aware that our sisters aren't the only people watching us, because people walking by can't seem to help their staring. I understand - our break up was probably big news for them, and seeing us together as friends must not have been something they expected. Or maybe it was, because our reunion has been all over social media, some theories worse than others.
"Come on, let me show you around," he beams, gesturing to the grounds.
"Oh, no," I wave away that proposal. "It's your party, you must have plenty of other people to greet, I'll be alright!"
I recognise the look in his eyes as he shakes his head, chuckling. "I do, but I want to show you around. Come on, Middleton."
He has me sold by the time he calls me that, and I can't help but listen to him. When I glance over my shoulder to where Eschieve and Beth are standing, they both smile widely, giving me thumbs up. In a small, fast movement, I decide to stick my tongue out at the both of them, knowing full well they've got plenty of things planned to make us spend time together.
Lucien shows me the cars, which even to me seem pretty cool, and all of the other forms of entertainment.
"Last but not least," he makes sure to leave a surprise for the finale, "cotton candy."
"Hell yeah," I grin as he takes me over to the little stand, that's currently not even swarming with people.
"Remember...," he starts, as he hands me a stick filled with sweet, sugary goodness. "When we went to the zoo, and you made me get you one of these?"
"And then those girls recognised you and wanted to take a picture with us, even though we weren't even out as a couple yet? Sure I remember that, it was one of the most nervewrecking moments in my life," I pull a piece of candy floss off of the stick and put it in my mouth, immediately dissolving and filling my mouth with enough sugar to keep a toddler awake for a week.
He laughs. "Of course that's what you remember."
"Well, can you blame me? You were all act natural, as if I even knew what that meant when I was filled with adrenaline!"
As he grins, he drags a finger through the side of my candy, swirling the pink around his finger.
"Hey!" I tap him on the hand, "that's mine."
"Which I got for you, so I should at least get to try a bite, shouldn't I?" He puts it in his mouth and I watch him do it, mesmerized by him as always. There's some left in the corner of his mouth, and I'd kill to taste it as he kissed me.
Now, I do nothing. "You could've at least asked!"
"You're right, you're right...," from the grin on his face, I know he's up to something, and that's proven right as he bites his lip. "Emmeline Middleton, could I please..." He doesn't finish his sentence, just pries the stick from my fingers and makes a run for it.
I chase him, because of course I do - this isn't even about the candy anymore, it's because my heart falls as soon as he's out of my sight, and because I can't leave here without knowing if whatever is going on in my head is mutual still.
"Lucien du Castellon!" I yelp, the heels definitely not made for running across grass, "get your ass over here!"
He's not too fast, yet definitely has had a head start. I reach him, though, but mostly because he's stopped running. There's still that same grin on his face, and he's now in good company - he's stopped just where Gabriel and Matthew were standing.

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