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I can't stop looking at it. Every move she makes it catches the light, drawing my eye to it. My neck feels strangely empty now that I'm no longer wearing it, but it looks far better on Emma's finger. What it stands for is even better; we are together once more, and I'm so overcome with happiness that my entire body seems to tingle.
We agreed to put the conversation about possibly getting a place together on the backburner for now, but the idea of it keeps playing in my mind. My first thought was that it was unrealistic and absurd, but the more I think about it... It would be coming home to Emma, something I know I want to do for the rest of my life. Even with my life being so unpredictable, she'll always be there waiting for me.
"Where is your mind today?" Emma's finger brushes something from the corner of my mouth, disturbing my train of thoughts, and I grin.
"Lots to think about." I reply, catching her wrist. I press a kiss to the inside of her palm, and she smiles at me.
"Such as?"
"Us moving in together, mostly. But also all the things that I want to do with you now that I've got you here with me." She moves her hand against my cheek, and I lean into it. "I want to take you to the Louvre and show you all my favourite paintings. I want to out to Versailles and bore you to death with endless facts like my mother used to do. I want to walk along the Seine, hold your hand and kiss you while the sun is dipping behind the buildings."
Her gaze seems endless, and I could drown in it. Her thumb runs over my lips before she leans over the small table to kiss me. "We've got time." She says, and it sounds like a promise.

After getting some more clothes for Emma for her to survive her time here, and after me getting tested at the clinic, we soon find our way back home. A lot has happened in the last forty-eight hours and clearly, we are both still trying to process it. My test results won't come in until tomorrow, but it's all fine. Mostly, anyway; the line between being able to stop is blurred, and we tiptoe it again and again.
"So when you weren't partying or working to forget me," Emma starts as we lay together on the couch; her fingers trail up and down my thigh. "What did you do to keep yourself busy?"
"Not a whole lot." I say truthfully. "There wasn't much time left in the day after sleeping off my hangover. But to Eschieve's delight, I started baking a lot. We have this old notebook from my grandmother, full of handwritten recipes. I tried a lot of those."
"I can't believe I missed out on that." She nuzzles my neck, and I chuckle lightly.
"I never said I stopped, did I? There's still plenty that I haven't tried." I close my eyes as she presses a kiss just below my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "And now I've got you to taste them all."
"You're going to get me fat, Du C." She laughs, and feeling her hot breath against my skin causes a quiet moan to escape me. Immediately she pulls away from me, and I let out a heavy sigh.
"I can't wait until those test results are in," I groan, pulling her close to me despite her playful protest. "You are driving me absolutely insane."
Lips meet, and my entire body responds when her hands carefully wrap around my throat and neck and find the hairs at my nape. I pull her onto my lap, teeth digging into her lower lip. It elicits a sound from her that absolutely sets me ablaze, and just like that we're dancing on the line again. Her fingers knot in my hair while mine dig into her thighs, and my eyes flutter close when her lips kiss a path towards my neck. I'm putty in her hands, all common sense out of the window. Fingers brush the hem of her top, itching to slip under but a last fragment of self control keeps me from doing so.
I gasp for air when Emma's teeth scrape the skin of my neck, and we shift together as one; a second later she's laying down on the couch with me hovering over her, my shirt riding up as she wraps her legs around my waist.
"Mon dieu, you're not going to believe what happened toda- fils de pute!"
Emma yelps, both of us freezing in our place, while Eschieve claps a hand in front of her eyes and spins around in the doorway. "For the love of God! I'm happy that you two have found each other again, but this is still a shared household!"
I sit up, clearing my throat as I readjust my shirt. Emma makes a futile attempt to flatten my hair back down, her cheeks crimson - no doubt just like mine. "You're home early."
"No, no." Eschieve shakes her head, peeking through her fingers to check for safety. "I'm home exactly on time. You two -" She flutters her hand at us. "just don't get a sense of your surroundings."
"We're sorry?" Emma tries, and Eschieve gives her a pointed look.
"You better be, because I also noticed that there are no freshly baked goods waiting for me in the kitchen." She flops down in one of the armchairs, swinging her legs over one of the arms. "I'm not going to regret pushing you two back together, am I?"
I grin at Emma. "Told you I hadn't stopped." Then, focusing back on my sister, I say: "I can assure you that you're not going to regret it."
I lay an arm over Emma's shoulder, pulling her into me. She takes the hand dangling down, smiling. "How was your day, Eschieve?" She asks.
"Right! So, remember when I told you that I had an exam coming up this Monday, but that the teacher is grossly incomptent and that we're missing half the material? Well, today we..." She trails off, her eyes narrowing. "Excuse me, what's that around your finger?"
"Oh!" Emma's blush creeps up again, but at the same time she's grinning wide. "That's... nothing. Just some jewelry I found laying around. You were saying?"
Eschieve, ever suspicious, looks from Emma to me, realises that she's all she's getting out of us and launches into an elaborate story about the exam being postponed and being forced to take extra lessons to make up for the missed material. I look down on Emma, mouthing 'nothing?' with an offended expression. She shoves me with a smirk, gesturing for me to listen to my sister. I roll my eyes and kiss her temple before doing just that.

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