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It's good to know neither Lucien nor I are mad at Gabriel for barging in like that, because we both understand how important friendship is in moments like these. We had plenty of time to fall back onto our friends, especially when we broke up, and this seems like a good way to thank Brie for all of the times we both must have spent with him when we were sad.
"Did you tell Kenna?" Brie asks as we're on my balcony, because no matter how awful Lucien might find the Scottish weather, it's actually quite sunny and it's a nice way to spend time together.
"Did not, why?" I'm lounging on my own little chair, crammed in the corner. The balcony is lovely, because it has sun most of the day, but it's tiny and the railing seems like it's about to fall apart any moment. Besides, the view isn't ideal - some buildings and businesses, mostly. A bigger balcony. No need for it to be a rooftop terrace, but a balcony that fits at least two outdoor sofa's and a little side table would be nice. Dinner table, maybe, if we're lucky.
The little list in my brain keeps getting longer every day, and I'm afraid to actually write all of it down, afraid it would be stupid.
"She just texted me," he reaches out his phone, showing me a message, "asking if I want to come over, hang out with her and Emilia, because Tom's out with mates."
"I can read that, yes," I tease him, earning me a warning kick to the shin from him.
"And you didn't ask her to do that so you two can go back to getting frisky?" He jokes, but there's also a tone of sincerity to his voice.
"If we were so desperate to get frisky," Lucien shrugs, glancing at me. "We would have kicked you out by now, wouldn't we, Em?"
I nod. "Definitely. But that doesn't mean you should say no to Kenna..."
Brie smiles, slapping both hands down on his knees in a swift movement. "Hint taken. I'll be out of your hair, you lovebirds."

Brie has just left, assuring him that he won't be back any time soon unless we invite him over, and that he'll be just fine with Kenna.
That leaves us alone as soon as the door closes, and there's already a hint of tension in the air.
It feels weird simply jumping him right now, but when we turn to each other there's a significant grin on both of our faces.
Lucien puts my keys in the inside of the door, assuring it can't be opened from the outside with a wicked grin, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me.
"We seem to be alone again, miss Middleton," he breathes against my skin as he's about to kiss me.
"It sure seems that way, mister du Castellon," I purr, letting our lips meet.
Almost stumbling, he manages to press me up against the door, letting a moan escape my lips as his hands wander.
I toy with the buttons to his shirt, which he put on when we both realised Brie was staying, and push it off of him in one swift movement, hearing it land on the floor.
"Zipper," he reminds himself as he lets his hands find the back of my dress, pulling the zipper down at once.
"You're learning," I tease, yet the words almost get knocked off of my lips as he attaches his lips to my neck, sure to leave a mark. Neither of us care about leaving behind evidence, knowing full well by being spotted in Scotland together, everyone will know. And they can know, because I don't want to keep this a secret any longer.
My dress also hits the floor, Lucien slowly pressing kisses lower and lower.
At first I think it's my body showing its excitement by shaking a little, but soon I realise it's actually Lucien's phone in his pocket, because it starts making sound, too.
We both groan.
"Ignore it," I tell him, taking his face in both of my hands to kiss him again.
"Hhhmm," he agrees, about to hoist me up when the vibrating stops, then starts back up only seconds later.
Another groan. It's a ring tone I don't recognise, but Lucien sure does.
"Agent," he almost rips his lips away from my skin, almost as if he's ripping the bandaid off. "Fuck, what's with the world cockblocking us?"
I chuckle at his choice of words, pulling my dress back up as I softly push against his chest. "You should probably answer that, or she'll think you're dead or something."
"But...," he watches me put my dress back on with a pout, taking his phone out of his pocket. "Fine."
"Remember what you said this afternoon," I smile, "the longer we wait, the more time we'll have to make up for."
      Houses for rent that aren't too far from the city center are either ridiculously expensive, horribly ugly, or both. Those that are nice are either too far away, or cost double my monthly salary. There's puke-brown tiles in bathrooms, kitchens with no upper cabinets - one of the many things on my wish list, or appartments on the eighth floor without an elevator. One even has orange walls in every single room, which is described as 'vibrant' and 'modern', whereas my choice of words would probably be 'terrifying'.
Pinterest doesn't help much, because I've seen too many gorgeous interiors on there that will never be mine. God, all I want is a kitchen with plenty of storage space, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a tub and a balcony, is that really too much to ask? Okay, and I'd like an elevator, a big living room, space to dine with friends, and preferably something with natural lights to help my plants grow. Maybe I'm just asking for too much.
I shouldn't be looking any way, because I must have lost my mind thinking we're anywhere near moving in together, and my appartment is fine for just me.
"Sorry, Eailyn wouldn't stop bugging me about the relationship rumours," Lucien comes back into the living room after having been in my bedroom for quite some time. To avoid any awkward situations, I try and close my laptop quietly, but I fail massively, because when I turn around I see him with an eyebrow raised. "What are you up to?"
When my cheeks go red, he chuckles.
"Watching porn, miss Middleton? Were you really going to keep your word, then?"
"No, no, no," I answer hastily. "I was just..."

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