Foto bij 450 - Emma

The hallway is almost entirely filled with stuff. Rolled up carpet, different cans and colours of paint, three different ladders in different heights, and a bunch of appliances.
Part of the kitchen has already come down, and all of the floors are covered in tarp or newspapers, making sure we don't ruin anything.
Tomorrow, we'll be doing the interview after work, which also means Lucien will come and pick me up on campus. I told him I'd be fine getting to the place by myself, but he insisted.
Now that we have some more time together, spending most of it tearing things down and building them back up again, it's become very clear to me that this was a good idea.
We spend hours in the new appartment, and when we get home we shower together and lay on my old couch, watching shows until one of us starts to yawn, which usually doesn't take very long.
Lucien is covered in white paint, from his feet all the way up to his face, there's just white dots everywhere. We're in our future bedroom, now empty and bare, and have just covered all of the walls in a second layer of paint.
In the livingroom, above the fire place, we've hung a corkboard, filled with pictures and paint samples, keeping us on track of what we want to achieve with this place. Our tastes are very different, but we've worked it out.
If all goes to plan, this part of the process will take up to three weeks, which means that within a month, we should be able to move in.
Our friends don't know yet. They've asked questions as to what's keeping us busy, and we plan on telling them on Friday, when they come for dinner.
It'll be a big group of them, but the weather is nice and we can open up the balcony doors in my appartment to make for some more space. With Kenna, Tom, Brie and Matt, it must be fine, because no one really cares too much when they have to sit very close to someone else.
With work, the new appartment and social plans, it's hard for me to truly relax, but I realise it'll all be worth it in the end.
"Should we call it quits for today?" Lucien seems to notice I've gotten lost in thought, putting the paint roller down.
I nod, wiping a stray hair out of my face that has come down even though I've tied it all back and worn a headband. The simple movement leaves wet, sticky white paint on my face, I can just feel it. "I'm exhausted."
"As you should be. You woke up at six this morning, taught 3 lectures and then worked with me all day," he checks his phone. "And it's almost eight. Time for dinner on the couch."
I groan. "Sounds like heaven. Italian?"
He smiles. "I was thinking more like Thai, but Italian sounds fine. Anything," he presses a kiss to my cheek, his lips covered in little white specks as he leans back. "For you, Middleton."
I chuckle, wiping a finger across his lower lip. "You've got a little.."
"That's funny to you?" he acts all insulted, frowning.
"Kind of, yes..." I smile, the air getting knocked out of me as he lifts me up and throws me over his shoulder. "Put me down! Lucien du Castellon, I swear to god, you'd best put me down right now."
He doesn't, though, until we've reached the hallway. There, surrounded by all of the mess and stuff, he puts me down against the door, grabbing both of our keys from the big box that holds our new bookshelves that we now use as a table, and hands me mine. "Can we add one more thing to our list of things for tonight?"
I raise an eyebrow, seeing his mischevous smile. "What might that be?"
"After that very pleasant view of your behind, I'd like to offer a pleasant night of love making - not quite fucking your brains out, just a little celebratory..."
I roll my eyes, slapping him in the chest. "Who knows, you might get lucky.."

I'm quite tired after a day of teaching, and the nerves that come along with doing an interview don't quite make it easier, but I'm also excited.
Excited not to have to hide anymore, to be able to just answer every question I get without having to dodge them or have to make up elaborate stories.
Lucien texts me he has arrived just as I'm finishing up my last lecture, and as if that didn't make me jittery enough, he's apparently already been spotted around campus, because word spreads like a wildfire.
"That's it for this week," I smile, closing my laptop and de-connecting it from the projector. "If there's any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail. I probably won't be replying over the weekend, so don't expect too much from me. Have a great weekend."
I nearly run out of the lecture hall, out of the building, and pretty much into Lucien's arms. We don't kiss until we've both stepped into the cab, and Lucien makes sure to distract the driver as I change out of my boring professor outfit into something a little more... fancy.
We're meeting the journalist over dinner, which was apparently the best way to plan of this, and I'm glad it was, because I'm starving.
I'm not quite sure if the person interviewing us is even aware of my presence, which only makes this more nervewrecking.
We talk about my day a little bit, killing time whilst stuck in Glasgow traffic, whilst Lucien updates me on the demolishing he's done today. He looks freshly showered and is wearing that one shirt I love on him, letting me know it's going to be hard for me to keep my hands to myself. We've booked a hotel in the city tonight, considering the shoot will be in Glasgow too, so the whole 'hands to myself' thing will only have to be until we get there.
"Ready?" Lucien breathes as we roll up in front of the office.
"Ready as I'll ever be."

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