It is dark outside the insect museum, but in the building, some lights are still burning. Who’s up that late? Well, it’s Lester and Luis. They’re walking through the building.

‘Luckily I need to lock the building. I will dump the body tomorrow morning, he’s still locked up in the closet.’ Says Lester to Luis.

‘Mr. P is not going to be happy with what you did with the blood’.

‘I think that’s the least of our worries, I already told you, that kid would’ve gone to the cops, and I rather have Mr. P chasing my ass than the fucking cops.’ Says Lester while leaving the building.

Lester locks the door from the building and Luis steps into his car. Lester waves goodbye to Luis.

While Luis is driving through the streets of Manhattan, he thinks about what would happen with Lester. Luis laughs a little when he realizes what’s going to happen to Lester.

Still, there’s someone in the insect museum. Jerome Wilson lays in the closet, unconscious, asleep. But after a few hours, he finally wakes up. He opens his eyes and sees nothing. It’s as black as the night in the closet.

Jake stands up and feels against the wall in this small room. He finally reaches the light button. He presses it and the light goes on, he sees that he’s in a closet.

He grabs the doorknob and pulls, nothing happens, then he pushes, still nothing happens. Jerome looks worried. Jerome knocks on the door hard to see if anyone can hear him.

There’s no sound coming back, so Jerome knocks again. He knocks on the door, but this time, he knocks right through the door. Jerome looks shocked while he sees his hand stuck through the door. He pulls hand back out the door and leaves a big hole in the door.

Luckily Lester kept the key on the lock to Jerome twisted the key, opened to door and off he goes.

Jerome slouches through the insect museum, past the beetles, butterflies and grasshoppers. He feels still dizzy from the injection that Lester gave him. Jerome puts his hand on his neck and feels a little bump on his neck. The bump where Lester put his syringe.

Jerome walks forward to the entrance, he tries to open the door but he can’t. He sees a window that’s slightly open and goes toward it, he opens the window and climbs out. He falls right into the bushes.

He climbs out the bushes and off he goes. On his way home, back to Brooklyn.

After hours of walking, he finally reaches his house. He grabs his housekey from his pocket and puts it in the lock, twists it and opens the door.

Jerome walks inside, closes the door and locks it. He walks further through the living room, then to the kitchen where he opens a cupboard, takes a glass from the cupboard and fills it up with water. Then the light goes on.

‘Jerome Wilson, why are you so late young man?’ His mother Jessica asks him.

‘I was playing video games with Josh, I’m sorry, time flew by…’

Jerome is pale, his eyes are tiny, he’s shivering. ‘I’m going to sleep.’

Jerome walks past his mother but his mother stops him and puts her hand on his forehead. ‘Are you alright? You look sick.’

Jerome walks further and says in a sick tone ‘I’m fine.’

Jerome opens the door of his bedroom, closes it, takes of his clothes and crawls into bed. He lays in bed, sleeping but his face is covered with sweat, and the bump on his neck is reacting strangely. It’s growing a little bit, like it’s about to explode. The veins in his neck are giving a purple light.

It’s five o’clock in the morning and Lester Hammond is driving in his car, a red Fiat Panda through the already busy streets of Manhattan. He’s on his way to the insect museum where he can take the body of Jerome Wilson.

‘It’s June 19th 1982, today is going to be a beautiful day, no clouds at the sky and very sunny. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, I hope you sleep well!’ Says a voice on the radio channel.

He parks his car, steps out the car and walks toward the building. When putting the key in the keyhole of the front doors he sees an open window on the right side of the building. He looks to it, confused and a little scared.

Lester opens the door and goes into the building. He walks his way right to the closet where he put the body of Jerome Wilson. He stands for the closet where he put Jerome’s body and looks now more scared than confused.

‘I’m fucked.’ Says Lester, afraid.

There’s a big hole in the door wooden door that Jerome made by escaping the building. Lester opens the door and sees that Jerome’s body is missing.

Lester goes to the office section where he opens a an office, goes inside and grabs the big white phone that’s on the desk and he dials a number.

‘Luis, the body is missing, the body of the kid is missing.’

Luis is looking for the body of Jerome Wilson, but in the meantime, Jerome Wilson is just sleeping in his own cozy bed.

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning when Jerome’s mother calls him. ‘Jerome! We need to go to the bank sweety.’

Jerome sits up straight in bed, he doesn’t look tired, he looks full of energy. He steps out of bed, put his clothes on and walks downward.

Jessica grabs a glass out of the cupboard and puts it on the kitchen counter and then Jerome walks into the kitchen ‘Morning mum.’

Jessica turns around accidently knocks over the glass but suddenly Jerome grabs the glass quickly with his new evolved reflexes.

Jerome holds the glass and looks very confused. ‘Everything alright Jerome?’
‘Yeah, I’m fine, I think.’

After a big breakfast Jerome and his mother are standing in the bank of Brooklyn, they’re waiting in line until it’s their turn. ‘It’s so crowded in here.’ Says Jerome.

‘If we don’t go now, we never go, I need to get that loan.’

‘And why do I have to come with you.’

‘Your father didn’t want to come, and I want some company.’

While Jerome is talking with his mother, two men, fully black clothed are storming in the bank with guns, they’re wearing black balaclava’s.

‘Everybody on the ground!’ Yells one of the robbers.

The other robber runs to the counter and throws a bag on the counter. ‘I want all the money in this bag!’

The counter lady opens the register and puts all the money in the bank. ‘Faster!. Yells the robber.

Jerome and his mother are laying on the ground, the 2nd robber is looking away and Jerome slowly stands up. ‘Jerome, go back down.’ Says Jessica.

The robber looks to Jessica and Jerome and before the robber knows it, he gets a fast punch in his face from Jerome’s right fist. The robber falls backwards on the ground and accidently shoots into the ceiling.

The other robber grabs the bag of money and turns around, seeing the other robber falling on the ground, he runs to Jerome and points his gun at him.

‘You’re just a fucking kid.’ The robber holds his finger on the trigger while Jessica is standing up. ‘Leave him alone please, he’s only 16 years old.

The robber who’s laying on the ground is getting up. ‘Peter, forget the kid, we need to go.’

The other robber who’s pointing the gun to Jerome says ‘Don’t fucking use my name.’ In a Russian accent.

The robber names Peter shoots Jessica in the stomach and runs away, Jerome looks worried with his mouth wide opened, he looks backwards, seeing his mother, collapsing.

Jerome grabs his mother and his mother falls slowly into Jerome’s arms.
‘Everything’s going to be fine.’ Says Jerome while crying.

‘Call an ambulance!’ Some strangers says.

Jessica grabs Jerome’s arm and tells him with her last breath ‘You’re very special Jerome.’

Jessica closes her eyes and slowly dies, leaving Jerome alone in the bank, full with tears.

That evening, Jerome sits in his living room together with his father Bruce Wilson, they are quiet when suddenly Jerome stands up. ‘I’m going to bed.’

Next Monday at The Brooklyn Brooks School, Jerome walks on the playground, he looks sad. Josh Palmer runs to Jerome.

‘Jerome, are you alright? I didn’t see you on the school bus.’

‘I wanted to be alone, you know, Dain got me into trouble at that insect museum, I have a wound in my neck and I don’t know what the fuck happened..’

‘Dain always gets people into trouble. He’s an asshole.’

Charlotte Brooks walks toward Jerome and Josh and out of nowhere, she starts to talk with them.

‘I heard what happened Jerome, if you wanna talk, you can talk.’ Says Charlotte in a pity voice.

When Charlotte is talking to Jerome and Josh, Dain Bennet, her boyfriend sees that. Dain walks angrily toward them and he swings his fist to Jerome but Jerome’s reflexes are on point and dodges Dain’s fist.

‘Dain! Stop it!’ Yells Charlotte angrily.

‘Why the fuck are you talking with these nerd.’

‘Because they’re nice guys.’

While Dain and Charlotte are having a fight, Jerome suddenly doesn’t feel so great, he starts to get dizzy, looks around a little bit and then there is this blackness in front of his eyes. Jerome falls on the ground.

Fifteen minutes later, Jerome Wilson is being brought to the biggest hospital center in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Brooks Hospital Center. Jerome lays on bed, with his eyes closed. Beside Jerome sits Bruce Wilson, worriedly on a chair, looking to his son.

Jerome slowly opens his eyes. ‘What’s going on?’ Asks Jerome.

‘You’re in the hospital son, you need to rest.’

Then a doctor walks in, a long man with a smooth black beard with some grey hairs in it. ‘Ah, I see you woke up Jerome, my name is Dr. Abraham Richards.’

Bruce, who looks worriedly to the doctor asks ‘Do you know what’s going on with Jerome?’

‘You should go to this place, we should talk with each other there, there are people who can help you.’ Says dr. Abraham while handing over a paper.

Dr. Abraham Richards walks back out the room, he walks to a man, who’s wearing black clothes, it’s Luis Fischer.

‘I saw a wound on his neck, Lester stabbed him there with the needle, right?’

‘Yes, that would be him.’ Says Luis.

‘He’s going to meet Mr. P.’ Says Abraham secretly to Luis.

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