Foto bij 474 - Emma

"You really understimate my love for you," I chuckle, moving the fork in my free hand across the plate, scooping up my breakfast. "Sure, I love my Julia, but if I had to choose between the two of you, I'd say goodbye to miss Roberts. I'd even pull the trigger myself if that were to be what it took."
"I have a hard time believing that," Lucien tells me, fully accepting my playful angry glance. "You wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone your favourite actress."
I raise an eyebrow, bringin my cup of coffee up to my lips. "You really believe that?"
He nods, his eyes following my every move. "I vividly remember you trying to defend yourself from a burglar with a nail file. I honestly doubt you would manage to do a lot of damage with that."
After taking a sip from my coffee, I put the cup back down on one of the coasters mum had Phoebe make for us as a house warming present. "Listen up, du Castellon. You're totally underestimating me, once again, and I will not stand for it. So either you apologize, or..."
"Or what?" He flashes me a cheeky grin, sipping that disgusting smoothie.
I've grabbed the spoon out of my cup, sticking it in my mouth to clean any residue off, and put it up in the air. "I will fight you."
"Will you now?"
In seconds, I've gotten up from my chair, and before Lucien can react, I've wrapped one arm around his neck, holding my spoon against his face threateningly. "Believe me," I whisper, my lips close to his ear, "I will."
His breathing has hitched, and I can feel his heart beat on the spot my skin meets his.
"You must know, miss Middleton," he says calmly. "I never give in without a fight."
I don't know how he does it, but he manages to snatch the spoon from me, and before I know it, the tables have turned. I jump away from him, trying to get a head start. Though we are both tired, we start a chase. My bare feet slide over the new flooring as I try my hardest not to bump into any walls, Lucien only a few steps behind me. From having lived here longer, or at least more, than he has, I have a small advantage.
I know exactly when to turn a corner, or how to jump over the couch to land on it perfectly, only to continue running.
Frank has caught on to our little game, and he's sprinting in between and in front of us, making it hard for me to stay upright when I have to make sure I dodge him.
Against the newly painted living room wall, I come to a halt. Lucien catches up to me in no time, his body weight pressing me closer to it, making me unable to escape.
"You really thought you could beat me?" he grins, hands against the wall on both sides of my head. "Oh, Emmeline Middleton, now you are the one underestimating me."

After a shower, something we both desperately needed, we've gotten dressed. It's around noon, and Lucien seems quite chipper for someone who's had a very unstable sleep schedule lately. It worries me a little, seeing how tired he is after flights, but I let it go. He knows himself and I can assume he takes care of himself as well as he can.
I've turned on some French music, enjoying Lucien's soft humming and singing along, and am sliding both of my rings on my finger as I feel his arms wrap around me from behind.
We've agreed on a few things to do today; a walk, followed up by a picnic in the park, then some grocery shopping for tonight's dinner and, when we get home, we'll make dinner together and eat on our balcony. Maybe, somewhere in between, we'll fit in some more stuff, but for now this is fine.
"Ready?" he asks me, his breathing on my neck sending shivers down my spine, and I am almost knocked out by the soft kiss he presses to my neck.
"We could just stay here...," I smile, watching his face in the mirror. "I've had to miss you for weeks, I've been lonely...."
He chuckles. "If that is truly what you wish for, we'll do so."
I let out one of those inner-body laughs, not quite audible but definitely visible. "We should go out, the weather is lovely. But..." I turn around to face him, biting my lip as sensually as I can. Lowering my voice and looking him in the eyes, I say with a straight face; "I want you to absolutely ravage me as soon as we get back home." The words are unlike things I've ever spoken, I'm pretty sure, but a lady gets creative after having to miss her boyfriend for weeks on end.
His eyes widen and I could swear his complexion gains a tint of red. "Em, you can't say those kind of things to me..."
I smile, pressing a soft kiss to his lips before untangling myself from his embrace. "Oh, but I can, and I did." I wink at him, moving my sunglasses into my hair. "Now, are you ready?"
He lets out a groan, as if I've just forced him to go out with me and we haven't agreed on this just an hour ago, and it makes me laugh.
I chuckle. "Come on, Lucien du Castellon," I swing the little basket filled with food over my arm, and gesture for him to follow me. "The quicker we get this over with, the sooner we can get back home and you can... what did you call it, again?" I put my hand on the doorknob, about to turn it. "Oh, yes. Fuck my brains out."

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