Avondir took a deep breath when he saw Acacia, in the arms of her family, sobbing her heart out.

He shouldnít interfere.

Of course, Altair had already thrown him a glare before; the boy obviously wasnít too fond of him. Aceís mother had shown him compassion, and he hadnít formally met his friendís sisters yet.

And her father had made it clear he resented him.

Avondir bit his lip as the General walked away, Spicaís calls of his name being ignored. He noticed Regulusí hurt look as he rushed over to his sister, trying to comfort them, leading the family away-

It hadnít always been like that.

Sure, it was true Avondir hadnít spend much time on the Island. Two years of training seemed like a long period Ė it really wasnít. He had isolated himself, felt completely alone.

People were judgemental.

Avondir had realised quickly into his stay, people viewed as different were to be avoided, to be mocked. He had hided himself from that, made sure nothing like that would ever happen to him.

Made sure no-one would come close to him.

Of course, they had.

The day Altairís friends, Tybalt and Yvain, had found out about his existence, was still etched vividly into his mind. Words were yelled; the feeling of suffocating wasnít one to be forgotten.

Regulus had broken it up. The following days, he had spend in the hospital wing of the Academy.

The General had come to visit once, maybe twice. He had talked to him, the kindest smile on his face, the cheesiest jokes to cheer him up. He had told him about the school; his own history.

Avondir remembered the story he told him about himself being an outcast. He had listened in wonder, couldnít believe someone so loved, so powerful, could have been an outsider, avoided, left alone.

The General had laughed.

The words of advice were simple; find that one person whoíll believe in you, no matter what.

It had stuck with him for two years.

Two weeks ago, he thought he had found that person.

Now, everything seemed to be falling apart as the General paced away from his family, seemingly thinking the success of his students to be more important than the despair of his own daughter.

It made Avondirís blood boil; the dark-haired man stood there, a bright smile on his face, talking to the new knights, congratulating them. His gaze shifted to Acacia and the rest of her family: Altair was hugging her as they walked away, glaring at his father. Cassi was holding her hand, crying as well, while Methone was trying to speak kind words to her older sister.

Spica, however, seemed calm. Even so, Avondir had a hunch the woman wanted to kill her husband at that moment; she needed to be held at the arm by her brother.

He sighed, running his hand through his red hair, turning around to walk off the bay, back to the island Ė back to his room, ready to sulk, be terrified of the future on his own-

When a loud rumbling made the island shake.

I'm soooo good at updating at a consistant pace lol.
But, since we're getting at the more action filled parts, I can maybe find some time to write:).
At these times I'm happy I've plotted the entire story already.

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  • Allmilla

    Ik snap Dappart ergens wel, want als Generaal moet hij ook aan al zijn studenten denken... maar het blijft zielig voor Ace:(En ook voor Avondir, niemand is hem komen troosten... dat is nog erger(huil)


    Geweldig geschreven weer!:)

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    • artinandwritin

      Inderdaad, iedereen is sad :'(

      Omggg dankjewel!!:D

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