Foto bij 480 - Emma

He falls asleep on the couch not much later, Frank having climbed up on to his chest, looking awfully cute but also visibly restricting his air intake.
I had every intention of taking a nap, too, the early morning taking its toll on me, but I get to distracted by simply looking at my boyfriend.
He looks so peaceful, and seeing him this truly relaxed in our home makes every single worry I've ever had slowly drift away.
Watching him sleep, no matter how Edward Cullen that may sound, is one of my favourite things to do, and I'm glad I get to do it again.
With my eye still on him, my mind drifts off to planning our house warming party, two days from now. We've invited quite a lot of people, though most of them we would consider friends.
      It's obvious he's absolutely knackered, because he sleeps for hours on end. At my old place, I would have worried about his back giving in from the couch, but over here, he seems comfortable enough. Frank has moved over to take a spot next to him, crawled into the little nook his legs form.
I've moved off of the couch, prepping some lectures in one of the chairs, legs folded and a hot cup of tea on the table next to me.
"How long was I out?" his voice sounds in the silence, surprising me and making me jump a little just as I'm typing out an e-mail. He's rubbing his eyes as Frank looks up at him, probably considering whether or not now is a good time to beg for food.
"Four hours," I smile, clicking send on my e-mail and closing the laptop, putting it down on the chair next to me. "Almost five. It's past noon."
I've hardly gotten up and he's already attached his hand to my arm, pulling me on to the couch next to him. He stretches, regretting the sudden movement as Frank sinks his nails into the skin of his leg. "I was exhausted."
"I assumed so," I cuddle up next to him, careful not to squeeze Frank in between us.
"Had the wildest dreams," he groans, burying his face in my neck, his arms wrapped around my waist and pulling me in closer. We hear Frank hiss, and Lucien chuckles as the cat decides this is his cue to leave. "You suddenly knew how to drive."
I softly push his head a little, huffing. "Ha, funny."
He only buries is face deeper, and I'm sure he could fall back to sleep like this.
"Stay awake, du Castellon. I can't have you falling back asleep again."

To Lucien's complete surprise, his piano comes in just in time for the party. Early morning it gets brought into the appartment, and he spends quite a while picking the exact right position for it. I don't get involved, just take a shower and as I get out in my robe, he seems to have found the perfect spot. Happiness is beaming off of his face, and as soon as the moving people leave, he takes a seat on the stool.
Tonight, the appartment will be filled with friends, but for now, it's just us.
It's perfect, watching him play. He's so focussed, his fingers moving almost magically. It still takes my breath away to this day, and though I don't recognise the song he plays, it's already my favourite, just like every other song he has played for me before this one.
"You're staring, miss Middleton," he doesn't even look up at me as I see a smile growing on his face.
"I'm enjoying the view," I let him know. "I think I could get used to this."
"I'm glad," he smiles, the final sounds dying down as our eyes meet. "Come here." It's not much of a question, though it also doesn't feel like an order, yet it's clear enough for me to almost run over.
"Are you going to teach me how to play?" I purr, his hand wrapping itself around my wrist.
"Maybe later," he pulls me into him, "not yet." Softly yet firmly, my back gets pressed against the keys, causing them to sound. With one hand, he moves my body to land in front of his, the keys moving with my body.
His hands undo my robe, and not long after the fabric falls to the floor. His hands pick me up by the bottom of my thighs, my lower body only covered by a piece of underwear now atop the piano, my calfs against the keys.
"Is this," my breathing hitches a little as his hands draw little patterns all the way from my neck down to my stomach, "my Pretty Woman moment?"
His lips following his hands is enough of an answer, my breathing now in my throat and my hands clawed into his hair.
      We've cleaned the house entirely, and all drinks and foods have been prepared. Lucien looks dashing as always, and he's helping me into my dress.
"You really should've gotten that piano sooner," I chuckle, covering up a love bite that was left on my neck. He shakes his head, grinning, then pressing a kiss to my exposed shoulder. "Are you ready?"
I nod, though not entirely certain if I actually am, and my fingers play with the rings around my finger. "Just promise me...," I look at him, one of his eyebrows raised. "No talk about Callum. Not only could it actually get me in legal trouble, I'd hate for him to ruin the night."
He smiles, pressing a kiss to my lips. "Promised."
"Oh, and," he looks at me questioningly. "If you only even mutter to Brie or Matt about what happened on that piano, so help me God, I'll... I'm sure they've got a bet on that, too, so don't bring it up."

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