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"It seems that Luciemma is still unable to break loose from all the drama! First of course the infamous break-up, then the getting back together quickly followed by Pritchard-gate and just when it all finally seemed quiet we have a new story for you! We've been approached by a credible source that says he is an ex of Lucien. Yes, you heard that right! He! He says to have dated Lucien, now twenty-eight, in their late teens, when Lucien was not yet in the public eye. Our source has requested to stay anonymous, but has given us plenty of information about the time they were together! Why he stepped forward now? 'Because I was fed up. Lucien has always shown himself as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, but for some reason he never spoke up about this. It's not like we agreed to keep it a secret - we were quite open about it. Hearing him refer to himself as straight feels like a slap in the face, because either he lied to me or he's lying to the entire world.' as said by this source. Sounds quite suspicious, doesn't it? What do you think is going on here? Why would Lucien, who prides himself as an ally and is best friends with the bisexual Gabriel Sauvageau, hide the fact he's been in a same-sex relationship? Is he ashamed? Is his allyship just a farce to gain more followers? Or -"
I pause the video, staring blankly at the screen. It's the third time we've watched it, so we know that the remaining time is just filled with more suggestive questions that mostly paint me in a bad daylight. Emma puts a hand on my knee, not having said a word since we started the video for the first time. It was brought to our attention by Brie and Kenna, who were having a movie night together when Brie was sent the link. He called me, Kenna called Emma, to ensure they'd get a hold of us.
"Luce," Emma's worried voice pierces my thoughts. "I know there's a lot going on in your mind right now, but I haven't the faintest idea what this is about. Is it even true? Or is this yet another person making up lies? Because maybe Callum asked one of his friends to..."
"No, no." I shake my head. "It's true. The part of the relationship, anyway."
As if reading my thoughts, Emma hops up to pour me a tall glass of whiskey while also getting herself a glass of wine. "I know you've had your reasons for not telling me before and had the situation been different, I wouldn't have asked." She says as she hands me the glass. "But now it feels like it's important that I know."
I sigh into my glass, knowing that she's right. "It's not much of a story. I've mentioned him once before actually." When she raises her eyebrows at me, I can't help but smile weakly. "Remember that night at The Griffin, when I told you I blew up the chemistry lab?"
"Was that him?" She sounds shocked, and I chuckle. "But that was in high school!"
"Final year, so I was eightteen and he was nineteen. We kept in touch afterwards; we actually traveled together for nearly a year, after he dropped out of engineering school and I was done with sitting at home but not yet ready to get into law school. By that time, we were twenty and twenty-one. We went all over Asia and had plans to go to Australia and New Zealand after that, to stay and work there for a while. We found something in Auckland for six months, so we got an apartment together. By that time we'd gotten quite close as friends, but I was also asking myself if I didn't feel something more than just friendship. Kind of like Matthew felt with Gabriel. At some point, I decided to just go for it and kiss him. As it turns out, Ezio was asking himself the same question." I take a sip of my drink, the memories playing vividly in my mind. "We started dating after that. Neither of us had experience with boys, so it was a lot of exploring and experimenting as we tried to find an answer to the question what this would mean for us. Thing is... We didn't have the same answer."
By now, Frank has decided he's gone long enough without proper attention; he's made his way onto my lap, purring loudly. I pet him absentmindedly to keep myself from looking at Emma, because she's giving me a look full of pity, whether she means to or not.
"In the six months we spent in Auckland, Ezio found the answer being that he was gay and very much in love with me. The answer I found was that I enjoyed all the things we did together; I loved kissing him, the sex was great, I loved showing him off in public, but I just... didn't have any feelings for him. So I told him that - exactly that - and we agreed that we couldn't keep the relationship going. Our six months were up then, and I went back to France while he went on to Japan. We... haven't really spoken since." With Frank clawing at my hand I down the entirety of my glass of whiskey. The liquid burns at the back of my throat. Emma stays quiet, unsure if I've finished or not. "I've had a fling with men here and there, but never anything serious. I just don't... feel that way about men. But I've never purposedly hidden the relationship I had with Ezio, and I make a point of not calling myself straight - or anything at all, for that matter - online." I run a hand over my face. "I didn't think it'd matter, but if people start believing I did it all on purpose... I don't know what's going to happen."
Another few seconds of silence, and when Emma is certain I don't have anything else to add she takes both my hands in hers. "Here's what's going to happen now: it's late, and Eailyn is probably already asleep. We cannot take the tea-video down now. You are not in the right headspace to post any kind of response right now. So we're going to take a shower together, and then we're going to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. We'll recruit the others - Matthew, Gabriel, Kenna... We all know that what they say about you is bullshit. I bet most of your fans know, too. Luce," She tips my head up with a tender hand below my chin; there is a soft smile on her lips when I look at her. "We've fixed everything else. We can fix this, too. I know it seems all bad right now, but it isn't. It's not right that this basically forces you to come clean about all this, because your past relationships aren't anyone's business, but... It is what it is, no? And we'll find a way to prove anyone who thinks you're doing this for the likes wrong. You can record a video where you explain it all. Maybe you can see if you can contact Ezio to straighten this out with him. We'll find a way, love."
I let out a long breath, nodding. "Yes... yes, you're right, of course you are. I just... hate that they're calling me a fake ally."
"I know, babe." She presses a light kiss to my cheeks. "But we're going to prove them wrong."

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