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Gabriel drops us off at the airport. All the way there Emma keeps trying to get it out of me where we're going, and it's not long before Brie joins in. I keep my mouth shut however, so by the time we make it to the airport they're both sulking.
"You're going to find out soon enough," I say to Emma as I kiss her cheek. "I'll tell you when we've taken off, deal?"
"I don't really have a choice, do I? I can disagree, but that just means you're not going to tell me until we're about to land." She raises a brow at me, and I grin.
"Correct. I'll text you when we've landed, okay, Brie?"
We pull our suitcases out of the back of the car, full of enough clothes to last us two weeks. After saying our goodbyes I take Emma into the airport, where she notices our first discourse quickly enough.
"Luce, regular check-in is to the left." She points as she says it, and I smile.
"I'm aware."
"Well, where are you going then? What time is our flight? Because then at least I know how annoying I have to be to get you to go the right way."
"Em," I turn to face her with a chuckle. "Trust me, okay? That plane isn't taking off until we're in it. Mainly because we're its only passengers."
She blinks. Then she blinks a second time. "Oh." Her cheeks flush. "We're flying private, then?"
"We are." I beckon for her to follow me, which she does. I walk up to a single desk with a very serious looking man behind it. When we stop in front of him, he offers us a very dazzling, very fake smile, while simultaneously sounding very bored - clearly he thinks we're regular tourist who've gotten lost. "Can I help you?"
"You can." I smile back at him, handing him both our passports. "Gate 37E, if I'm not mistaken."
"Mr du Castellon!" He clears his throat, realising his mistake. "Yes, yes, you are entirely correct! Please, follow me, sir."
Under his guidance, we make our way through security by skipping the lines and afterwards there's a cabby waiting for us to bring us to our gate. "I had plans to fly commercials at first, but it got tricky time wise." I tell Emma as it zooms through the airport. "Besides, if it has been nearly six-hundred days, it feels like you have to experience this part of my life as well."
"That makes it sound like you haven't taken me along in the luxury part of your life yet." Emma laughs. "Your last apartment and the manor back in France were pretty obvious proof of it, if you ask me."
"Thank you for calling me out like that." I chuckle, rolling my eyes. "Besides those two things - and some things in our current apartment - would you believe I've been trying to hold back? I am very spoiled, and I enjoyed honouring that."
"You are very spoiled." She agrees, and leaves it at that. I don't have much time to glare at her though, because we arrive at our gate. The desk clerk logs our baggage along as I bring Emma down to the plane. Compared to all the commercial planes surrounding it, it's very small. Then again it only has to transport me and Emma, so it doesn't have to be much bigger anyway. The pilot waits for us at the airstairs, giving us a polite smile when we approach. "Mr du Castellon." He says, shaking my hand.
"Good to see you again, Row." I greet him. "I'd like you to meet Emmeline Middleton."
They shake each other's hand, exchanging pleasantries, before Row turns back to me. "Everything is ready for departure, sir, we just need to load your baggage. Once we've taken off, we should be arriving at our destination in about five hours time."
Emma shoots me a look of surprise, which I answer with a wink. "Told you I'd honoured all your requests. Ladies first." I gesture for her to go up the stairs, where an open door and the flight attendant are waiting for us. I introduce Emma and Mary-Lynn to one another before leading her into the cabin.
"This is bizarre." Emma states after staring around for a few seconds. "The fact that your family owns this, is bizarre."
"I don't know what you want me to say, Em." I chuckle, kissing her neck from behind. "You're right. It is bizarre. But..." I nudge her towards one of the chairs. "It's also very comfortable."
Not much later we're both strapped into our chairs and over the intercom Row announces that we're ready for take off. It's always been my least favourite part of the flight, which Emma knows; she takes my hand, squeezing it lightly. Lucky for us take-off is a lot less rough with a small plane like this, and Row knows exactly what he's doing. Not before long we're soaring high up in the air and a short ding announces that it's safe to take off our seat belts.
Mary-Lynn brings us something to drink and we chat for a little bit, since it's been a while since I've flown the plane. But it's not hard to pick up on Emma's impatience, so eventually I tell Mary-Lynn I'll get back to her later. After she's disappeared, I focus on Emma with a grin. "Is there something you'd like to know, then?" I tease.
"No. Not at all. I'm not curious at all." She glares at me. "Though I wasn't expecting you to keep to the time limit."
"I nearly didn't." I confess. "I really wanted to take you to Aruba, but I suppose that's going to have to wait another day."
"So then where are you taking me?"
"Two places, actually." I smile. "We're heading towards the Azores Islands now, Sao Miguel to be exact. I've booked us a gorgeous apartment near the sea where we can spend all the time you want together. We can go whale watching, scuba diving - and we definitely need to take a hike up Lagoa Azul."
Emma's eyes are sparkling, which is already enough to satisfy me, but there's also a hint of suspicion. "And the second place?"
"Well, since the island is mostly nature, I figured it'd be nice to switch it up a little - so we're going to Lisbon for a couple of days as well. I haven't set a time on that yet, or a duration, so we can go whenever and however long you'd like. We could come back to the island afterwards, or just go back home from there. It's all open, and for you to decide."

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