Foto bij 498 - Emma

I don't think I've ever been somewhere this beautiful. Sure, I've seen gorgeous sights, but this is... on a whole another level.
The water has the most gorgeous shade of blue, and almost disappears into the stark blue skies, not a cloud in sight.
All of this is insane. The private jet, the trip, the promises Lucien has made, the things we could be doing.
"Like it?" We've just set foot on land, which is a nice change from soaring high in the sky, and Lucien wraps his arm around my shoulder.
My eyes are still wide as I turn to him. "Like it? Baby, this is... I have no words."
"Wait until you see the appartment," he chuckles, pressing a kiss to my temple. Our luggage is being unloaded behind us, and it won't be long until we're able to leave. "Sea view..."
      I can't believe my eyes every corner I turn. The appartment isn't massive, but it has plenty of space for us to be together yet apart, and the view is breathtaking. Lucien has just hung up the phone after talking to Brie for about five minutes. Just a simple text wasn't enough to let him know we landed, he wanted to know everything - which ended in Lucien hanging up when he started asking about our membership to the mile high club.
"And this is what he calls 'sea view'...," I mumble, standing out on the balcony with both of my hands on the railing. "If I were to jump off, I'd land with my feet in the sand."
I can hear him laugh as he comes up behind me, having put the free champagne we've received as a welcoming gift in the fridge. "No matter how tempting that may seem, please do not jump off..."
He wraps his arms around me from behind, planting silky soft kisses up and down my neck. I'm still sweaty from the trip, and have tied my hair up to let some fresh air hit my hot skin.
"I won't, simply because you've asked so nicely," I smile, letting the warm summer sun hit me.
"So....," more kisses, now trailing down my shoulder, "what would you like to do today?"
"I should...," my breathing hitches when he hits a certain spot and I feel him smile against my skin, pretending he doesn't know full well what he's doing. "Take a shower."
Before I know it, and without even knowing how he's done it, he picks me up in one swift motion. I don't yelp, don't say a word, just let his strong arms carry me through the appartment. He puts me down on the sturdy sink for a second as I watch him turn on the water, then comes back immediately as his hands start unbuttoning my pants, sliding the fabric down my legs.
No words need to be spoken, it all feels natural and easy. After my clothing has been shed, so does his, and we let the water from the rain shower hit us.
"We should travel more," I purr, pulling him closer into me as his lips find my neck once more. "If this is what it's like."
"Oh, miss Middleton," he speaks, before reconnecting his lips to my neck, "you know I'd go to the ends of the earth for you."

Lucien has perfectly planned everything, down to the accessoires matching my outfits. After our shower, which took longer than we had planned because we got lost in the moment, we both get dressed. I leave my wet hair down, and the hot air out on the balcony dries it in no time. With all of the travelling we've done today, I've lost track of the time, and feel surprised when I see it's already five in the afternoon. The sun is still bright, and down below, we can see people lounging on the beach.
Lucien has already poured the both of us a glass of the house champagne, after which he lays himself down on the outside couch, next to me, our hands touching lightly. "I've made us a dinner reservation for seven thirty. Until then, we could either stay up here, or go explore a little."
"I'd love some exploring," I smile, sipping from the ice cold bubbles. "I found out there's this lovely little store just down the street from here that sells all kinds of delicacies."
He pulls me in a little closer, kissing my cheek. "Whatever you want to do, my love."
"And then maybe tomorrow, we can go diving. I've never done that, but it sounds very exciting."
Lucien has done so good, planning this entire trip. From the moment we entered the plane, maybe even before, all stress disappeared. I've been in a constant state of wonder ever since we landed, and haven't had the time to worry, not even for a moment.
      We're wandering the streets surrounding our appartment, keeping track of time because of our reservation later. There's people at little markets, or sitting out on balconies and terraces, drinking wine. On the street corner, there's someone playing his guitar, singing along in Portugese. It takes me some time to recognise it, but it seems to be a translation of an Amy Winehouse song. It's the perfect amount of romantic, without it being over the top.
"I never want to leave," I whisper, seeing a group of young children chase a ball down the pavement, laughing loudly. "Can we just stay here?"
Lucien chuckles, holding my hand even tighter. "You'd miss Edinburgh too much, Em."
"I know, I know, but...," I lean my head against his shoulder. "This place is magical. We're so... free. No one to bother us, not a single worry. My brain hasn't even come up with a single negative thought, it's all just happiness."
He kisses the top of my head. "I'm glad."
"You did good, l'amour de ma vie," I let him know, still taking in every single detail around us. "I should put you in charge of all of our trips from now on."

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