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"I hate to say, love, but that sounds like it's time to go to bed." With my thumb I brush a stray eyelash from her cheek, chuckling lightly.
"Nooo, no!" She jams her hands, balled together to a fist, down in her lap. "No, I'm serious, Luce! Did you not hear my declaration of love just now?"  
"I did hear it." I smile, stubbing out my cigarette before sitting up straight. "And I appreciate it. I do see myself getting married to you, and only you. I see us getting old together, spending every summer on a different beach with our feet in the sand and our hair still dripping salt water. There might even be a tiny human waddling around."
"Baby…" Emma pouts, her head tipping sideways. 
"However... I don’t think an island fifteen-hundred kilometers off the coast of Portugal is the best place to make such a decision." 
"Sounds excellent to me." 
Her determination makes me laugh, and I take her face in both my hands. She's still pouting at me, but now it's more 'I-can't-believe-you're-denying-me-this' rather than the 'you-are-just-the-cutest-thing' from earlier. Her shoulders are slumped and her face hangs in my hand, making it look adorably squishy. "Em, Emma. I love you, too. So so so very much. And all of this is in our future, you know it is. But not right now. Right now it's time for bed, because you are drunk." 
"I'm not drunk." She protests, and I smirk, letting go of her face.
"No? Then why don't you get me my phone from the kitchen table without stumbling?" 
She considers that for a moment. "....No. We're on vacation. You shouldn't be on your phone." 
"Ah, so it's not because you can no longer walk in a straight line?" I tease, and she scoffs. 
"No! I'm just…" I watch her trail off with an amused smile, and then suddenly her head dips down and her forehead falls against my shoulder. "really, really tired. I don't think I could walk that far."
"Alright, I get it." I chuckle. With some light pressure I get her to stop leaning on me so that I can get up. "Time for bed than, Mrs du Castellon." Lucky for me she catches on when I crouch down; she slings her arms around my neck so I can lift her up, one arm behind her back and the other threaded under her knees. 
"Mhmm…" Her eyes flutter close as her head comes to rest against my shoulder. "I like the sound of that."

She's wearing one of my boxers and the silk bathrobe I'd packed for her. The sleep isn't entirely gone yet from her eyes, making it a very endearing sight. 
"Good morning, love." I smile at her from the balcony, where I'm sitting with a cup of coffee and a brochure about the island. "How are you feeling?" 
She pours herself a cup of tea from the pot I just brewed. "I don't like being twenty-eight. It comes with hangovers." 
"That bad?" 
"No, no…" She pulls out one of the metal chairs to join me at the table with a yawn. "Just that fuzzy feeling in your head, like you're still half asleep, you know?"
"I know." I smirk at her. "I have some asperin in my toiletry bag, and a cold shower may help. Or a dip in the ocean. We could get a head start on the baby making." 
She hums her displeasure in the middle of her sip; her brows knit together and she shakes her head. "No, oh no." She says when she's put the cup back down. "No baby making any time soon." 
"Really?" My brows raise, a smile curling my lips. "What changed your mind?" 
"Nothing? I told you, just like I told Kenna and Gabriel, no kids yet." She frowns at me. "Why'd you bring it up anyway?" 
"I'm just continuing last night's conversation." I put the brochure down. "You were the one to bring up the marriage and the baby making - why are you looking at me like that?"
"Because I haven't said anything like that! We came home, we went out for a cigarette and then you carried me to bed because I kept falling asleep!" But she doesn't look too sure of herself, both her hands clasped tightly around the mug. "Right?"
"No, not really." I feel myself grinning now. "In between the smoking and the carrying to bed there was a whole declaration of love and you very much insisting on getting married and me putting a baby in you without delay." As I speak, Emma hides her face in her hands and sinks it lower and lower, until it almost hits the table. I just grin wider. "Do you honestly not remember any of this?" 
"No!" She sit back up, letting her head fall backwards instead. "How did I get so drunk? I didn't even have that much to drink!" 
"Sweetie, it's okay!" I laugh. "With the sun and the light food it's no surprise it got to your head like that. I found it very entertaining to watch." 
"Of course you did." She lets out a groan, taking another sip of tea. "Well, I'm back to my senses now and I take it all back." 
"All of it? Even the eternal love for me? Because that might give some trouble in this relationship." 
"I hate how much you're enjoying this." She glares at me. 
With a laugh I get up to make us both breakfast; when I pass behind her chair, she tips her head back and I lean down to kiss her forehead. "It's nice to see the roles reversed for once. Breakfast?" 
      It doesn't take long to whip up and not before long we're sprawled out over the couch on the balcony enjoying the last bits of fresh pineapple. 
"I thought we could maybe go hiking today." I say after a while, having picked up my pack of smokes. "There's really gorgeous trails around the island, with all kinds of volcanic lakes and wildlife." 
"That sounds great." Emma smiles, taking the cigarette I offer her. "But that dip in the ocean you mentioned earlier also sounds amazing. My brain still isn't working right." 
I smirk and toss her the lighter as well. "We can do that first. Or just stay on the beach after. We've got two weeks here, which we could easily extent if you want to - we have all the time in the world, Em." 
She looks at me with a look I can't quite decipher, but it fills me with so much love for her I'm almost tempted to listen to last night's pleas and fall down on one knee for her. Even with her taking it back, it's good to know that eventually we both want this. That we both want the future to be ours, despite everything we've been through in the last year. 
"We'll see how the day plays out." Emma says eventually. "As long as you're there, I'm fine with almost anything."

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