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We're both sweaty and sticky and out of breath, laying as far away from each other as the bed will allow because neither of us can be bothered to find the remote for the AC. Previously being on the bed between us, it has now gotten lost in the tangle of sheets and pillows trashed around the room. 
"I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow." Emma moans miserably. 
I smirk. "Now, that's a compliment I haven't heard in a - oomph!" In a reflex my arms wrap around the pillow Emma has just slammed into my stomach, and I laugh.
"Don't flatter yourself, du C. I'll kindly remind you that we hiked up a mountain today." The bed bounces as she rolls onto her stomach. I toss the pillow aside to follow the example, but halfway through I decide it's too hot and stay on my side. "Real impressive." Emma teases, and then she ducks when I find the pillow again and try to return the favour of hitting her - I miss. 
"Don't - do - that!" She complains with a laugh. "It's far too hot for that!" 
"That's not what you were saying when I -" I flinch, holding my hands above my face as she threatens to hit me with the pillow again. "Okay, okay! I'll shut up!"
"You can be such a child sometimes." She folds the pillow under her chin instead. "I can't believe you're twenty-eight." 
"This place brings it out in me. Not a care in the world, no time pressure, no people to impress." It's probably a more serious explanation than she expected, but it feels right. "I don't get to do that a lot. You just happen to be the victim of it." 
Her expression goes from tender to exasperated with those last words. "I take back wanting to marry you." 
"Too late. You said it, so now it's gonna happen. And you'll never see it coming." With a grin I finally push myself up, darting in for a quick kiss before jumping off the bed. "You want to go out for dinner?" 
"Out to the dining room or out into the village?" She's rolled onto her back again, displaying her body to me in all its glory. For a second I'm very tempted to join her back on the bed, but my stomach makes itself known. "Both are fine, by the way, just need a frame of reference for the amount of clothes I need to wear."
"I was thinking village." I smile. "So something appropriate. All of this," I gesture to all of her. "is just for my eyes." 
"That sounds awful possessive." She pushes herself up with her arms stretched behind her. "I'm not sure I like that."
"Alright then," I laugh. "So don't listen to me and head into the village naked - I dare you." 
"I just might, Mr du Castellon." 
"Wonderful, that means you're ready to go. I'll just go take a quick shower." When I head to the shower after collecting all my things, she suddenly jumps up and follows me. Knowing exactly where this is headed I speed up, but I'm not quite quick enough and she grabs the door before I can fully close it. 
"I just want to join you!" She exclaims with her best puppy eyes. 
"And at any other given moment I would have said yes, but if I let you in now we're not going to make dinner until after midnight." I poke my head through the small opening to peck the tip of her nose. "You're just going to have to survive a few minutes without me."

We've driven to the other side of the island so we can watch the sun disappear in the ocean over dinner. The sea side restaurant is rather fancy, but the prices are similar to what you'd pay for a cheap takeaway pizza in Edinburgh. The remnants of my lobster tail and Emma's halibut have just been cleared away. As we wait for dessert to come, we enjoy watching the people walk over the beach. Despite it being almost ten, there's still children playing in the waves. Their laughter carries over the sand all the way to us, where it mingles with the soft jazz music playing in the restaurant. I've lit a cigarette, my other arm slung over the chair next to mine, as we watch the people go by. 
"Can I ask you something?" 
"Hm?" I look at Emma. Despite her earlier words, she has put on her dress. Her hair full of beachwaves is done up in a ponytail, and there's a soft orange flower behind her ear that she picked as we walked here. 
"It's pretty serious."
"I went to law school, so I'm pretty sure I can take it." That gets me my favourite loving I-hate-you-so-much look, and I grin as I take a drag of my cigarette. "Go ahead, love."
"Well, I know you get a kick out of joking about it now, but… I don't think we've ever even discussed if you want kids." 
"I suppose we haven't."
"So… Do you?" 
"Well, to be real honest… They were never a part of my picture. Wait - let me finish." I add, seeing her deflate. "You know me. I don't really plan ahead. I've never had a clear picture of my future, I figured it'd come when it did. But then I met you. And while I still don't know what my future looks like if we're talking about events, I know that you are my future. I don't care what it entails, we'll see along the way. And maybe kids are on that way, and maybe they're not. If they're not, I'm not going to be upset about it. But if we reach a point where it feels right, where we both feel ready? I'll love them even more than I have ever loved you. I'll try my hardest to be a good father and hopefully not ruin them like my father did me, but with you by my side I'm pretty sure we're going to be just fine. Just... not yet, just like you feel. I like where we are now. I like that it's just us, that we can take time out of our lives where we don't have to think about anyone else but ourselves. I'm not ready to give that up yet, so it's good to know you're not either." I take her hand over the table with a smile. "Not to sound awfully possessive, but I like you being only mine."

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